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Google ads have dominated the paid advertising for quite some time now due to offering various advantages such as having the largest search engine, producing faster results, and attracting more traffic to your target audience. However, Marketplace Advertising is gaining quick momentum as it appears directly on the app where shoppers already have the buying intent.


Google advertising has been quite dominating in the paid advertising industry, with top companies and entrepreneurs using google ads to advertise their company. The number of people using Google’s subsidies, such as Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail, etc., is also huge, and google ads advertise your company on all these sites as well. Promoting your brand on google ads also produces faster results since it helps you with your SEO and, thus, changes your brand’s meta title and description to attract more traffic to your post.

Despite the luring advantages mentioned above, why are companies also opting for other advertising agencies such as Flipkart & Amazon Marketplace marketing?

Why should you go for Marketplace Advertising?

  • Huge customer base

Marketplaces are a must if you want to expand your online business. With ever-increasing popularity, marketplaces keep coming up with different strategies to keep their customer happy and engaged. Moreover, they have the advantage of having a myriad of customers, with the pure intent of buying. Thus, retailers get an easy access to customers and can target them directly through different tactics offered by the platform.

  • Types of ads

Each marketplace comes with their own ad offerings and requirements. Let’s take the example of Flipkart. Flipkart marketing strategy has come up with placing two types of search ads for you to choose from according to your need, target audience, and other factors. These ads are: Product Listing Ads (PCA) where the placement of these ads is on the home page, product page, on the top of search and browse listing page and on the rest of the search and browse listing page and Product Contextual Ads (PCA) where the placement of the ads is on the top of the search page and the rest of the page.

  • Ad placements

Flipkart promotion ensures that your ads are placed in a way that is visible to the customers. The team of Flipkart marketing services carefully monitors and strategically places the ads on their website, thus enhancing and increasing the likelihood of the target audience viewing your ad, ensuring that your money is used effectively to promote your brands.

Other advertising companies

  • Bing Ads

Bing Ads is the second most popular search engine with lower costs, which is best suitable for companies who are still growing and are not established yet and thus, have a lower budget. You also have the feature of choosing when to show your ads and choosing your audience according to your target group.

  • Facebook Ads

More and more people are establishing their businesses and promoting the same on Facebook ads as it has an enormous audience and reach. Almost everyone is on Facebook, and thus, it provides a great opportunity for small businesses to grow and increase their profits. Not only this, Facebook ads sell your products more quickly to buyers who are highly interested and provide targeting options so that you can choose your target audience.

  • LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin Ads are best for business-to-business companies, event advertising companies, and software as a service business. Since LinkedIn is a company where people primarily come for job-related services, it is a great platform to advertise your business, reach your target audience, and thus, expand your business.

How to choose the best ad service company for you?

  • Plan your budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend on advertising your company and look at the plans that offer you the best deal. The more the company offers you at your budget, the better returns you get by your ad reaching out to more people.

  • Target audience

Who are the people you really want to sell your product or services to? When you reach out to companies that provide ad services, keep this factor in mind: will your ads reach out to the people you are targeting? Because only then, your ads would help you and would your business flourish.

  • Take guidance

You can always take help from the people who have expertise in e-commerce and know the ways your ad would come up and which ad services would best suit your company. Wondering how to expand your business using Marketplace Advertising? Tenovia solutions is the perfect place for you to strategize your business. We help you in designing a roadmap and executing the plan for the same, thus, being your perfect e-commerce and digital partners. We help your business grow by offering various services such as digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, marketplace management, site and website maintenance, and much more. Contact Tenovia now to expand your business with us!

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