Despite the pandemic and a subsequent economic slump, the upcoming festive season brings a shopping spree that boosts sales across all major ecommerce platforms. If you are a growing business eager to leverage the pre-festive enthusiasm of online buyers, the time is ripe to invest in effective advertising strategies.

Statistics from marketing surveys reveal that the frequency of online purchases and visits to online shopping sites are increasing swiftly. The “Festive Season Pulse 2021” (MMA) report concludes that the festive season is the appropriate time to attract both brand switchers and brand loyalists.

Exciting offers, multiple choices and value for money will prompt the consumers to plan their purchases. And if you are looking towards India’s biggest ecommerce platform, Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads can be your secret key to triggered sales.

What are Amazon Sponsored Ads and how do they work?

Amazon Sponsored Advertising is the most simple and effective way to attract shoppers to your Amazon store based on their buying preferences. Amazon Sponsored Ads, backed by effective advertising tools, are tailored specifically for those consumers who are most likely to buy your products. Apart from increasing the digital visibility of your brand online, it enhances your revenue as well. 

Amazon Sponsored Ads target products or shopping queries. Such advertisements are slotted in the high-visibility placement on and off Amazon. Consequently, product pages and shopping results-page display Amazon Sponsored Ads on priority. There are many categories within the Amazon Sponsored Ads:

1. Sponsored Product Ads:

They promote particular products on relevant product pages and in shopping results. Once a casual browser clicks on your product ad, the shopper is guided to the respective product page. 


Sponsored Products ads are placed at:

  • The top and bottom in the search results pages.
  • The product detail pages’ carousel.
  •  And within the organic results.


These pay-per-click ads attract traffic and increase sales. They are essential to build catalog awareness and driving conversions. Other than protecting the brand space, it also helps to expand it. Sponsored Product Ads are a powerful and reliable tool to increase discoverability and gradual sales for any catalog.

These high-visibility Sponsored Product Ads are available only to vendors and professional sellers on Amazon.

2. Sponsored Brands

The Sponsored Brands ads enable a seller to create ads for numerous products. The seller can also include custom headlines and the brand logo along with the ads. Shoppers who click on the Sponsored Brands ad will be guided either to the brand’s store or to a range of products.


Sponsored Brands can be spotted:

  • On top of, within, or alongside shopping results.
  • Sponsored Brands ads appear both on mobile and desktop.


Sponsored Brands ads can increase sales along with the entire catalog and boost brand awareness. 

This ad option can be availed only if are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.

3. Sponsored Display

Some online shoppers view the product detail page but may not purchase. The Sponsored Display is an effective option to absorb those visitors who initially displayed interest in your promoted product categories.


They can be spotted at the buying option on the right sidebar and at:

  • Customer review pages
  • Top of the offer listing pages
  • Product detail pages on Mobile and Desktop


Through Sponsored Display, one can aim at specific products or categories that are similar to the product promoted by you. Sponsored Display can rapidly create display ads and is capable of reaching audiences on and off Amazon. 

You can avail of the Sponsored Display if you have registered your business  in the brand registry of Amazon can

 4. Stores

The Store option of Amazon Sponsored Ads is a self-service solution that aims at promoting a particular brand and its products in an interactive and engaging manner. This free option helps shoppers to easily locate the various product categories available within your Amazon Store. It helps the vendors showcase seasonal collections and bestsellers, narrate the story of the brand, and publish videos. Automatic widgets enable the customization of user experience.


The advertisements placed on Amazon Store are multi-page in nature with multiple levels and several pages at each level. Each page comes with a header and a footer banner. Within these headers and footers several content tiles for ads are placed. Amazon Store allows a vendor to choose from three types of default tiles/templates namely:

  • Product Grid
  • Highlight
  • Marquee


Apart from helping build customer loyalty, Store enhances customer engagement through a tailor-made brand experience. It allowsa customized shopping experience within the Amazon website.

To avail of the Store option, you need to register with the Amazon Brand Registry. 

How does your business benefit from Amazon Sponsored ads?

Amazon Sponsored ads let a seller reach the target audience by understanding their shopping behaviors and expressed interests. Searches, sales, product page views, customer activities and other related data are utilized systematically. This implies that your advertising campaign is designed based on the understanding of the unique attributes of a market without cost overruns.

The customizable Campaign Manager lets you create Sponsored Ads effortlessly. You can either handpick Manual Campaign Settings or Automatic Targeting for getting optimized results.

Tenovia: Meeting your Amazon marketing goals 

At Tenovia, your digital marketing needs and expectations meet with e-commerce expertise that is shaped through years of experience and tried-and-proven solutions. Experts in Amazon marketing services, Tenovia guides your business through a well-laid, hassle-free Sponsored Brands Ads campaign that ensures results beyond your expectations. 

Major players on the Amazon marketplace, we ensure that your product/brand gets exceptional reach through increased visibility without incurring any cost overruns on the advertisement budget. Your business can tap into digital revenue streams via Tenovia’s realistic goals which align with your business requirements.


Your company’s strong digital presence is essential to lure in better traffic and assert higher brand visibility. This is especially applicable in the festive season when the whole community of excited consumers is thronging on the Amazon platform. Meticulous planning and a well-organized advertising strategy are all you need to translate those clicks into greater sales. Make sure that your brand rides the crest during the festive season with AMS advertising experts at Tenovia to grow your business profitably. 

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