Can incorporating videos in your digital marketing strategy boost your e-commerce business?

What is the best medium for educating customers about your business/products/services? Some might say infographics, text-only content, emails, etc. However, the best medium is video. Over 97% of marketers’ claim that video content helps their prospects understand the product better and helps the customers make a crucial purchasing decision. The above statistics prove that videos are effective. But what is it that makes videos this effective? Well, let’s find out.

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Looking to optimize Flipkart’s product listing ads? Tenovia’s best practices are all you need!

Flipkart is one of India’s leading ecommerce platforms which links interested buyers with sellers. Due to its growing popularity, Flipkart has become a household name and is serving millions of customers throughout the country. With a ready pool of buyers available at this ecommerce marketplace, sellers should not think twice before listing their products on Flipkart. But since the competition is fierce in most product categories, you can utilize Flipkart ads to get over the competition and make soaring profits consistently.

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Integrating videos in your Digital and Content marketing strategy: The Magento Way.

Changing times: Did you know that a video generates over 1200% more reach and impressions when compared to a blog post? If you still believe that written content is going to bring you all the sales for your business, it’s time to reconsider that!  The tailor-made guide for you: If..

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Best Practices to Optimize Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Campaigns

It is no secret that Amazon continues to offer its retailers the opportunity to stand out on the platform through various advertising means and methods and capture customer’s attention. Effective and holistic digital sales funnel strategy is critical for every retailer to drive results on Amazon, and Sponsored Brand Videos..

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Top things to look for in an eCommerce development company

For every business, today, having a digital presence is the need of the hour. With eCommerce developing at a rapid pace, there is a surge in eCommerce development companies in the market. However, given the plethora of options available it can be quite daunting to select the right company that meets your business needs and requirements as well as budget. So for you to hire a trustworthy eCommerce company, we’ve put together some crucial factors that will help you in making the right decision easily:

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5 Reasons You Need To Advertise On Amazon

Amazon is now a household name in terms of retail shopping and e-commerce and is a popular mobile app, accounting for almost 31.2 percent of the G.M.V. market share in the Indian e-commerce space. As there is an increase in consumer demand, there is a resultant increase in seller competition and hence, brands have to gear up and amplify their marketing strategies to redirect consumers to buy their product offerings. To overcome the competition, Amazon offers its platform to let brands and sellers advertise products to current and potential customers to drive acquisition

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Checklist for Creating A+ Content on Amazon

Amazon is the most sought-after marketplace for online sales with scores of brands competing against each other to capture their target market. Listing product offerings on Amazon and expecting them to be sold like hotcakes is far from reality as a result of increased competition from your competitors. What you need is a competitive advantage that increases the visibility of your brand and products. This can easily be done by leveraging Amazon’s free and unlimited discoverability tool known as the A+ content feature.

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What To Look For In An E-commerce Consultancy Firm?

Brands globally are ramping up their e-commerce businesses. It’s being taken seriously by the top management across sectors. When brands look at establishing an e-commerce roadmap to exploit the potential to maximize online revenues – they know that they’ve got to build out an e-commerce department. And then starts the question – do we build that team in-house, or do we outsource it? What are the consequences of that decision

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Why Does Your Business Need an e-Commerce Technology Partner ?

The e-commerce industry has been expanding significantly over the last 20 years – especially ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, higher consumer demand, digital receptiveness, – are the reason behind the recent e-commerce growth. When it comes to Direct to Consumer channels – a brand’s own technology can be the competitive advantage in the – and that’s why brands need to understand and invest in it.

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Social media trends 2021

Social media is changing and in 2021 it’s become more important than ever. Being a valuable channel for marketers to reach and convert customers, brands need to focus on social media strategies too. A survey conducted by Datareportal’s Digital snapshot 2020 stated that nearly half of respondents have spent more..

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