Flipkart is one of India’s leading ecommerce platforms which links interested buyers with sellers. Due to its growing popularity, Flipkart has become a household name and is serving millions of customers throughout the country. 

How to beat the competition?

With a ready pool of buyers available at this ecommerce marketplace, sellers should not think twice before listing their products on Flipkart. But since the competition is fierce in most product categories, you can utilize Flipkart ads to get over the competition and make soaring profits consistently.

About product listing ads & the ways to optimize them:

Product Listing Ads (PLA) is a popular means used by ecommerce platforms to boost product sales by increasing its visibility at the right time and place. For example, if you’re running a well-optimized product listing ad campaign on the Flipkart marketplace for a sewing machine, then your product will be shown at the top of the results. Or it will be in a position where it grabs attention from the person making the search query. It will not only enhance the visibility of your product but also escalates the sales. 

The ideal campaign:

Flipkart advertising allows sellers to market their products to the right target audience on a fairly decent budget. But if you fail to create winning campaigns, you will lose money. Whether you’re new to Flipkart’s product advertising or have some experience, our campaign optimization tips are sure to help you. 

So let’s explore the best practices shared below and implement them to skyrocket your revenue.

  1. Exclude negative keywords:

Running campaigns on negative keywords can drain your entire advertisement budget with zero results. If you want to get maximum ROI on your campaigns, be as specific with the product keyword as possible. Let’s comprehend it with an analogous instance: you’re selling stainless steel spoons and have created a campaign to increase its sales.

If you’ve created a campaign on “spoons,” your product will be shown even when someone searches for plastic spoons. As an incorrect product is being shown for this search query, you may get impressions or visibility, but you won’t get any sales. You should put words like a plastic spoon in the “exclude keywords” section to correct it. You will have to monitor these minute details every day and make changes accordingly to get maximum ROI on your ad spent. If you don’t have enough time or expertise, you should hire professionals offering the best ecommerce marketplace solutions.

  1. Analyze & evaluate the bids:

If your campaign has been running for a few days but you aren’t getting any conversions, you should check, analyze, and tweak the bids for non-performing campaigns. Some sellers often keep the bids so low that their products are displayed at a bottom position or at a place where it doesn’t get as much visibility as it should. You might try increasing the bid and let the campaign run for another few days for testing purposes. If you notice any improvement in the campaign performance, you know where you were going wrong. If you don’t have experience in effective budget testing, you should take ecommerce consulting for the best results. 

  1. Check the campaign duration: 

A common mistake new sellers’ make is with the campaign duration. They fill the advertising budget, but instead of selecting a campaign end date, they choose the “till the budget lasts.” In this case, Flipkart may exhaust your entire budget in a day or two, when that was supposed to be your monthly advertising budget. This should be averted.

  1. Analyze the campaign type:

Another mistake is letting Flipkart decide everything. The platform has two types of ads, i.e., CPC and Smart ROI. If you want your CPC to be below a certain limit, you should create CPC campaigns and not Smart ROI. The latter calculates CPC and other details once you input the desired ROI, which is not always the best option to run ads. You should consider changing the campaign type for better results.

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