Harnesing Influencer marketing for an Ayurvedic Men’s Supplement


An Ayurveda-inspired health supplement, underwent a remarkable upswing in its sales trajectory on Amazon India subsequent to a meticulously planned partnership with a prominent YouTube influencer. This case study delves into the influencer’s adept promotional strategies, unraveling how these initiatives catalyzed a surge in visitor engagement, a substantial uplift in sales, and a notable enhancement in the product’s performance within the e-commerce domain.


The dietary supplement by the Ayurveda brand is formulated to amplify vitality, elevate energy levels, and foster comprehensive well-being in men. The product was facing modest sales on Amazon India and was witnessing only a handful of daily units sold before the influencer’s engagement. The task at hand revolved around heightening brand recognition, steering a higher influx of visitors, and effectively converting these visitors into valuable customers.


Understanding the potential of influencer-driven promotions, the company partnered with a well-known YouTube influencer focusing on health and well-being subjects. The influencer’s channel commanded a substantial number of subscribers, rendering it a perfect stage to introduce the health supplement to an interested and attentive viewership. Crafted exclusively for the product, the influencer produced a dedicated video wherein they endorsed the benefits, accompanied by a direct hyperlink to the Amazon India product page thoughtfully placed within the video’s description.


Influencer Collaboration: The company reached out to the influencer, sharing comprehensive details about the product, its advantages, and its intended audience. With genuine interest in the offering, the influencer readily agreed to endorse it on their YouTube channel.

Video Content: The influencer meticulously crafted a top-tier video review, spotlighting the essential features, perks, and their personal encounter with the mentioned health supplement. They elaborated on its efficacy, user-friendliness, and distinctive attributes, effectively captivating the audience’s attention while fostering a sense of trust.

Call-to-Action and Link: Within the video, a distinct call-to-action was seamlessly integrated, motivating viewers to explore the product further via the designated link to Amazon India’s product page. This streamlined approach provided an immediate avenue for intrigued viewers to make a purchase.

Promotion: The influencer energetically propagated the video across their social media platforms, leveraging their established viewer base. They engaged with the audience through comments and discussions related to the product, leveraging their influence to spark interaction.

Enhanced Conversion Tracking: With a focus on quantifying the influencer’s direct impact, the company implemented advanced conversion tracking measures. Through Amazon’s tracking tools, they could accurately attribute sales and conversions directly to the influencer’s video and any associated advertising campaigns. This data-centric methodology furnished crucial insights into the efficacy of the marketing endeavors, facilitating well-informed decisions.


To elevate the effectiveness of the influencer-driven marketing initiative, Tenovia executed strategic marketing strategies within Amazon’s advertising framework. These strategies were devised to magnify the influencer’s promotional endeavors, consequently optimizing the outcomes on sales and brand recognition and it included:

Sponsored Product Promotions

Visual Advertisements

Precision Targeted Campaigns
Optimized Ad Placement

The successful integration of influencer marketing with Amazon’s advertisement panel created a strong foundation for future growth. The increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales growth laid the groundwork for continued success and market expansion.


Increased Traffic:
The influencer’s promotional efforts generated a significant influx of traffic to the Amazon India product page. Viewers who were genuinely interested in the product clicked the provided link to explore the product further.

Surge in Sales: The increased traffic resulted in a substantial increase in sales for Vigoroyal M. The product went from selling a few units per day to hundreds of units per day, surpassing the company’s expectations.

Improved Conversion Rate: The endorsement from the influencer instilled trust and confidence in potential customers, leading to a higher conversion rate. The video review, combined with the convenience of the direct Amazon India link, streamlined the purchase process and minimized barriers to conversion.

Average Daily Run Rate: The average daily run rate of the product experienced a substantial boost, reflecting the sustained increase in sales and customer demand. The product achieved consistent sales growth, providing a solid foundation for future success.


In summary, Tenovia emphasizes the importance of choosing the right influencers for the best results. Picking influencers who connect with the brand’s audience and values is key. When influencers are knowledgeable about the product’s area, their endorsement carries more weight.

Additionally, it’s crucial for influencers to create engaging content. Their video review should be well-made, interesting, and offer real insights about the product. This kind of content helps consumers make informed decisions.