Unlock the Potential of Performance Marketing Analytics with Drona – Amazon’s Advertising Manager

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce and marketplace advertising, staying ahead of the game requires tools that not only simplify processes but also enhance overall efficiency. Amazon Drona commonly known as Amazon Advertising Manager (AAM), is a game-changing account management solution designed to transform the way advertisers navigate the dynamic landscape of all Sponsored ad products (SP, SB, SB Video, and SD).

On Drona (AAM) data is live and in-sync with both Seller Central Campaign Manager and the advertising console. Any modifications made in either interface—be it Seller Central, AMS, or Amazon Advertising Manager—will be instantly reflected in the other.

Drona (AAM) seamlessly aggregates data from both Seller Central Campaign Manager and the advertising console. This integrated platform allows for the application of automated rules to optimize campaigns efficiently.

Let’s deep-dive into the different features of Drona (AAM)

  • Modify campaigns realtime: Well, for both Sponsored Products (SP) and Sponsored Brands (SB or HSA) campaigns, you can execute the following changes:
  1. Activate or deactivate campaigns
  2. Activate or deactivate adGroups
  3. Activate or deactivate keywords
  4. Archive negative keywords
  5. Adjust campaign start and end dates
  6. Increase or decrease the daily campaign budget
  7. Increase or decrease the default AdGroup bid
  8. Increase or decrease keyword bids
  9. Introduce new custom keywords with different match types
  10. Incorporate new negative keywords with different match types
  • Label Management – Adjust critical campaign settings directly through Amazon Drona, that will seamlessly and automatically reflect in Campaign Manager.
    1. Associate/Dissociate labels to advertisers
    2. Filter advertisers on dashboard by labels
    3. Create new & manage existing labels
    4. Add advertiser with labels

SP – Auto Campaign Creation with Goals: You can create SP Auto campaigns by setting up ACOS Goal to achieve daily, weekly and monthly, in order to control the ACoS of the campaign. The Product can also be segregated on the basis of category and create different Ad groups accordingly.

  • Automated Rules: Rules can be set for Campaign, Ad groups and keywords in order to optimize the campaign when a specific campaign, Ad group or keyword crosses a specific threshold
    1. Campaign Rule:
      1. Increase or Decrease daily budgets of out-of-budget campaigns i.e. low Budget utilization
      2. Increase or Decrease daily budget of good performing campaigns 
      3. Extend end dates or set No-End date for good performing campaigns
    2. Ad Group Rule:
      1. Increase or decrease default bid of good performance ad groups 
      2. Extend or Set – No-End date for good performing ad groups
    3. Keyword Rule: 
      1. Decrease or Increase bids for keywords based on customized rule
      2. Pause or unpause keywords based on set threshold 
      3. Archive keywords based on performance benchmark
  • Product Dashboard – A recent addition to Amazon Drona (AAM), offering a comprehensive view of all products (ASINs) associated with an advertiser. This feature includes essential metrics like Customer Reviews, Lightning Deals, and more, allowing users to gain valuable insights into the performance of their products.
  • Glance View Based Budget Planner – This determines the sponsored ads budget or required spending for an advertiser by considering the targeted number of total glance views expected. The planner relies on the target growth in glance views as a primary input. Using historical data, the planner predicts the glance views that would naturally occur organically (without advertising) and calculates the incremental glance views that would necessitate advertising.
  • Share of Voice (SOV) Budget Planner – This budget planner estimates the sponsored ads budget (separately for Sponsored Products or SP and Sponsored Brands or SB) for an advertiser based on the target share of advertising impressions expected by the advertiser out of the total ad impressions in a sub-category. The planner then estimates the ad spend required to achieve that share of advertising impressions in a specific forward looking period.
  • Spend Tracker – It helps in monitoring the performance of an advertiser (including ad spends and ACoS) against predefined  targets. Account managers can create spend trackers for a given set of advertisers to monitor their spends against the ‘Planned Budgets’ and their actual ACoS against the ‘Target ACoS’.
  • Advertiser Overview – A feature on Amazon Drona which lets you see an overview of weekly and monthly performance trends for your advertiser across i) different sponsored ad products ii) campaign/ASIN/targeting/brand store iii) varied targeting/placement strategies iv) different categories and brands the advertiser owns v) performance benchmarks with category and vi) adoption of advertising features (e.g. product targeting, negative keywords, sponsored video etc.)
  • Recommendations – Recommendations is a new feature on Amazon Advertising Manager/Drona which will readily surface optimization opportunities for sponsored ad campaigns structuring, budgets and bidding, keywords and targeting, ASINs, creatives and brand store. These recommendations will essentially point out the ‘improvement areas’ in the advertising accounts along with probable remedies to help AMs (i) improve advertiser ACoS, (ii) improve advertiser visibility and (iii) improve creatives and brand store at scale.
  • Brand Keyword Performance – This feature provides the top searched keywords by customers in the selected category / sub category and gets refreshed daily. Along with the top keywords we also provide you with your brands organic, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands share of voice for the last 7/15/30 days. You can use this feature to identify top searched keywords (branded, competitor, generic) where your brand’s organic SOV, SP and SB SOV is low and consider adding them to your ad campaigns.

In conclusion, Amazon’s current support for view features in Amazon Advertising Manager/Drona is just the beginning. They have exciting plans to enhance experience with upcoming features such as recommended keywords, the identification of new ASINs for campaigns, Report Downloads, and more. If you’d like to explore and understand how you can scale your business through Amazon Drona, then drop us a mail at [email protected]