It is no secret that Amazon continues to offer its retailers the opportunity to stand out on the platform through various advertising means and methods and capture customer’s attention. Effective and holistic digital sales funnel strategy is critical for every retailer to drive results on Amazon, and Sponsored Brand Videos have become a significant component in driving this.

Digital videos are a powerful tool that generates awareness, leads and ROI. It enables a brand to highlight its products’ features to make them engaging and impactful. Shoppers are more likely to convert and buy a product after seeing a video ad. 

So, what are Sponsored Brand Ads?

Sponsored brand videos are short-format videos that appear on the app while skimming through product pages. A registered Amazon seller can use Sponsored Brand Video Ads to generate awareness about their product offerings and grab the attention of shoppers on the platform. These videos are keyword targeted and link to the product listing page. 

Learn how to optimise Sponsored Brand Video Ads

Just like Google, Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads have some technical guidelines that need to be incorporated. Once they are in place, it is crucial to understand some of the best practices to optimize ad content to reach more customers:

Informative: With the video length of just 15 to 30 seconds, remember to highlight the product’s key functions and the strongest visuals in the first 5-8 seconds as the attention span of any shopper is not more than 10 seconds.

Call to action: Conversion is the ultimate goal of any advertising campaign. Remember to have a clear call to action in place along with the logo to improve your ad’s performance. A few examples – Shop Now, Buy Now etc.

Storytelling: Storytelling videos engage the audience and keep them hooked till the end. A video should unravel a narrative that delivers an engaging message to the shoppers. For example – Highlight your product’s features and how it is beneficial to your target audience. Incorporate humour or emotional aspects in your storytelling as it will immediately connect with shoppers and generate interest in your brand. Optimize for Mobile Customers
Today most users are shopping through mobile devices. Ensure your video is formatted for mobile users and the captions are clear and readable on all devices.

Selecting the right music
Add music to the videos that fit the theme and are of high quality. Stay away from music that is loud and has shock value. Keep it professional and make sure it appeals to your target audience.

Best reviewed products

Always select the products that have the best customer ratings and reviews on Amazon. This would result in increased CTR thus better conversions.

To sum it all up, businesses need to keep up with the rising popularity of video ads. Moreover, with the ever-growing competition, it has become vitally important to stay ahead with the right advertising strategy for your business.

If you are interested to know more about Sponsored brand video ads, then get in touch with our expert for a complimentary consultation.

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