5 Metrics every Business owner should understand in Google Analytics

5 Metrics every Business owner should understand in Google Analytics

Every business owner needs to also spend some time, attention, and energy in learning and understanding key tools of marketing like Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives you an overview of your website traffic, user source, location, the amount of time they spend on your site, which campaign performs the best, and so on.

To make it easier, here are a few basic metrics that can help you understand how this most-sought-after tool works.

Acquisition Channels/Medium

This helps you know how each visitor landed on your website. The data from traffic sources lets you assess if your marketing strategy is bearing fruits. Site visitors usually come from these four channels-

Direct- people who find out about you through advertising, direct mails, or offline references and land on your site by typing your site URL on their search engine

Organic-people who search for your brand/business on search engines and reach your site or landing page through the generated results. This is where your SEO efforts will show results.

Referral-people who learn about your site from another webpage or source they are using, like a news site or an online directory.

Social- people visiting your site through your social media posts or ads on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.


This will tell you how many users have visited the site. Of all, how many are new users and how many are returning visitors?


These are the number of times your site has been accessed by individual users. If the same user (stored IP address/user ID) has visited multiple times, Google Analytics reflects it as multiple sessions and not multiple users.

Bounce Rate

The most dreaded metrics, bounce rate measures the percentage of users who landed on your website but ‘bounced off’ without taking any action like filling forms, accessing other links. The desired bounce rate is 60% or less.


Not to be confused with monetary transactions, conversions in Google Analytics mean taking actions on your site like filling a form, subscribing to e-mailers, requesting a quote etc.

A free website monitoring tool, Google Analytics helps you assess your current activities against the past campaigns and set future goals.

Web analytics

Web analytics – your lighthouse in the digital storm

One of the core principles of marketing lies in understanding and connecting with your customer. Analyzing the huge volumes of data that you gather from your business operations every day, can be an incredibly powerful tool to understand your market and how you can improve your business. Big Data can be overwhelming, but with the help of web analytics and its related tools, you can convert these numbers into valuable information to profit your customers, as well as your business.

Simply put, web analytics is the practice of collecting, measuring, and analyzing online data to comprehend and optimize your business’s online presence.

Here’s how web analytics can help your business:

With the web analytics data, you can better assess which marketing exercise is working for your business and how you can enhance your users’ online experience. Thus, generating more leads, sales, or conversions.

• It translates your customer’s user experience into quantifiable numbers. This customer analytics data allows you to discover what they want and how you can fulfill the same, making you stay ahead of your game.

• Various online analytics tools like Google Analytics help you identify your traffic sources, determine your ROI from advertising, number of visitors, the location of visitors, the duration of their presence on your site, and so on.

• Web analytics helps you narrow down the information, as sharp as a single page or a section on your online assets. You discover where you are losing traffic and at which point of the customer journey. By analyzing and reporting these weaknesses, you can improve those areas of your business, thus increasing your page traffic.

• It monitors your online data to help you analyze your visitors’ behaviors and demographics. Thus you can target the right audience and acquire new visitors.

• With web analytics data you can track metrics like Click-through rate, the number of conversions, type of referrals and bounce rate, and use it to improve your online presence.

If the digital landscape looks like an ocean, then Big Data is no less than a storm, and without a guiding light, your business will only be a small boat struggling to survive. That is why you need web analytics to your rescue and find your way through the digital storm.



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