How to Get Started with Flipkart Ads

If you’re looking for a product in a physical store, what’s more likely to catch your attention? Yup, the ones displayed front and center. And they’re not there by accident. To maximize sales, stores usually reserve this spot for top-selling products or those being pushed by certain brands through paid marketing. It’s the same in an ecommerce store such as Flipkart. 

70% of all product searches on ecommerce websites are generic in nature, and not driven by brand names. This means that you have the same opportunity to push your brand to the millions of customers who visit the website every day as other brands. And a little bit of paid advertising on Flipkart can go a long way in giving you that extra nudge.

How does Flipkart advertising work?

Flipkart ads are a performance-based marketing tool that can help you meet your business goals. Flipkart sponsored ads help you stand out from the competition, boost your chances of being seen by the most number of customers, and get the much coveted ‘Buy Now’ button. This is especially useful when you want to launch new products, push slow-moving items, and have better control over your budgets. To put it in perspective, we’re talking about 35 crore registered customers that visit Flipkart regularly. 

Here are four of many scenarios in which Flipkart ads prove useful to your business: 

  • Launching new products: When you launch a new product, you start with no ratings, reviews, or set price points. It can be difficult to catch a customer’s attention without this foundation. Given Flipkart’s pricing algorithm, you will also need to have some sales in order to get your product tagged on daily promotions or other discount-led events. Your best bet to put your products in the spotlight is to run a promotional campaign.  
  • Improving performance score: Flipkart decides a seller’s quarterly performance scores in three tiers – gold, silver, and bronze. If you want to improve your products’ visibility and revenue, you will need to aim for the gold. And in order to meet your quarterly sales targets, paid advertising on Flipkart can be a boon.
  • Targeting specific products: If you’re keen on selling more volumes of a specific product than your competitors, you can use Flipkart’s product latching option through a paid campaign. 
  • Acquiring actionable insights: When it comes to online sales, actionable data is the most valuable currency. Flipkart’s performance matrix offers sellers relevant data such as the number of product views, sales, product quality reviews, clickthrough rates, etc. This data is especially critical when you’re launching a new product so you can improve your catalog – be it in terms of product listing, images, or pricing. With a paid Flipkart campaign, you can get this information in less than 48 hours, allowing you to optimize your campaign and drive more sales at breakneck speeds. 

Essential terms and acronyms to know

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Flipkart can be boiled down to this – you only pay for the ad when your potential customer clicks on it. If 10 shoppers view your ad and only three click on it, you only pay for the three. When you begin your PPC campaign on Flipkart, your ad is discreetly placed in the search results. The position of this ad is determined by your cost-per-click (CPC) bid. Needless to say, the greater your bid on the ad, the higher your product visibility. CPC is the most efficient tool in helping you control your ad’s visibility. 

But wait, before you start working on your Flipkart advertising strategy and get some experts on board, you should know a few basic terms associated with the process. Here are some important ones:  

  • Conversion rate: This number determines the percentage of customers who purchased your product after clicking on your ad. 
  • Action rate: This term calculates how many times your ad gets clicked vs. how many times it’s viewed. 
  • Seller ratings: This rating determines how happy your customers are with your product. 

Let the experts lead your advertising on Flipkart

At Tenovia, we offer end-to-end marketing services on Flipkart through customized campaigns that engage users, convert shoppers, and drive loyalty. Depending on your brand’s unique objectives and targets for PPC advertising, we can create strategic roadmaps to help you increase sales, launch new products, and boost your seller performance. 

But it’s not enough to simply learn how to create and launch Flipkart ads. It’s even more important to learn from it and correct your course as you move along. That’s exactly what Tenovia does for you. We offer cutting-edge data analytics services through our platform Tensight in real time and give you a better understanding of how you can perform better on Flipkart, and stay one step ahead of your competition. 

Ready to arm yourself with the power of advertising and the right team to back you up? Get in touch with the experts at Tenovia and click your way to ecommerce success today!

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