How many Push Notifications can you send to your customers?


Push notifications are a great way to interact with your app users. You can use push notifications to keep your customers informed about your latest offers or even to guide them to the right local deals. They help you to retain your customer’s interests and allow you to continuously engage them.

Push notification are messages sent by the publisher of the App. The customers have to “Opt-in” for these notifications at the time of installing the App or later. Only then, the publisher of the App will be able to send them the notifications. These messages are known as “Push Notifications” as,the user of the app does not initiate them.

How many are too many?

Whilst there is no set rule on the number of notifications too many could be quite annoying for the users. Studies indicate that more than 50% of the app users find push-notifications to be “annoying distractions” if they receive them more than once a week, however the best part of the study was that the push notifications have shown a considerable increase in the business and customer loyalty too!!

According to the survey, 45% of the customers decided to disable the push notifications as they received 2-5 notifications in a week. Also, more than 30% of the users said that they will delete the app altogether if they ever received more than 6 messages in a week.

These stats clearly show that too many messages in week will increase the risk of losing a customer.

Best Practices for sending the ideal notifications


Customers value messages that have a personal touch to them. Such messages aid in better conversions. For example, the above image shows a notification sent by the Nearbuy app. It has the recipient’s name to show them that they value their customers.

Customer Segmentation

A well-researched customer segmentation strategy helps in sending out the right message to the right user.  Mobile marketers need to identify appropriate user attributes and align their campaigns with the right set of customers to derive the maximum benefits.

Enticing Language

Messages such as “Hot deals!!” or “Deals of the day” no longer gather customer attention. Frame your messages such that they motivate the user to perform a desired action. For example, take a look at this message:

This message has enough details to grab the user’s attention. It talks about the time limit for the offer, the discount offered and the products that are on sale.


Push notifications can build and break your customer relations, so determining the ideal frequency for your notifications is very important. So make sure to design your push notifications such that they align with your company’s marketing goals and derive the best results.

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