How Jiva Ayurveda successfully strategised its business during covid with the help of keyword analysis

How Jiva Ayurveda successfully strategised its business during covid with the help of keyword analysis


Covid-19 deeply impacted and fundamentally changed the operations of eCommerce businesses leading towards a new normal. It was still imperative for businesses to build a data-driven business and understand customer behavior during this period.


We undertook a detailed study of keywords being used by customers across marketplaces and recommended strategies to minimize revenue loss through demand sensing.


The sales of Jiva Ayurveda were significantly faltered after the pandemic hit. We had to take action and understand how consumers were interacting during this time.


Covid-19 boosted the sales of eCommerce as offline stores had shut. However, there was a shift in consumer behaviour, and it needed to be addressed by incorporating the right strategy. With the help of our brand analytics and PI tool, we undertook keyword analysis and observed that in the month where the Covid cases were at their peak, the search trend for immunity products had considerably gone up.

This led to 2 key aspects:


  1. Product Listings: We created combo products using Ayurvedic products that offered immunity such as Chyawanprash, Giloy Juice, Amla Juice, etc and updated the tiles, A+ pages, rich content & Bullet points on marketplaces.
  2. Ad Creatives & Content: We focused on enabling an immunity combo campaign that targeted users who were searching for these products.


Increase in Demand Pre and Post Covid-19 on Immunity Products

– 9x times demand has increased on immunity products during Covid-19

– 10x times demand has reduced on the immunity products post Covid-19

– 2x increase in the overall sales for the brand



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