4 Strategies to Boost Visibility and Drive Sales on Flipkart

What started as an online platform dedicated to selling books soon became the biggest homegrown ecommerce marketplace in the country. Today, Flipkart offers unparalleled reach and a competitive market across retail categories, serving as a one-stop shop that takes your business to the next level. So if you are looking to find success in ecommerce, we have narrowed down four main strategies to help you drive sales on Flipkart.   

1. Create an effective product catalog 

Needless to say, your product catalog plays a key role in influencing shoppers. And to effectively convert traffic into sales, you need to understand your customer’s psyche. Most people search for products online to save time and money, which means that your product catalog should be crisp, concise, and clear. If you want to increase sales on Flipkart, it is vital that your customers find your products quickly and easily. 

Since customers don’t have the luxury of being able to hold the product, your catalog should answer all their questions. It shouldn’t take them too long to understand what you are selling and how your products add value. Ensure that you: 

  • List the product in the right category and subcategory 
  • Add relevant and most commonly used keywords in your product title 
  • Include a content-rich product description, along with features, materials, and dimensions 
  • Use high-resolution product images with a clean background and include as many angles as possible  

In short, think of your product catalog as an elevator pitch – anticipate and prioritize your customers’ needs, give them the information they need, and get to the point fast.

2. Get the Flipkart ‘advantage’ 

It is obvious that most online businesses cannot compete with the logistical prowess of ecommerce giants such as Flipkart. That’s why, Flipkart Fulfillment (previously known as Flipkart Advantage) is a boon for smaller businesses. This is an additional service that allows sellers on the platform to use Flipkart’s massive resources – from warehousing and shipping to logistical services. It is ideal for online businesses that: 

  • Don’t have dedicated warehouses or those located in metro cities
  • Struggle to retain warehouse teams or achieve fast shipping turnaround time
  • Are not optimized for day-to-day B2C shipments  

By offering best-in-class fulfillment centers and associated services, Flipkart Fulfillment can help your business drive sales on Flipkart with additional storage space, stringent quality checks, faster delivery, optimized sales vs. returns ratios, and an overall better customer experience. What’s more, you will also get the ‘Assured’ badge on your products, which has additional benefits ranging from higher search rankings to better acceptance rates from customers. When you are assured by Flipkart, you are more trusted by shoppers. 

3. Join in on promotions and spike sales 

Flipkart oftens hosts shopping events known as spike sales, during which they offer discounts and offers on virtually all categories. During this time, shopper traffic and order volumes reach all-time highs on both the website and the app. Spike sales are a great opportunity for your business as it helps you boost your sales and expand your customer base. The real push here comes from additional logistical support and widespread promotions on TV and online platforms that give your brand unparalleled visibility. 

Another way you can grow business on Flipkart is through freebies. These are products that you can offer shoppers free of cost with certain conditions and on certain products. In addition to boosting sales, freebies also contribute to lowering order returns.     

4. Run product ads and campaigns 

The tech behind ecommerce is complex, but the math is simple to understand. To drive sales on Flipkart, you need more eyes on your products. And to achieve that, you need to run sponsored campaigns. 

Product Listing Ads can help you grow business on Flipkart by boosting the visibility of your products and exposing you to a larger customer base. And the process is fairly straightforward. What you need to do is choose a product to highlight, create an ad campaign, and have Flipkart showcase it in the ‘Featured Products’ section. When a potential buyer sees your ad while browsing for the relevant category, they are more likely to click on your product.   

Bring in the experts to get the best strategy 

Whether you are new to ecommerce or want to focus on your business instead of gaining mastery over the nitty-gritties, you will need the right expert by your side to help you increase sales on Flipkart. With Tenovia, you can get end-to-end support through our services. We offer tailored and targeted solutions to help you grow your business and scale revenues – from paid and organic advertising, data-driven analytics and reporting, setting up of processes, inventory management, competitor analysis, and so much more. 

So take the first step to your success journey on Flipkart by onboarding the right experts who can help you achieve your short-term and long-term objectives. Get in touch with us today!

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