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Boost Your Festive Season Sales with the Right Flipkart Advertising Strategy

We are at the eve of the festive shopping season that is going to stretch up to the end of the year. For most retail businesses this would account for more than half of the annual revenue. And if you are an SME or a fresh start-up, this is the right time to gear up in advance to target your audience and promote your products online.

The upcoming holiday season will shift the focus to experience-driven eCommerce and you need to plan to maximize your brand presence and exposure online. Further, the time frame for the festive shopping season is limited, putting pressure on eCommerce retailers to edge their advertising strategies effectively

For those who are looking towards leveraging the Flipkart platform, here is a curated list of advertising tips that would enhance your brand visibility on India’s second-largest e-commerce giant. 


As per the report on Business Standard, Flipkart India’s revenue grew 12% to Rs.34,610 cr in FY20. And, the company’s flagship festive sale witnessed an estimated 40 percent growth over the year; reason enough for your business to hang in there.

Let’s look into some of the must-have advertising strategies you need to be aware of as a seller  on Flipkart :

  • Better product visibility with Product Listing Ads:

We all know that the more clicks your product gets on e-commerce platforms, the higher your chances to achieve better sales. One of the easiest ways to ensure more clicks on Flipkart is through its Product Listing Ads.

In Product Listing Ads, you create an ad campaign for any of your chosen product/products. Flipkart would display these products as ‘Featured Products’ on its website on relevant pages where visibility is maximum. A buyer who is browsing through those pages will get to see your product ad and click on it.

You can convey your product information or promotional offers through these ads using attractive images, price details, and product descriptions. Such Product Listing Ads boost your product visibility and help you reach a wider customer base. 

  • Increased sales through Spike Sales:

Flipkart’s shopping events aka Spike Sales are a great way to usher in better opportunities for your business growth. With Spike Sales, you get irresistible offers on a large number of categories.

This in turn drives huge traffic to the website as well as brings in a maximum number of buyers. Spike Sales also ensure higher satisfaction for buyers, thus propelling your brand to ‘favored’ status. Whether it is TV commercials or online promotions you can be assured of numerous buyers by making use of the Spike Sales option.

  • Better cataloging:

Your catalog means all your products on an e-commerce website. The catalog has a significant role in influencing your buyers. A well-defined catalog that describes your products most effectively, spurs more clicks on your products and influences sales. Adding your product in relevant categories and sub-categories, are also integral to better cataloging, bringing in the traffic, and displaying your products effectively. 

  • Enhanced Reach through Display Ads  

Display Ads on Flipkart offer better visibility, recollection, and the required reach to the product. The display ads or the premium ads placed in the front, or the center of the Flipkart app’s homepage garner guaranteed attention from the visitors. This is on par with the company’s marketing motto: stay visible, relevant, and in front!  

  • Better brand visibility through Attach Ads  

They are Flipkart advertisements that enable to improve the sales cycle in the short term. These Flipkart ads boost brand visibility. They are visible only when a customer is ready to buy a product. 


Tenovia: The right platform at the right time

We at Tenovia understand the marketplace and know-howeCommerce to position your brand at strategic sales points at the most lucrative times. We create product recommendations that leverage online marketplace analysis ensuring better brand visibility during peak seasons.

With the right Flipkart advertising strategies, we help you grab the spotlight at the most happening online platform. We bring you tailor-made ecommerce promotional strategies that seal your brand visibility and customer retention rate in this season of celebrations. 

At Tenovia we offer close assistance to augment your deals in Flipkart with the precise Digital Marketing Services that we provide. We run PPC, Campaigns on social media, and Blogging with an emphasis on SEO to enhance your Flipkart ads step by step. As a Flipkart marketing agency, we aim at offering our clients the results they anticipate the most with the help of digital marketing channels.


To excel on any eCommerce platform, you need a customer-centric strategy that caters to their expectations and addresses their concerns. What matters is not merely trying to accelerate sales and ensuring quality products/ services, but also channelizing your investments towards boosting traffic. Participation in spike sales, utilizing display ads, or leveraging Product Listing on Flipkart will serve in turning your brand into a hotspot for potential buyers on the website

As the holiday season sparks a vibrant palette of excitement, start planning at the earliest. Grab the buyers’ attention by partnering with the best and most experienced eCommerce marketing consultants like Tenovia who understands your brand and marketing goals and helps you stay ahead of the competition.


Flipkart Advertising

Looking to optimize Flipkart’s product listing ads? Tenovia’s best practices are all you need!

Flipkart is one of India’s leading ecommerce platforms which links interested buyers with sellers. Due to its growing popularity, Flipkart has become a household name and is serving millions of customers throughout the country. 

How to beat the competition?

With a ready pool of buyers available at this ecommerce marketplace, sellers should not think twice before listing their products on Flipkart. But since the competition is fierce in most product categories, you can utilize Flipkart ads to get over the competition and make soaring profits consistently.

About product listing ads & the ways to optimize them:

Product Listing Ads (PLA) is a popular means used by ecommerce platforms to boost product sales by increasing its visibility at the right time and place. For example, if you’re running a well-optimized product listing ad campaign on the Flipkart marketplace for a sewing machine, then your product will be shown at the top of the results. Or it will be in a position where it grabs attention from the person making the search query. It will not only enhance the visibility of your product but also escalates the sales. 

The ideal campaign:

Flipkart advertising allows sellers to market their products to the right target audience on a fairly decent budget. But if you fail to create winning campaigns, you will lose money. Whether you’re new to Flipkart’s product advertising or have some experience, our campaign optimization tips are sure to help you. 

So let’s explore the best practices shared below and implement them to skyrocket your revenue.

  1. Exclude negative keywords:

Running campaigns on negative keywords can drain your entire advertisement budget with zero results. If you want to get maximum ROI on your campaigns, be as specific with the product keyword as possible. Let’s comprehend it with an analogous instance: you’re selling stainless steel spoons and have created a campaign to increase its sales.

If you’ve created a campaign on “spoons,” your product will be shown even when someone searches for plastic spoons. As an incorrect product is being shown for this search query, you may get impressions or visibility, but you won’t get any sales. You should put words like a plastic spoon in the “exclude keywords” section to correct it. You will have to monitor these minute details every day and make changes accordingly to get maximum ROI on your ad spent. If you don’t have enough time or expertise, you should hire professionals offering the best ecommerce marketplace solutions.

  1. Analyze & evaluate the bids:

If your campaign has been running for a few days but you aren’t getting any conversions, you should check, analyze, and tweak the bids for non-performing campaigns. Some sellers often keep the bids so low that their products are displayed at a bottom position or at a place where it doesn’t get as much visibility as it should. You might try increasing the bid and let the campaign run for another few days for testing purposes. If you notice any improvement in the campaign performance, you know where you were going wrong. If you don’t have experience in effective budget testing, you should take ecommerce consulting for the best results. 

  1. Check the campaign duration: 

A common mistake new sellers’ make is with the campaign duration. They fill the advertising budget, but instead of selecting a campaign end date, they choose the “till the budget lasts.” In this case, Flipkart may exhaust your entire budget in a day or two, when that was supposed to be your monthly advertising budget. This should be averted.

  1. Analyze the campaign type:

Another mistake is letting Flipkart decide everything. The platform has two types of ads, i.e., CPC and Smart ROI. If you want your CPC to be below a certain limit, you should create CPC campaigns and not Smart ROI. The latter calculates CPC and other details once you input the desired ROI, which is not always the best option to run ads. You should consider changing the campaign type for better results.



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