Amazon Marketing Services

Getting your Brand equipped for Amazon Launch

A challenge and an opportunity:

Launching your Brand, products, and services on Amazon, also referred to as Amazon marketing, is a journey filled with excitement. It sells goods almost worth $283,000  in value every sixty seconds. There is a catch here, though. Even though Amazon offers an incredible opportunity to catapult your business to the top rung of your industrial vertical, the marketplace is unimaginably competitive. Discover the best method to get your brand ready for Amazon launch in this blog:

The launch strategy:

Look at dividing your launch strategy into two parts: Pre-Launch, and During the Launch.

A dive into the pre-Launch phase:

Move early:

Decide to start on Amazon as early as possible, maybe from day one when you plan your website.

The crucial sync:

Ensure that the brand website and the Amazon page are in sync with one another. While on the former, you have greater flexibility, the latter provides you with increased opportunity to reach out to a wider market faster and in a streamlined process.

Recognize the algorithms:

Amazon online marketing demands an intimate understanding of the difference between Google and Amazon algorithms. The Amazon crawler is more about sales, while the Google search engine is more about keyword relevance. Sales history, organic sales, PPC campaigns, seller authority, CTR, and impressions play a significant role in the Amazon algorithm. Understand how the Amazon algorithms work.

The backup strategy: 

Strategize to work on the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) model. FBM or Fulfilled by Merchant is good as a backup strategy.

Ready to sell:

You also need to ensure that your retail store is ready to sell when you advertise your Brand online. Your Amazon page must have the right content, product images and descriptions, smart pricing, customer reviews, and more.

Ideal product research:

Ensure that your product research during the development state is done optimally. The focus should be to choose the right product and the best fitting business model. Factors like understanding your customers, marketplace, and the competition need to go hand-in-hand for best results.

Branding and launch:

Product launch and branding should also go side-by-side – when focusing on branding, you need to choose the brand colours, product packaging, designs, etc., to make your Brand look distinct.

Proper budgeting:

Ensure that your budgeting is in place with targeted sales volume, pricing, and Amazon digital marketing cost are carefully estimated prior to the launch.

Steps involved in the launch phase:

Shortlist your tools:

Once the Brand has been launched, you need to make sure that you start using the right tools for business growth and sales. It helps automate many factors, including things like the digital Amazon marketing strategy, task management tools, product management, etc. The various facets of brand management are easy to handle. 

Comprehend the core metrics:

Amazon marketing involves the understanding of brand analytics and key Amazon advertising metrics. Understanding these core metrics will help you analyse results better and track them for growing your business optimally.

Perceive optimization:

Understand optimization that includes keyword research, optimization, and tracking. Use tools that will help you with the above factors for your vertical. All of this needs to be done to optimize Amazon listing and SEO. 


Make sure that your Brand and products are compliant with the Terms of Service of Amazon.

Promoting your brand:

While brand launching, you also need to create awareness about your Brand in your target market simultaneously. Hence, your website must be ready; your social media presence must attract followers; your email marketing and influencer marketing strategies need to be accurately synced for all-round optimization. 

Get help from advertising tools:

Start using Amazon’s advertising tools. For example, setting auto campaigns. Such campaigns help your brand message reach the right customer segments – the market that fits well with the keywords in your listing. 

Need for brand registry:

Learn about Brand Registry. It is a must-have for all brands that wish to sell well on Amazon before you start selling at the amazon marketplace. Once your Brand is registered, you can set up your store, indulge in cross-promotions, and showcase your brand story. 

Ecommerce Platform

Throwing light on ecommerce Analytics to expand your business.

The centrality of data:

Running an ecommerce business can be a profitable or loss-making venture, depending on how you strategize and handle things. If you want your eCommerce store to generate consistent profits, it is essential to understand, monitor, and analyze critical data from your online store. If you have the required expertise, you can do it yourself or you can contact an agency to get result-oriented digital eCommerce solutions.

Identifying crucial metrics:

Every business has different goals, so you have to set your KPIs/Key Performance Indicators accordingly. But there are certain metrics that are common and important in most eCommerce businesses. To help you get started, we’ve listed out some of the most important metrics that you should be analyzing on a timely basis for the best result. Take a note of all the metrics discussed below, and start using them to make data-backed decisions at the earliest.

  1. Conversion Rate:

One of the most important metrics you cannot afford to ignore is the conversion rate. It lets you know how many visitors turned into paying customers. You can find this metric displayed in your eCommerce platform’s dashboard. Alternatively, you can also calculate it by dividing the number of purchases by the number of total visitors for a set period. You can dive deep into this metric by finding out the conversion rate based on the traffic source, device type, fresh vs. old customer, and more. The insights you’ll get will help you to reassess your strategy for the better. 

  1. Revenue:

The eCommerce analytics list can never be complete without revenue. If you want to maximize your profits, don’t look at the revenue figure as a whole and segregate it to get meaningful data. You can segregate revenue to identify the sources or platforms that bring in the most sales. If you’re using email campaigns, social media platforms, blogs, paid ads, and more ways to generate revenue, it is essential to find out which method brings the most sales. You may want to scale the methods that brought the highest revenue and reassess your plans on the least sale generating method. It requires a lot of logical thinking, prior experience, market knowledge, and more, so it is best to take the help of eCommerce consulting services. 

  1. Product-wise conversion rate:

If your store has various products, it is important to scrutinize the product-wise information. Doing so will let you know about your product-wise inventory status, the best performing products, and the worst-performing products. You can use these insights to make changes to your current inventory plan. Hiring someone with expertise in the eCommerce marketplace can be a huge plus for you and make things a lot easier. You can also check product-wise cart abandonment rates and come up with ways to boost conversions. If your eCommerce platform doesn’t offer in-built responders to get back abandoned carts, it’s time you get it implemented by professionals at the earliest.

  1. Average Order Value:

Knowing the Average Order Value (AOV) is crucial to understand the purchasing capacity of every buyer. You can use this metric to create better strategies for growth and even increase the AOV for higher profits. Let us understand AOV with an example. If your website earned a total revenue of $ 25,000 last month, and the total number of sales was 760, the AOV will be $ 32.89. So on average, every order on your store fetches you revenue worth $ 32. 89, and you should look for ways to increase this figure.

  1. Percentage of repeat customers/ returning buyers:

Repeat customers are a boon to any business; hence, it becomes crucial to keep an eye on any figure related to them. Since these customers have liked your products and made repeated purchases, you can significantly increase your profits by pushing more products to them and offering special discounts exclusive to them. If done correctly, insights gained from this one analytic can help take your business to another level.

Ecommerce Consulting

Can incorporating videos in your digital marketing strategy boost your e-commerce business?

What is the best medium for educating customers about your business/products/services? Some might say infographics, text-only content, emails, etc. However, the best medium is video. Over 97% of marketers’ claim that video content helps their prospects understand the product better and helps the customers make a crucial purchasing decision.

The above statistics prove that videos are effective. But what is it that makes videos this effective? Well, let’s find out.

Why is including videos in your digital marketing strategy more effective?

  1. Videos explain our product better.

e-Commerce marketplace is built differently. You’re selling something online. To convince customers into buying the product, you need to prove its worth. What could be better than a video elucidating how the product functions?

The customers will only buy a product if they know what it is and how it is going to benefit them. When your customers understand your product better through videos, there’ll be more sales.

  1. Videos offer a better ROI:

The ROI/Return On Investment of a video depends on several factors. Quality, strategy, duration being some examples. Nevertheless, according to a survey by WYZOwl, 83% of the participants claimed that videos bring more ROI.

At first, you might think of video as an expensive asset. But this is not true. There are innumerable tools which you can employ to create a high-quality video without spending much. These days, most smartphones have a high-end camera that you can use. Also, the tools Doodly and Videoscribe make the process even easier.

However, planning all the above and executing in the right manner is paramount. It’s the reason you should contact an eCommerce consulting company who can help you craft, implement and execute digital marketing strategies that work.

  1. Videos have a positive impact on SEO:

If you’re in the eCommerce world, you would know the importance of SEO. SEO can aid your website or product leap to the summit of the search results. And this is something a well-crafted video can help you with. If you add the right keywords in your video descriptions on YouTube, chances are your video will jump to the top of the search results.

Also, if you embed videos inside your blog content, then Google will classify your site in a superior manner. It’s because a video related to the blog increases the credibility of your website.

What types of videos can you incorporate in your eCommerce digital marketing plan of action?

  1. Brief marketing videos.

Videos stretching over 10 minutes aren’t always necessary. You can use short videos talking about:

  • A Product Release.
  • Common FAQs about the products.
  • Product Description.
  • Uses.
  • Unique Selling Point.

Short videos always work. Also, you won’t necessarily need a high-end camera to shoot one. A decent smartphone camera will do.

  1. “How to” and product tutorial videos.

A brief walkthrough of your product always helps. You can help your customers understand how your product works.

  1. Product manual or installation:

How frequently do you read the product manual booklet that comes with new items? Maybe never, right? So, you can use the video format to help your customers install the product. If you craft the manuals correctly, you can expect more traffic on your eCommerce website or YouTube channel.

  1. Video testimonials:

When it comes to checking reviews, video testimonials have no match. After all, a video testimonial is hard to fake. So, posting video testimonials can improve credibility and eventually sales.

  1. Instagram or Facebook live:

A prerecorded video isn’t always necessary. You can start Facebook or Instagram live and interact with a live audience.

Flipkart Advertising

Looking to optimize Flipkart’s product listing ads? Tenovia’s best practices are all you need!

Flipkart is one of India’s leading ecommerce platforms which links interested buyers with sellers. Due to its growing popularity, Flipkart has become a household name and is serving millions of customers throughout the country. 

How to beat the competition?

With a ready pool of buyers available at this ecommerce marketplace, sellers should not think twice before listing their products on Flipkart. But since the competition is fierce in most product categories, you can utilize Flipkart ads to get over the competition and make soaring profits consistently.

About product listing ads & the ways to optimize them:

Product Listing Ads (PLA) is a popular means used by ecommerce platforms to boost product sales by increasing its visibility at the right time and place. For example, if you’re running a well-optimized product listing ad campaign on the Flipkart marketplace for a sewing machine, then your product will be shown at the top of the results. Or it will be in a position where it grabs attention from the person making the search query. It will not only enhance the visibility of your product but also escalates the sales. 

The ideal campaign:

Flipkart advertising allows sellers to market their products to the right target audience on a fairly decent budget. But if you fail to create winning campaigns, you will lose money. Whether you’re new to Flipkart’s product advertising or have some experience, our campaign optimization tips are sure to help you. 

So let’s explore the best practices shared below and implement them to skyrocket your revenue.

  1. Exclude negative keywords:

Running campaigns on negative keywords can drain your entire advertisement budget with zero results. If you want to get maximum ROI on your campaigns, be as specific with the product keyword as possible. Let’s comprehend it with an analogous instance: you’re selling stainless steel spoons and have created a campaign to increase its sales.

If you’ve created a campaign on “spoons,” your product will be shown even when someone searches for plastic spoons. As an incorrect product is being shown for this search query, you may get impressions or visibility, but you won’t get any sales. You should put words like a plastic spoon in the “exclude keywords” section to correct it. You will have to monitor these minute details every day and make changes accordingly to get maximum ROI on your ad spent. If you don’t have enough time or expertise, you should hire professionals offering the best ecommerce marketplace solutions.

  1. Analyze & evaluate the bids:

If your campaign has been running for a few days but you aren’t getting any conversions, you should check, analyze, and tweak the bids for non-performing campaigns. Some sellers often keep the bids so low that their products are displayed at a bottom position or at a place where it doesn’t get as much visibility as it should. You might try increasing the bid and let the campaign run for another few days for testing purposes. If you notice any improvement in the campaign performance, you know where you were going wrong. If you don’t have experience in effective budget testing, you should take ecommerce consulting for the best results. 

  1. Check the campaign duration: 

A common mistake new sellers’ make is with the campaign duration. They fill the advertising budget, but instead of selecting a campaign end date, they choose the “till the budget lasts.” In this case, Flipkart may exhaust your entire budget in a day or two, when that was supposed to be your monthly advertising budget. This should be averted.

  1. Analyze the campaign type:

Another mistake is letting Flipkart decide everything. The platform has two types of ads, i.e., CPC and Smart ROI. If you want your CPC to be below a certain limit, you should create CPC campaigns and not Smart ROI. The latter calculates CPC and other details once you input the desired ROI, which is not always the best option to run ads. You should consider changing the campaign type for better results.

Magento Development

Integrating videos in your Digital and Content marketing strategy: The Magento Way.

Changing times:

Did you know that a video generates over 1200% more reach and impressions when compared to a blog post? If you still believe that written content is going to bring you all the sales for your business, it’s time to reconsider that! 

The tailor-made guide for you:

If you are an ecommerce business owner or connected to an ecommerce business and are looking for the appropriate place to accelerate your digital image and revenue, visit Magento Development. Magento Enterprise is an ecommerce marketplace that offers digital ecommerce solutions and other ecommerce related consulting solutions to businesses of any size! 

The leap in screen time:

Here’s a statistic that will make you adore and embrace video marketing. A majority of internet users spend over half of their screen time on consuming videos and video-related content! If you still have second thoughts on whether you want to incorporate video marketing into your digital marketing strategy, don’t think anymore! 

Magento Development, the most sought after ecommerce Development Company, has put down a few important tips on how you can integrate video marketing into your content marketing or digital marketing strategy. We are sure that by the end of this article, you’ll consider taking up video marketing as a key activity for the success of your ecommerce business. 

Video: the new King:

The world of ecommerce has expanded widely with an increase in the number of products across diverse industries. With the boom in the number of users in the digital platform, it is high time for ecommerce brands to create videos and ramp up their businesses. 

The popular brands that exist today once extensively used video as a driving force to increase their sales and generate more revenue. However, we understand that creating and producing videos is not a simple job for all ecommerce businesses. 

If your business wants to make the best use of video marketing to increase brand awareness, visit Magento Development Company. We offer ecommerce development services and all other ecommerce solutions to brands across all industries.

Always Start Small:

Have you come across the adage which goes like: “small steps are necessary for big change”? When you start video marketing, it’s always best to start with short duration videos and short-timed advertisements to launch your ecommerce business or a new product. In this way, you will reach a larger audience group with lesser effort and money.

Make Use of Social Media:

Add Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and all the other entrants to the list as well. Every brand today has official social media accounts that aid brands by bringing in brand awareness, driving traffic and increasing sales and thereby spiking revenue.

For creating and serving customers:

You can make effective use of all your social media accounts and create video content that will serve you two purposes: Advertising and Customer Service. These videos will pose to your customers are non-commercial and help in providing information about your brand and catch the eye of new customers. If you wish to be at the head of the race on social media, we have got you covered! Read our latest blog on social media trends in 2021 and make cutting edge videos and stand on top of your competitors. 

Use your website:

The best and the easiest way to gain instant results for all your video marketing activities is to simply post the videos on your website. Create a landing page for your video, and we are sure that it will instantly double your engagement rates with your visitors. It will also likely drive their attention towards the purchase of products. Through this method, you can create an ample number of videos. This could be diverse ones dealing with product demonstrations, testimonials and other related videos. These videos will help customers make the most out of your website.

The ideal destination:

If you want your ecommerce business to skyrocket through ecommerce consulting, visit Magento ecommerce Development Services, the most preferred ecommerce development company and for video marketing. With Magento’s marketplace, you can ramp up your video, digital and content strategy by producing custom videos that will meet your needs. 

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Campaigns

Best Practices to Optimize Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Campaigns

It is no secret that Amazon continues to offer its retailers the opportunity to stand out on the platform through various advertising means and methods and capture customer’s attention. Effective and holistic digital sales funnel strategy is critical for every retailer to drive results on Amazon, and Sponsored Brand Videos have become a significant component in driving this.

Digital videos are a powerful tool that generates awareness, leads and ROI. It enables a brand to highlight its products’ features to make them engaging and impactful. Shoppers are more likely to convert and buy a product after seeing a video ad. 

So, what are Sponsored Brand Ads?

Sponsored brand videos are short-format videos that appear on the app while skimming through product pages. A registered Amazon seller can use Sponsored Brand Video Ads to generate awareness about their product offerings and grab the attention of shoppers on the platform. These videos are keyword targeted and link to the product listing page. 

Learn how to optimise Sponsored Brand Video Ads

Just like Google, Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads have some technical guidelines that need to be incorporated. Once they are in place, it is crucial to understand some of the best practices to optimize ad content to reach more customers:

Informative: With the video length of just 15 to 30 seconds, remember to highlight the product’s key functions and the strongest visuals in the first 5-8 seconds as the attention span of any shopper is not more than 10 seconds.

Call to action: Conversion is the ultimate goal of any advertising campaign. Remember to have a clear call to action in place along with the logo to improve your ad’s performance. A few examples – Shop Now, Buy Now etc.

Storytelling: Storytelling videos engage the audience and keep them hooked till the end. A video should unravel a narrative that delivers an engaging message to the shoppers. For example – Highlight your product’s features and how it is beneficial to your target audience. Incorporate humour or emotional aspects in your storytelling as it will immediately connect with shoppers and generate interest in your brand. Optimize for Mobile Customers
Today most users are shopping through mobile devices. Ensure your video is formatted for mobile users and the captions are clear and readable on all devices.

Selecting the right music
Add music to the videos that fit the theme and are of high quality. Stay away from music that is loud and has shock value. Keep it professional and make sure it appeals to your target audience.

Best reviewed products

Always select the products that have the best customer ratings and reviews on Amazon. This would result in increased CTR thus better conversions.

To sum it all up, businesses need to keep up with the rising popularity of video ads. Moreover, with the ever-growing competition, it has become vitally important to stay ahead with the right advertising strategy for your business.

If you are interested to know more about Sponsored brand video ads, then get in touch with our expert for a complimentary consultation.

Ecommerce Development company

Top things to look for in an eCommerce development company

For every business, today, having a digital presence is the need of the hour. With eCommerce developing at a rapid pace, there is a surge in eCommerce development companies in the market. However, given the plethora of options available it can be quite daunting to select the right company that meets your business needs and requirements as well as budget. So for you to hire a trustworthy eCommerce company, we’ve put together some crucial factors that will help you in making the right decision easily:

  • Client List and Portfolio

A seasoned eCommerce company will have an eminent list of clients and portfolios. Such a company will be at par with the industry trends and standards and be aware of eCommerce developments in and outs. So if you are looking for someone who can craft the best solutions for your business, remember to deep dive and research the client list and portfolio before making the final decision.

  • Case studies

A successful eCommerce business will always showcase the case studies of their client on the website. Read through it and evaluate the different ways they have suggested and developed the roadmap for their existing clients. As a business owner, this will give you an idea of evaluating how the company will handle different situations and problems and judge their approach in developing strategies that will assist in the growth of your business.

  • Team strength
    Team strength is one of the fundamentals of any business. If the eCommerce development company is sufficiently staffed and has a good strength of developers, coders, content curators and managers you know you are in safe hands and will have a network of individuals assisting your project and crafting solutions for your business without any hiccups.

Use of latest technology and development

To stay at the forefront of new emerging eCommerce technologies, companies need to be in sync with the latest trends and developments while making use of the best offerings of technology for their clients. Developing a website for such businesses is piece of cake, but it is important to evaluate the features and highlights that are being utilised by the agency to make your business offering cohesive and stand out from the crowd.

  • Service skill-set
    A full-fledged eCommerce company will have a plethora of niche services that will be customised as per your business needs and requirements. Evaluate and validate their offerings and check their flexibility in crafting solutions.
  • Agency fee and service cost
    Every business has a pre-set budget in mind before hiring an expert solution provider. Remember to be transparent at all times and communicate the budget with the company. So your project can be offered flexible solutions as per the budget. Always check for hidden costs to avoid surprises later.
  • Maintenance Service

For seamless business operations, an effective eCommerce development company will always provide regular maintenance services. For example – updating the platform, checking on security etc. It is always best and important to clarify this point at the beginning of the project as later hiring developers for maintenance can be quite heavy on the pockets.

Amazon marketing

5 Reasons You Need To Advertise On Amazon

Amazon is now a household name in terms of retail shopping and e-commerce and is a popular mobile app, accounting for almost 31.2 percent of the G.M.V. market share in the Indian e-commerce space. As there is an increase in consumer demand, there is a resultant increase in seller competition and hence, brands have to gear up and amplify their marketing strategies to redirect consumers to buy their product offerings. To overcome the competition, Amazon offers its platform to let brands and sellers advertise products to current and potential customers to drive acquisition. A recent study by Kantar suggests that 54% of shoppers, who are exposed to advertising, say that it helps remind them of something they need, or it prompts an idea for something they want, therefore prompting ⅔ rd of the brands to increase their spends on the Amazon advertising platform.

With a search on the retailer’s website, a key element in the pre-buy consumer journey, advertising on the Amazon marketplace comes out as a mandate for enabling one’s products to be discovered on Amazon.

Here are the top reasons recommended by our very own industry experts to consider leveraging Amazon marketing services to gain conversions. 

1. Access To Real Purchasers 

Unlike other PPC platforms, Amazon is an online retail outlet, moreover a popular one, that attracts a major portion of the consumer market and hence it is wise to invest in Amazon’s online marketing services where there is a multitude of purchase-ready customers. 

Moreover, Amazon advertisers have witnessed 10 times more conversion rates than in any other PPC platform. 

2. Create Higher Brand Awareness

Amazon’s marketing services increase the level of brand awareness when compared to advertisements run on Google, Facebook, etc. where chances of the ad being noticed by users are lower, as they have little intention to buy products. 

On the other hand, Amazon has a massive number of purchase-ready visitors who when chancing upon your ad, will be redirected to your online storefront, thereby creating brand awareness through the display of your product range, brand voice, logo, colours, banners and videos.

3. Rich Insights And Data

Data on Consumer behavior is essential to optimize your online advertising strategies to reach your target audience. Using Amazon’s marketing, you can gain access to invaluable customer buying behavior data and analytics that other PPC platforms like Facebook are unable to offer. 

Moreover, Amazon provides real-time insights which when combined with its available consumer data, allows you to run truly successful ad campaigns.

4. Greater ROI With Amazon CPC Ads

It’s a well-established fact that CPC ads garner greater ROI when compared to other ad models, but did you know that CPC ads, specifically of Amazon’s digital marketing services, comparatively give you a massive ROI than other PPC platforms like google. 

This is due to the fact that online users on Amazon have a stronger intent to buy products. Hence you see a sizable amount of clicks and ultimately, conversions. 

5. Run SKU Level Campaigns

The benefits of advertising each product individually are immeasurable and Amazon’s digital marketing services let you do just this. By advertising products individually, you can focus on your best-selling products and generate more revenue rather than spending time, money and energy on products that do not convert. 

In this way, you are assured of minimizing losses and achieving a higher ROI by providing increased exposure on converting products. Moreover, the SKU level of advertising allows you to clear old stocks, promote seasonal products and newly launched products. 

To sum up, Advertising on Amazon proves to be a better option as opposed to advertising on other platforms. It is a filtered hub of a massive number of purchase-ready consumers, where there is a higher chance of product conversions for you by taking advantage of the variety of Amazon’s marketing services. 

A+ Content on Amazon

Checklist for Creating A+ Content on Amazon

Amazon is the most sought-after marketplace for online sales with scores of brands competing against each other to capture their target market. Listing product offerings on Amazon and expecting them to be sold like hotcakes is far from reality as a result of increased competition from your competitors. What you need is a competitive advantage that increases the visibility of your brand and products. This can easily be done by leveraging Amazon’s free and unlimited discoverability tool known as the A+ content feature. 

A+ Content: What is it? 

Amazon A+ content or enhanced brand content design is a highly beneficial tool that lets Amazon’s first-party vendors and sellers have a competitive edge over others. The free and unlimited platform boosts your visibility, discoverability, conversion rates and ultimately, sales. It is like a landing page where you can effectively showcase your products in an enhanced and creative way that appeals to & addresses the needs of potential customers. Amazon’s A+ content service lets you display enhanced product information, vivid imagery, eye-catching videos, the brand’s logo, colours and voice, product comparison charts and informative FAQs that result in brand awareness and informed buying decisions of the customers.

Who is eligible to use the A+ Content feature?

Amazon’s sales-boosting A+ content feature is available only to third-party sellers who have been registered and approved as brand owners under the Amazon brand registry program and to new companies that have already been registered under selling initiatives like Amazon Launchpad. 

How to make your A+ Content conversion-ready

  • Display the unique selling points of the product offerings through the use of text and corresponding images to attract customers. Images and more so, videos enable increased understandability in online users. 
  • Provide detailed information regarding the products to help potential customers make purchase decisions faster and prevent them from moving on to other brands that they think can fulfil their exact requirements. 
  • Identify high ranking keywords through analytics and incorporate them in your A+ content and images. Remember you are competing with several other sellers, so ensure your Amazon copy is informative and helps in boosting sales.
  • Design your content in a format or style that is simple and easily comprehensible. Complex product offerings and aspects can be broken down into digestible images, videos and copies.
  • For effective A+ content, incorporate value-added content that directly addresses the requirements of customers. Such data about customer requirements are frequently available in the reviews and comments section. 

Key Benefits Of The Amazon A+ Content

With Amazon A+ content, businesses can accelerate sales up to 10%. The implementation of additional images, videos, product descriptions and how-to-use-instructions to the product listings results in:

  • Improved Conversion Rates: Apart from the product listing content, the inclusion of additional elements like videos, images, sales copies, value-added content, stories, brand voice, logo and colours arrests the attention of potential customers and helps them gain a deeper understanding of the products. It also addresses their needs, creates credibility and social proof. All these are the factors based on which customers make informed purchasing decisions and ultimately, buy the product. 
  • Decreased Product Returns: When customers have made informed purchase decisions depending on the detailed information provided in the A+ content regarding the product, they are more likely to remain satisfied with their purchases and less likely to return them afterwards. 
  • Excellent Reviews: Based on the enhanced product information and subsequent product satisfaction, it leads to an enriched buyer experience, making customers write good reviews about the purchased products. 
  • Decreased Advertising Expenses And Increased Rate Of Return: As a consequence of the overall appealing nature of the A+ content, customers are more likely to make instant purchases, thereby reducing the need for extra advertising and ultimately, increasing the return on investment. 
Ecommerce Consultancy firm?

What To Look For In An E-commerce Consultancy Firm?

Brands globally are ramping up their e-commerce businesses. It’s being taken seriously by the top management across sectors. When brands look at establishing an e-commerce roadmap to exploit the potential to maximize online revenues – they know that they’ve got to build out an e-commerce department. And then starts the question – do we build that team in-house, or do we outsource it? What are the consequences of that decision? 

At Tenovia, we believe that getting the right team in a fast-growing space like e-commerce is tricky – and the cost of the wrong hires can set a brand back by 6 – 12 months. And that’s why at the core of our belief – we’ve built a model where we work as the outsourced ecommerce department for a fast-growing brand. 

The idea of this blog post is to help you consider some factors when selecting an e-commerce consulting firm: 

Tips to remember while selecting an e-commerce consultancy firm

  • Look at the firm’s services 

Look at the team’s services – will they work for you as a team extension? Can their services be bundled up and also be deployed in parts. 

  • Look at the firm’s portfolio. 

Look at the track record of the consulting firm/agency. One good way is to see the brands they’ve worked with. Go through the case studies. Ask them to talk you through their most successful projects. 

Look for how their expertise can help your brand increase e-commerce revenues

Moreover, looking at their existing portfolio gives you a better idea of their work and their ability to understand various products and market demographics. A portfolio will tell you about the clients and size of companies they would have worked for. This will help you understand how well the firm can gel with your business. 

  • Look at the firm’s expertise areas.

Do they have the expertise in your industry? Or do they have the expertise in the functions where you need the most help? Remember – e-commerce is a large space – and it has its niches of expertise in multiple functions such as merchandising, supply chain, warehousing, logistics, cataloguing, customer service, marketing, analytics, and others. 

  • Look at the firm’s competencies in the three areas.

Your ideal e-commerce partner would be good in Technology + e-commerce business strategies and execution + digital transformation.

Gauge the capabilities of these competencies as well. 

  • Team size of the e-commerce agency

Will the e-commerce agency be able to provide enough resources to breathe life into your e-commerce business? You want to know the team size that would be working on your account. If possible – ask for profiles of the team members who would be working on your account. 

  • Do metrics and KPIs drive them? 

As you’re trying to set up your brand’s eCommerce business – make sure that the e-commerce consulting firm that you hire is driven by metrics and clear KPIs so that they can help you create an organization in which you can hold multiple members (whether in the house / outsourced) accountable. This needs metrics and KPIs to be defined and tracked. 

  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of your e-commerce agency

All agencies / consulting firms have their strengths and weaknesses. Best way to find out your agency’s strengths and weaknesses? Ask them. 

The bigger the dream – the more important the team. So make sure you know you’re well enough. 

  • What’s their roadmap for you?

E-commerce offers exciting opportunities for your business. A consultant’s strong understanding of the marketplace and its policies help formulate your business plan for e-commerce. They offer tried and tested solutions and abundant resources to create a roadmap suited to where you are in your ecommerce journey. A strategic roadmap will provide you with the liberty to track your goals, quantitatively and qualitatively for both short term and long term basis. 

Why Does Your Business Need an e-Commerce Technology Partner ?

The e-commerce industry has been expanding significantly over the last 20 years – especially ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, higher consumer demand, digital receptiveness, – are the reason behind the  recent e-commerce growth. When it comes to Direct to Consumer channels – a brand’s own technology can be the competitive advantage in the – and that’s why brands need to understand and invest in it. Technology has given the consumers scope to access various tools to estimate prices, obtain coupons, and find alternatives, which resulted in the growth of online shopping.

How working with a technology partner benefits your e-commerce business? 

An e-commerce technology partner can help your e-commerce business grow in many ways. Here are some of the reasons how a technology partner can help your e-commerce business:

  • They bring products to market faster 

When you start working with a technology partner, you get instant access to experts’ knowledge about different platforms, emerging technologies, and integrations. 

  • Provide access to advanced technologies

Partnership with an outsourcing company signifies that your e-commerce business will be utilizing the latest technology and tools. 

  • Focus on core activities

A technology partner handles the rest of the processes and components to complete the omnichannel shopping experience. 

  • Less capital investment

A technology partner loses up your budget for improving other business functions. You also get the resilience to scale up or down these resources within less time.

Factors to remember while looking for a perfect technology partner

There are a lot of e-commerce solution providers out there. So, you should be careful and keep the following factors in mind before choosing one:

  • Area of expertise: While selecting a technology partner, try to go with a firm that has the experience in the particular domain and provides quality service. Because it not only helps you to analyze the market trend but also assists you through building a scalable product.
  • Support: A right tech partner makes sure that your work gets completed within the scheduled time. If you have any additional requirements, they must have a dedicated team assigned to provide the assistance immediately. 
  • Reliability: A partner should always be reliable irrespective of the domain and the field. So, carefully choose a technology partner who has been in the field for a long time now, and can be trusted to work with. 
  • Omnichannel: The modern-day customers do have a thing when it comes to where, when, and how they want to shop. So, select a technology partner who understands omnichannel inside out and can provide frictionless and seamless customer experience. 
  • Previous work: A company’s previous work and accomplishments says all about it. So, find a technology partner who has already worked on projects that are similar to your requirements and expectations. Also, find out if any of their previous work has won any appreciation in the form of awards. 

Therefore a technology partner helps your e-commerce business grow in many ways and ensures your future e-commerce trends are consistent. Here at Tenovia, our team of highly experienced and certified developers is ready to bring your vision to life. 

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Social media trends 2021

Social media is changing and in 2021 it’s become more important than ever. Being a valuable channel for marketers to reach and convert customers, brands need to focus on social media strategies too. A survey conducted by Datareportal’s Digital snapshot 2020 stated that nearly half of respondents have spent more time on social media due to COVID-19. 

Right from rising platforms to worthy causes, utilizing social media for shopping, live events, or forming relationships, 2021 social media trends is certainly something to look forward to.

Key Findings

  • Studies show that 75% of people don’t accept advertisements as truth
  • 63% of social media users feel consumer ratings are a priority
  • 70% of consumers believe customer opinions more than advertisements
  • 90% of people believe in brand recommendation from friends

This shows us that people trust strangers more than advertisements. Hence, to work in 2021, social media marketers must invest in their relationships with employees, customers, and influencers. This will ensure brand messages are backed up by voices that customers value. Here are a few trends to look forward to in 2021:


Two-way communication is the key to boosting organic growth.  Brands need an engaged online community who engages with your content through likes, comments, and shares. This will help amplify content, through a channel which customers trust. Be it influencer marketing, reviews, etc. using nano influencers especially those who already have a brand affinity, and finding ways to collaborate with them is an essential component of your digital marketing.


Social media has diversified tremendously this year with TikTok, pioneering as a new approach in social engagement. The introduction of Instagram’s Reel has also offered the opportunity to create short 15 second videos. A diversified social media field has definitely been laid down. Hence, it becomes vital to reconsider content posted on social media platforms and explore previously unexplored platforms.


Live social media has performed tremendously this year. Using live streaming, especially during the pandemic has helped fill the physical void for consumers. Marketers can use this opportunity to meet their customers live online. Additionally, live social media innovation has helped brands achieve their goals in ways previously unknown.

Social Causes

With political, environmental, and social issues taking the centre stage this year brands need to start conversations about the issues close to customers’ hearts. Merkle’s 2020 Media Insights Report found that 56% of consumers say they would not buy from businesses that remain silent on important issues. It’s now time for brands to use social platforms to inform and reassure customers. Brand giants such as Nike, Disney and Ben & Jerry’s have delved into this during the Covid-19 pandemic. Brands using this have seen increased interaction and engagement with customers.

Social Commerce

87% of e-commerce shoppers say that social media helps them make shopping decisions. Hence with Pinterest catalogues, Facebook and Instagram shops, 2021 is the perfect time for social e-commerce. Infiltrating social media, will improve the shopping experience, and shorten the purchase process. 

Hence, the above-mentioned trends will certainly help companies perform better and increase sales, while directly creating engaging content. Contact experts from Tenvio to help your company ace the 2021 social media game. 



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