A Comprehensive Retailer’s Guide to Flipkart Fulfilment

Previously called Flipkart Advantage, Flipkart Fulfilment is an additional third party warehousing and shipping service offered by the ecommerce giant. Instead of handling their own inventory, warehouse, and shipping, sellers can bulk ship their product range to any Flipkart Fulfilment Centre (FC) – their operated warehouse – and store it there. 

When orders come in, Flipkart’s warehouses send these items to the buyers, taking care of everything from product picking, packaging, and shipping. What’s more, Flipkart also manages all product returns – be they from courier companies or customers. 

What are its benefits? 

Managing your own supply chain can be expensive – both in terms of time and money. With Flipkart Fulfilment, you can leverage their state-of-the-art fulfilment centres and established processes at nominal costs, making much higher returns with minimal investments. In addition to a dedicated space in their fulfilment centres, you can also outsource your quality check and packaging to Flipkart and ensure faster deliveries of your products. 

There’s one more substantial benefit to Flipkart Fulfilment – the ‘Assured’ badge. Getting this badge for your products can mean more visibility and credibility, as well as better search rankings on the marketplace. 

Who should consider Flipkart Fulfilment? 

Flipkart Fulfilment is an ideal choice for businesses that:

  • Don’t have a dedicated warehouse at all, or in a metropolitan hub 
  • Have warehouses geared only for large-scale B2B shipments and not day-to-day B2C shipment 
  • Find it challenging to retain warehouse teams 
  • Struggle to achieve quick shipping turnaround time, usually 1-2 days

How does a business register for it?

It’s important to note that Flipkart Fulfilment is offered by invitation only. So how does the company decide which sellers get to use Flipkart Fulfilment? By reviewing your performance metrics on a consistent and proactive basis. But to be in the running for this service, you should also register yourself for Flipkart Fulfilment with the following steps: 

  1. If you haven’t registered as a seller, start by doing that 
  2. Next, express your interest in Flipkart Fulfilment by signing up for it on the ‘Flipkart Seller Portal’, choosing ‘Manage Profile’, and clicking on ‘Flipkart Fulfilment’ 
  3. When you’re approved, you can now register for the service  by choosing Flipkart’s Fulfilment Centre as the principal or additional space to conduct your business 
  4. Within your account, you can then create a consignment for the products you want to ship to their Fulfilment Centre. Once done, you can then ship your products to the designated FC  
  5. Once Flipkart receives your consignment, your products will be put through the necessary quality checks 
  6. If your consignment passes the quality check, it will then be moved ‘inward’ – which means Flipkart will store your products in their FC 
  7. As and when orders arrive, Flipkart will pick, pack, and deliver your products to buyers 
  8. The payment for all your orders will be settled in sync with the regular payment cycle   

What happens next – addressing a few FAQs

  1. How do I ship my products to a Flipkart FC?

Start by logging into your seller panel on Flipkart. Next, follow the step-by-step process provided to create a new consignment. The process is simple and user-friendly.  

  1. How soon will my products become live on Flipkart?

Once your consignment has been delivered to the FC, they go through a quality check process after which they are inwarded and stocked in their warehouse. When this process is complete, your products will be live on the marketplace. If everything goes right, this entire process takes about seven days.

  1. How can I view my inventory in the Flipkart FC? 

Your inventory will be displayed in the seller panel, under the inventory section. Please note that only the products with the ‘Assured’ badge will be visible under the FC. 

  1. How can I recall my products from the FC?

If some of your products have been classified as not saleable, you can recall them from Flipkart’s warehouse by following a few simple steps. Head to your seller panel and choose the following options in this order: ‘Inventory’, ‘All Inventory’, ‘Bulk Recall’, ‘Download Bulk Recall File’. Once you’ve reached this step, you can fill up the file and select ‘Upload Bulk Recall File’.  

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