Does Instagram impact sales


Does Instagram impact sales? In short, yes!! Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms that has a huge influence on the sales of a brand. In the recently concluded Lakme Fashion week, nearly 90% of the interactions happened only on Instagram and the remaining were seen on Facebook and Twitter together. These stats pretty much sum up the kind of difference Instagram as a platform can cause to your brand.

Impact of Instagram on your store and sales

Instagram, a Facebook company, is a social media platform that allows us to share photographs with friends and family. Although Instagram does not have a direct impact on your sales, it helps you to build a strong social media influence for your brand.

Here are a few examples of how Instagram can help you to become an Influencer and eventually drive your sales:

Spur your Sales with a Pic

As you know, Instagram is a social media platform to share Photographs. So all businesses with products or services that could be well photographed can benefit from Instagram. Businesses such as bakeries, cosmetics, fashion, home décor, lifestyle, fitness etc. can reap great rewards by improving their presence on Instagram. Brands can showcase enticing photographs of their latest collections that motivate followers to make a purchase.

1 (7)

Build Trust and Credibility

Instagram is a great platform to build credibility and loyalty. Take a look the picture below, this is from a popular baker’s Insta handle, it shows all the hard work that goes into the making of designer cakes.

2 (1)

Companies can easily tell a story with Instagram using the power of photography. They can engage with their audience, build trust for their brands and eventually promote sales.

Boost Traffic to your website

As we have already seen, Instagram cannot be used directly to promote your website traffic or your sales, however, you can share links to your website to redirect customers to the right sources.  Although there is no fixed limit on the number of characters, one must understand that Instagram is not a blogging platform and try to use their words wisely. Here is how The Body Shop India displays their website:

In the description:

3 (7)

A subtle mention in the comments:

4 (3)

Interact with your customers

Instagram allows you to indulge in a conversation with your customers. Through the Like, Comment and Share features, you may promote customer engagement and eventually drive your sales.

Tag it!! To reach your customer

Hashtags are a great way to categorise your posts such that they reach the right audience. Instagram allows you to segment your customer base through hashtags. Customers can search and find you with the help of hashtags.


Instagram as a platform is a great tool interact with your customers and promote your sales , through photographs. Do you have stories to share about your bran’s experience on Instagram? Do let us know.

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