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Even after strenuous efforts, some product lines are unable to rank on search results. The problem has a one-word solution – keywords! They are a significant part of every marketing and advertising campaign. Moreover, if you are planning to list your product on Amazon, they have to become your best friend. Nonetheless, selecting and utilizing them correctly can be a tough nut to crack. Searching for keywords relevant to your product can be an exhausting task that will require a lot of research. Luckily, we have done the research part for you!

In this article, you will be able to understand the importance of keywords and how to begin searching for keywords on Amazon Seller Central. You will get to know about some pointers that will help in increasing your conversion rates and ranking your product like never before. Read ahead to learn about the importance of keywords and how to kick start your keyword research!


There are countless number of e-commerce websites worldwide. However, when we talk about e-commerce the first name that pops up is – Amazon. Post lockdown, many offline business have turned to online adding to fierce competition among retailers. To stand out, retailers need use various Amazon advertising strategies and plan a unique campaign to increase their sales. Along with marketing strategies and attractive photography, keywords play a major role in amplifying your product advertising and generating sales.

Keywords may get lost in the content, but their power and impact are visible in the increase in traffic. The keywords related to your product are terms that are common and frequently used by the audience. The right keywords build a path for the right audience. Amazon being a platform with 310 million active users, your Amazon advertising strategy has to start from selecting the relevant keywords.

Six steps to select keywords on amazon

Selection of applicable keywords is important for ranking on the search engine and listing higher whenever a customer searches for a product you sell. Here’s how you can initiate an effective search for keywords and ace the Amazon promotion for your product:

  • Open the Brand Analytics Dashboard

Begin with opening the brand analytics dashboard, available on the Amazon Seller Central, under the “brands” section.

  • Search for product relevant terms on the “Search Term Bar”

Enter your product or a sub-category of your product in the search bar. Set the search time period to see the top ranking keywords in the given time range. The search terms showcase the products that appear when an aggregate of Amazon customers search the term you entered.

  • Take a note of the top ranking keywords for your product

Write down all the ranking keywords that are fit for your product and brand image. Think from the perspective of your Amazon audience while selecting the keywords. Subjective keywords are a big fat no. Focus on the patterns of your existing Amazon customers and avoid keyword stuffing at all costs.

  • Send the keywords to the content, marketing, and the listing team

The keywords will be added to the product description, the title, and the specifications by the content team. The data team will be responsible for updating the title, content, and keywords in the seller panels of all marketplaces. Lastly, the marketing teamwill place bids for the keywords used for different marketplaces using the Amazon marketing services.

  • The final checking by the category team

In the end, the category team will conduct a final quality check and will ensure that the keywords, title, and content have been updated on all seller panels and websites.

Things to keep in mind after your Amazon keyword search

The process of searching and selecting keywords does not end with the above steps. After updating your content with the ranking keywords, ensure to follow these points:

  • Monitor your keyword performance

You cannot deem your keyword choice to be successful until you obtain results. Review the performance of your keywords for a minimum of 3-4 times in a quarter. Create a dashboard for insights on your keyword performance. If you notice a lag, optimize your keyword strategy.

  • Maintain the same keyword strategy throughout the sales process

Many sellers make the mistake of using a different set of keywords for listing optimization and advertising. Use keywords that are specific to the buyer’s needs and keep them constant throughout the sales funnel. This ensures consistency and keeps the targeted audience attached to your campaign until they convert into a potential customer.

  • Amazon Pay Per Click ads

Invest in Amazon PPC ads as an Amazon advertising strategy, to increase the visibility of your product line. If you notice that your keyword performance is positive, this PPC campaign can help you maintain the top position and reduce the risk of losing sales in any possible way. Keywords are an essential part of your sales funnel and adequate planning should be done to leverage them. They are literal keys to locking the interest of your target audience and boosting product sales. Little stepping stones like keywords lead to bigger successes.

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