Why Personalizing your Brand Content is a Priority

Personalization in marketing has always been important, but in times like these, the need to personalize content is more than ever. According to Forrester, 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization. Brands need to continuously relate and show empathy to their customers during times like these to stay relevant. It’s important to have the right messaging out there.

Take, for instance, Hero Moto France. The motor manufacturing company has perfectly communicated to its audience with a series of positive messages. In difficult times like these when bikers are forced to stay at home, the brand showed empathy to its entire community how they understand what bikers feel during times like these. 

Brands are finding new ways to connect with customers to keep them engaged. One of the most challenging tasks advertisers are facing is to promote optimism. 

While most marketers are currently focusing on omnichannel experiences, marketers must understand their audience. By staying relevant to customers across channels & by communicating with them the way they want to would help create a consumer journey holistically.

The automobile industry is one of the most affected industries in the current scenario. However, they have also changed their communication and creatively urged fans to stay off the roads and stay at home. 

Social Media has become a platform that plays an important role during a crisis like this and can also become a powerful tool to communicate with the audiences. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while communicating with your audiences during times like these. 

1. Reflect the ethos of your brand 

It’s important to understand the uniqueness of your brand and understand what role can your brand help in a crisis like this.

2. Keep up to date with what’s happening 

In the super-fast paced world, brands need to consider the context before broadcasting 

3. Be thoughtful  

Right now might not be the best way to be sarcastic online. The best way is to listen to what your customers and people are saying and reflect that in your copy with empathy and understanding. 

4. Anticipate changes in your customer behavior 

We’ve already seen a huge change in consumer behavior. People have decided to self-isolate themselves. We have also seen a huge shift to eCommerce and streaming platforms. 

Given how badly the airline industry is impacted, airline brands have been desperately trying to engage with their ex-users. Airline brands are obsessed with mile points and want people to get obsessed with them too. 

Thai Airways launched a recent campaign – Stay Home Miles!

The App helps you earn ROP mile for every four hours via the “Thai stay home miles exchange” Keep it for hotel, accommodation, or other rewards as per conditions.

During a crisis like this, the brand has found an effective way to communicate & engage with its users and attract more users. This is done by keeping the current situation in mind and urging it’s users to – Stay At Home

Consumers have their inboxes flooded with email from other brands. Be mindful and understand how do they want to talk and communicate during a crisis. Be authentic, tell real stories, and try to spread a message of hope and support.

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