A challenge and an opportunity:

Launching your Brand, products, and services on Amazon, also referred to as Amazon marketing, is a journey filled with excitement. It sells goods almost worth $283,000  in value every sixty seconds. There is a catch here, though. Even though Amazon offers an incredible opportunity to catapult your business to the top rung of your industrial vertical, the marketplace is unimaginably competitive. Discover the best method to get your brand ready for Amazon launch in this blog:

The launch strategy:

Look at dividing your launch strategy into two parts: Pre-Launch, and During the Launch.

A dive into the pre-Launch phase:

Move early:

Decide to start on Amazon as early as possible, maybe from day one when you plan your website.

The crucial sync:

Ensure that the brand website and the Amazon page are in sync with one another. While on the former, you have greater flexibility, the latter provides you with increased opportunity to reach out to a wider market faster and in a streamlined process.

Recognize the algorithms:

Amazon online marketing demands an intimate understanding of the difference between Google and Amazon algorithms. The Amazon crawler is more about sales, while the Google search engine is more about keyword relevance. Sales history, organic sales, PPC campaigns, seller authority, CTR, and impressions play a significant role in the Amazon algorithm. Understand how the Amazon algorithms work.

The backup strategy: 

Strategize to work on the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) model. FBM or Fulfilled by Merchant is good as a backup strategy.

Ready to sell:

You also need to ensure that your retail store is ready to sell when you advertise your Brand online. Your Amazon page must have the right content, product images and descriptions, smart pricing, customer reviews, and more.

Ideal product research:

Ensure that your product research during the development state is done optimally. The focus should be to choose the right product and the best fitting business model. Factors like understanding your customers, marketplace, and the competition need to go hand-in-hand for best results.

Branding and launch:

Product launch and branding should also go side-by-side – when focusing on branding, you need to choose the brand colours, product packaging, designs, etc., to make your Brand look distinct.

Proper budgeting:

Ensure that your budgeting is in place with targeted sales volume, pricing, and Amazon digital marketing cost are carefully estimated prior to the launch.

Steps involved in the launch phase:

Shortlist your tools:

Once the Brand has been launched, you need to make sure that you start using the right tools for business growth and sales. It helps automate many factors, including things like the digital Amazon marketing strategy, task management tools, product management, etc. The various facets of brand management are easy to handle. 

Comprehend the core metrics:

Amazon marketing involves the understanding of brand analytics and key Amazon advertising metrics. Understanding these core metrics will help you analyse results better and track them for growing your business optimally.

Perceive optimization:

Understand optimization that includes keyword research, optimization, and tracking. Use tools that will help you with the above factors for your vertical. All of this needs to be done to optimize Amazon listing and SEO. 


Make sure that your Brand and products are compliant with the Terms of Service of Amazon.

Promoting your brand:

While brand launching, you also need to create awareness about your Brand in your target market simultaneously. Hence, your website must be ready; your social media presence must attract followers; your email marketing and influencer marketing strategies need to be accurately synced for all-round optimization. 

Get help from advertising tools:

Start using Amazon’s advertising tools. For example, setting auto campaigns. Such campaigns help your brand message reach the right customer segments – the market that fits well with the keywords in your listing. 

Need for brand registry:

Learn about Brand Registry. It is a must-have for all brands that wish to sell well on Amazon before you start selling at the amazon marketplace. Once your Brand is registered, you can set up your store, indulge in cross-promotions, and showcase your brand story. 

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