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The checkout is that part of the user interface where the customer enters to complete his/her purchase of the product. It is the most important part of the sales funnel as this is the place where casual visitors are converted into loyal customers.

With customer expectations increasing by the day, UI/UX designers strive hard to make this process extremely user friendly and hassle free. Let us try to analyse some of the best check out designs to see how we can create a hassle free and unique experience to the customers.

Some examples of the best Checkout


Amazon has one of the most robust, simple, yet user friendly check out designs. It allows users to complete the whole process in just three clicks!!

The best thing about Amazon’s shopping cart is that users can add items to their cart in three different ways. First, from the home page, second from their wishlist and third, from the deals of the day.

Here is how A empty shopping cart looks like:


You may select a product of your choice and either add it to your cart and continue shopping or purchase it immediately by clicking on the Buy Now option.


The shopping cart looks like this after adding your products to the cart:


Along with the details of the product added to the cart, the page also displays additional information like EMI eligibility, Estimate your shipping and some cross selling information such as “Customers who bought this also bought” and “Some recommendations based on your search history”. All these details will encourage the customer to make an informed choice and at times even entice the customer to make an additional purchase as well.


Flipkart, the leader of Indian eCommerce , is yet another example for a seamless checkout experience. Flipkart allows customers to add items to their shopping cart either from the various categories listed on the website or directly from their wish list.


The shopping cart is pretty straight forward, it just lets you to add your products and to continue to the payment gateway. The shipping address will be selected based on the previous order history, however in case of new customers the system prompts the user to enter his/her shipping information.

The entire process is simple and straight forward.

Urban Ladder

The furniture giant Urban Ladder offers a classic check out experience to the users. Customers can add a product to their cart and see the tentative date of delivery. In case they have any gift vouchers, the customers can enter those details too. The address will be picked up from the previous purchase history. In case of a new customer, the system allows the user to enter his/her shipping and billing information.

Here is how Urban Ladder’s shopping cart looks like:



Nykaa.com is a beauty and skin care giant that specialises in selling domestic as well as premium cosmetic brands. Just like their products, their website too focuses on offering uniqueness and personalisation. They call their shopping cart a “Shopping Bag” and customers, may add their products to their shopping bags just as they do in a physical store.

Nykaa’s Shopping Bag looks like this:


The best part of the UI is that the Shopping Bag is shown on the Right most part of the screen, so customers can take a quick look at the bag without switching between different pages. This is a huge boon if you are looking for multiple products or have a budget on mind while shopping.  Customers may enter coupon information (if any) and proceed to the payment gateway with ease.

Points to Ponder

Here are a few important aspects that you must consider while designing your checkout process:

  • Predictive tools to lookup saved billing information
  • Option to use the same address for shipping and billing, just to save some time
  • Allow customers to Checkout as guests
  • Display clear and concise error messages
  • Limit the number of steps to a maximum of 3 or 4

Do not force the users with strict form validations at the time of data entry.

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