The power of Gamification to reduce website bounce rates!


Soch, one of India’s leading ethnic wear brands was facing a challenge concerning the high bounce rate. Immediate attention was needed to upgrade tech and optimize content. 

Bounce rate is a key metric taken into account by Google when determining website ranking. Hence, it is essential to have a low bounce rate. Moreover, high bounce rates also indicate the visitors are not finding the landing page content relevant. 



With the aim of enhancing content, increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates Tenovia came up with the solution of implementing gamification through the “Spin the Wheel” campaign where users were gratified with exciting offers after spinning the wheel. Gamification is one of the most effective tools to incentivize and retain customers. 

Ad Campaign

To normalize the bounce rate, another key initiative was to run campaigns over the weekend. This supported the campaign engagement and helped in increasing the traffic and subsequent session duration on the website.


Reduction in the bounce rate by nearly 15%.

57% growth in sessions, and 61% jump in the revenue on weekends.


Overall, Soch saw considerable improvements in key metrics of website traffic and user sessions. Gamification helped in increasing engagement on the website resulting in higher revenues on the weekend, thus improving their overall page rank as this was implemented as a sustained marketing activity. 



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