How e-Commerce brands are focusing on community building

The building block of every brand is its community! New-age brands don’t just market products to their customers, instead, they build a strong story that connects with their audience, creating a cult of followers, customers, and future prospects. As internet space becomes more crowded and competitive, the proven digital marketing..

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6 Steps to Select Keywords that will Drive Sales on Amazon

Meta Description Even after strenuous efforts, some product lines are unable to rank on search results. The problem has a one-word solution – keywords! They are a significant part of every marketing and advertising campaign. Moreover, if you are planning to list your product on Amazon, they have to become..

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How Marketplace Advertising Is Replacing Google Ads

Meta Description Google ads have dominated the paid advertising for quite some time now due to offering various advantages such as having the largest search engine, producing faster results, and attracting more traffic to your target audience. However, Marketplace Advertising is gaining quick momentum as it appears directly on the..

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The Transition from Trueview for Action to Video Action Campaigns

The marketing world is filled with various marketing strategies and tools that can help you advertise your products and services on digital media. However, video marketing has always been the most effective channel in driving higher brand awareness and retargeting audience engagement. The video marketing approach is especially prominent on..

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Dynamic Remarketing 101

You’ve probably heard the concept “remarketing” before, but do you know what it represents and what benefits it provides? If not, don’t worry; we’ve got all the information you need about remarketing right here. We’ll look at the definition of remarketing, the benefits of remarketing, and everything about dynamic remarketing..

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Understanding Campaign Spends with Google’s New Budget Report

New additions and evolutions are always warmly welcomed when it comes to expanding your online business and reaching maximum people around the world. One of the biggest contributors in terms of developments and profitable features is Google, with abundant room for experiments and platforms to put your business on the..

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Boost Your Festive Season Sales with the Right Flipkart Advertising Strategy

We are at the eve of the festive shopping season that is going to stretch up to the end of the year. For most retail businesses this would account for more than half of the annual revenue. And if you are an SME or a fresh start-up, this is the..

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Accelerate Advertising during the Festive Season with Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Despite the pandemic and a subsequent economic slump, the upcoming festive season brings a shopping spree that boosts sales across all major ecommerce platforms. If you are a growing business eager to leverage the pre-festive enthusiasm of online buyers, the time is ripe to invest in effective advertising strategies. Statistics..

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Getting your Brand equipped for Amazon Launch

A challenge and an opportunity: Launching your Brand, products, and services on Amazon, also referred to as Amazon marketing, is a journey filled with excitement. It sells goods almost worth $283,000  in value every sixty seconds. There is a catch here, though. Even though Amazon offers an incredible opportunity to..

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Throwing light on ecommerce Analytics to expand your business.

The centrality of data: Running an ecommerce business can be a profitable or loss-making venture, depending on how you strategize and handle things. If you want your eCommerce store to generate consistent profits, it is essential to understand, monitor, and analyze critical data from your online store. If you have..

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