QuickCommerce Success Story: Elevating Drools’ Brand Visibility on Zepto

QuickCommerce Success Story


 Drools, a leading pet food brand in India faced several challenges in boosting brand visibility across major  cities and pin codes on Zepto, a leading quick commerce online platform

  • Low Presence on High Search Volume Keywords : The brand needed to boost visibility for highly sought after keywords in competitive markets.
  • Manual Ad Checking : Manually checking ad visibility across cities with high demand was time consuming and inefficient.
  • Manual Bid Adjustments : Adjusting bids manually for individual campaigns consumed significant time and resources.


 Tenovia implemented a comprehensive marketing  solution to address these challenges for Drool

  • City-Specific Campaigns : Set up separate campaigns for Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai  targeting high volume keywords to enhance visibility.
  • Automated Share of Voice (SOV) Reports : Utilized Tensight AI to automate SOV reports, identifying top ad placements and competitor strategies.
  • Workflow Simplification : Analyzed BCG matrix (Brand Competitive Generic) keywords and adjusted CPCs (Cost per click) accordingly. Visualized non-triggering keywords and increased CPCs to occupy more ad placements.


  • Enhanced Impressions : March experienced a growth of approximately 148% in impressions, leading to increased brand awareness for the cat food category.
  • Boosted Clicks : Clicks surged by around 111% in March, indicating higher user engagement.
  • Revenue Growth : March revenue witnessed an impressive growth of about 95% compared to February, reflecting effective performance and profitability.


The adoption of an automation approach using Tensight. AI effectively addressed the challenges faced by Drools, optimizing campaign performance, boosting brand visibility, and ultimately unlocking higher revenue generation potential. This case study highlights the importance of leveraging advanced tools and automation in digital marketing to achieve tangible business results.

Weaving Data-driven Inventory Solutions For Omnichannel Success | Suta Case Study

Weaving Data-driven Inventory Solutions

Suta is a leading D2C brand in the apparel and lifestyle category. The brand is well-known for its vast portfolio of woven sarees and blouses that seamlessly blend contemporary bling with traditional charm. Started as a Facebook page in 2016 by two sisters, Sujata and Taniya Biswas, and is now a 50 crore business. Suta now showcases a full-fledged website and offline stores across key cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Thane, and Bhubaneswar with more in the pipeline.

The brand currently operates predominantly from its website and stores, and also through marketplaces like Myntra, Ajjio, Nykaa Fashion, Tata CliQ, Amazon, and Flipkart to name a few. With a 200% year-on-year growth, Suta sees 75-80% of its revenue from its online channels while looking at a 20-25% contribution from its offline stores.

Problem Statements and Business Risks

When it comes to lifestyle and apparel brands that have an omnichannel presence, it becomes imperative to have a data-backed inventory management system in place. Suta came to Tenovia with the challenges they were facing with:

  • Inventory management and stock abundance:  Products that were non-moving due to visibility were stocked up in the warehouse, posing a high risk to the business. This invisible excess of inventory was holding hostage the cash that could be used for other operational needs such as marketing or expanding the business. Excess inventory requires additional warehouse storage facilities leading to inefficiencies in storage management.  Additionally, the brand will have to resort to discounts or promotions to clear out these inventories, which can erode profit margins.

  • WMS and marketplace listing mismatch: There was a mismatch between the listings in the warehouse and the marketplaces. These products and SKUs that were listed were receiving very low visibility, which affected sales due to delays in delivery or product errors. There was also a mismatch between the products listed across marketplaces, creating inconsistency in the product portfolio.

  • Inventory syncing issues: The mismatch of inventory for SKUs between marketplaces and WMS created challenges in inventory management. It resulted in broken or partial listings, creating inconsistent product listings across different marketplaces. Additionally, technical syncing errors can list products as available on a marketplace but need more stock in the warehouse, leading to overselling and fulfillment issues.

Gaps identified by Tensight.ai

  • Catalog consistency across different marketplaces
  • Unexposed listing stock and incorrect SKUs
  • Inventory listing and management
  • Syncing errors in the WMS

Tensight.ai powered Solutions for Suta Live Listing Module Integration: Collaborating with Tensight, Suta integrated a live listing module to monitor product listings in real time. This module enabled Suta to identify gaps in their listings and inventory synchronization issues for specific SKUs. By leveraging this technology, Suta could ensure they have exposed all the assortment in all the MP’s, thereby minimizing visibility issues and maximizing their online presence and sales across channels.

Identification of Incorrect SKUs: Tensight was able to identify the SKUs that were listed incorrectly on channels like Myntra, Amazon, and other platforms. This helped Suta identify products that were present on the marketplace as a different SKU but were shown as out of stock due to listing mismatches.

Tracing WMS Syncing: Tensight helped Suta identify the SKUs where WMS syncing errors occurred.  Tensight was able to identify products that were partially listed, or not listed on the marketplace, helping in the identification of products that need to be listed on different marketplaces.

Brand Inventory Consistency: Tensight provides a listing percentage (%) view which helps in the identification of the number of products that are listed in a particular marketplace but are not present in another marketplace ensuring all the assortment is present on all marketplaces.

By integrating Tensight’s live listing module, Suta can monitor product listings in real-time, ensuring maximum exposure to its diverse assortment across multiple platforms.

Tensight was able to identify:

  • 24 incorrectly listed SKUs from the SKUs listed in the master
  • Inventory sync issues for 250 styles on Ajio and 18 styles on Nykaa
  • 800+ missing styles across Suta’s online channels

Through the identification and rectification of incorrect SKUs and WMS syncing errors, Suta has streamlined inventory management processes and optimized product visibility across marketplaces.

With Tensight.ai’s data-driven insights focused on brand inventory consistency, Suta can now navigate the competitive landscape of the apparel and lifestyle industry to maximize profits and optimize operations.

Revitalizing Amazon Presence: A Comprehensive Case Study of Successful Sales of a Sleep Supplement by an Ayurvedic Brand


An Ayurvedic sleep supplement, free from addictive substances, has been developed to promote a natural and healthy sleep cycle through regular usage. In contrast to melatonin’s immediate sleep-inducing effects, the focus of this product is on enhancing the overall quality of sleep. This case study explores how the visibility and discoverability of the sleep supplement were increased on Amazon India through strategic optimization by Tenovia. By refining various aspects of the product listing, leveraging influencer marketing, and implementing creative strategies, we effectively accelerated sales and raised product awareness.

Challenges Faced

The sleep supplement struggled to gain visibility on Amazon India. The existing listing lacked efficient keyword optimization, engaging content, and compelling visuals. Consequently, the product failed to attract organic traffic and conversions, with the average daily performance falling below satisfactory levels, while competitors dominated the market.

Strategy and Implementation

Tenovia developed a comprehensive plan to revamp the product listing on Amazon India. The key focus areas included:

  • Keyword Optimization

Tenovia conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-converting keywords for the sleep supplement. These keywords were strategically incorporated into the product’s title, bullet points, description, and backend search terms to improve search rankings and visibility.

  • Content Revision and USP Highlighting

The product’s title, bullet points, and description were rewritten to emphasize its unique selling proposition (USP). The revised content highlighted the product’s Ayurvedic formulation, non-addictive nature, and promotion of a healthy, natural sleep cycle. Clear and concise language was used to enhance comprehension and captivate potential customers.

  • Infographics, Tiles, and A+ Pages

Tenovia created visually appealing infographics and tiles that showcased the benefits and features of the product. These graphics were designed to attract attention, convey information effectively, and highlight the product’s USP. Additionally, engaging A+ pages were developed that provided detailed information about the product, addressing customer concerns.

  • Influencer Promotion

To drive traffic and increase product awareness, the brand collaborated with popular influencers in the health and wellness niche. An influential YouTuber promoted it through their channel, including a link to the product in the video description. The video highlighted the product’s benefits and encouraged viewers to try it. It aimed to leverage the trust and credibility of the influencer, attracting a large audience and increasing conversions.


The comprehensive transformation of the sleep supplement’s product listing on Amazon India produced significant outcomes:

  • Visibility and Searchability

The search rankings improved substantially due to effective keyword optimization. The product began appearing prominently in relevant search results, increasing its visibility to potential customers.

  • Sales and Conversion Rate

The enhanced listing, combined with influencer promotion, resulted in a surge in sales. The increased visibility and improved content quality attracted a larger customer base, leading to higher conversion rates. 

  • Product Awareness

The influencer promotion on YouTube generated substantial traffic to product listing on Amazon. This influx of new visitors resulted in increased product awareness and recognition. The number of customer reviews and ratings also rose significantly, further building trust and credibility.

  • Average Daily Run Rate

A key performance indicator, the average daily run rate, witnessed remarkable improvement. Before the listing makeover, the run rate stagnated at 100 units per day. However, after optimization and influencer promotion, the run rate soared to an impressive 1000 units per day, marking a significant enhancement.

In conclusion, the strategic collaboration between Tenovia and the Ayurvedic sleep supplement brought about a transformative journey on Amazon India. By addressing initial challenges through meticulous keyword optimization, content refinement, and engaging visuals, wesuccessfully revitalized the product listing. The infusion of influencer promotion, particularly through a trusted YouTuber, played a pivotal role in driving traffic, enhancing product awareness, and building credibility.

Optimizing strategic discounting to propel SMU revenue growth by 20% within a 12-Month Period for a large Footwear Brand

Recognized as a venerable footwear brand with an extensive legacy, this prominent homegrown enterprise has solidified its presence in the market over numerous decades. Originally established as a brick-and-mortar retailer, the company has successfully extended its reach to encompass tier-2 and tier-3 cities through its robust ecommerce division. 

Presently, the organization boasts a remarkable daily production capacity of over 400,000 pairs of footwear. Embracing the digital landscape, industry-leading brands like this one have diligently pursued a harmonious integration of online and offline channels, maintaining a steadfast commitment to sustained profitability.

Their challenge: Striking a balance between profitability and value 

For ecommerce fashion brands, product selection and discounting remain important aspects of business. The main challenge was a low average selling price (ASP), which had to continue providing value to its customers and maintain profitability in order to boost its ecommerce vertical. It’s also important to ensure price parity across online and offline channels.  

Our execution: Bolstering online merchandise  

To cater to the growing online consumer base, the brand launched over 200 exclusive new styles for men’s and women’s footwear. The brand followed the latest trends and demands in the online market and aimed to cater specifically to this demographic. This is where Tenovia stepped in – by offering lucrative discounting strategies that made products profitable and a bargain deal for the customer. 

Tenovia’s discounting strategy sought to achieve three main goals: 

  • Ensuring a low average selling price 
  • Expanding the product range without affecting profitability 
  • Providing value to customers with price and range of options  

The results: Facilitating a sharp rise in SMU revenue


  • 2x growth in revenue from the expanded range, accounting for 12% of the total GMV
  • Greater active participation in events across marketplaces due to increased brand awareness and visibility


  • Increase in selection month by month with the addition of trending styles in the catalog
  • Curate an exclusive online merchandise collection with higher margins and lucrative discounting

Another significant metric that proved the efficacy of our strategy was the steady and impressive rise of the SMU revenue percentage, climbing from 17.03% to 28.93% in FY-2023.

Keeping in mind the importance of product range as well as discounts for India’s price-sensitive customers, Tenovia’s strategic tactics have proved to be beneficial for the footwear brand, leading to: 

Harnesing Influencer marketing for an Ayurvedic Men’s Supplement


An Ayurveda-inspired health supplement, underwent a remarkable upswing in its sales trajectory on Amazon India subsequent to a meticulously planned partnership with a prominent YouTube influencer. This case study delves into the influencer’s adept promotional strategies, unraveling how these initiatives catalyzed a surge in visitor engagement, a substantial uplift in sales, and a notable enhancement in the product’s performance within the e-commerce domain.


The dietary supplement by the Ayurveda brand is formulated to amplify vitality, elevate energy levels, and foster comprehensive well-being in men. The product was facing modest sales on Amazon India and was witnessing only a handful of daily units sold before the influencer’s engagement. The task at hand revolved around heightening brand recognition, steering a higher influx of visitors, and effectively converting these visitors into valuable customers.


Understanding the potential of influencer-driven promotions, the company partnered with a well-known YouTube influencer focusing on health and well-being subjects. The influencer’s channel commanded a substantial number of subscribers, rendering it a perfect stage to introduce the health supplement to an interested and attentive viewership. Crafted exclusively for the product, the influencer produced a dedicated video wherein they endorsed the benefits, accompanied by a direct hyperlink to the Amazon India product page thoughtfully placed within the video’s description.


Influencer Collaboration: The company reached out to the influencer, sharing comprehensive details about the product, its advantages, and its intended audience. With genuine interest in the offering, the influencer readily agreed to endorse it on their YouTube channel.

Video Content: The influencer meticulously crafted a top-tier video review, spotlighting the essential features, perks, and their personal encounter with the mentioned health supplement. They elaborated on its efficacy, user-friendliness, and distinctive attributes, effectively captivating the audience’s attention while fostering a sense of trust.

Call-to-Action and Link: Within the video, a distinct call-to-action was seamlessly integrated, motivating viewers to explore the product further via the designated link to Amazon India’s product page. This streamlined approach provided an immediate avenue for intrigued viewers to make a purchase.

Promotion: The influencer energetically propagated the video across their social media platforms, leveraging their established viewer base. They engaged with the audience through comments and discussions related to the product, leveraging their influence to spark interaction.

Enhanced Conversion Tracking: With a focus on quantifying the influencer’s direct impact, the company implemented advanced conversion tracking measures. Through Amazon’s tracking tools, they could accurately attribute sales and conversions directly to the influencer’s video and any associated advertising campaigns. This data-centric methodology furnished crucial insights into the efficacy of the marketing endeavors, facilitating well-informed decisions.


To elevate the effectiveness of the influencer-driven marketing initiative, Tenovia executed strategic marketing strategies within Amazon’s advertising framework. These strategies were devised to magnify the influencer’s promotional endeavors, consequently optimizing the outcomes on sales and brand recognition and it included:

Sponsored Product Promotions

Visual Advertisements

Precision Targeted Campaigns
Optimized Ad Placement

The successful integration of influencer marketing with Amazon’s advertisement panel created a strong foundation for future growth. The increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales growth laid the groundwork for continued success and market expansion.


Increased Traffic:
The influencer’s promotional efforts generated a significant influx of traffic to the Amazon India product page. Viewers who were genuinely interested in the product clicked the provided link to explore the product further.

Surge in Sales: The increased traffic resulted in a substantial increase in sales for Vigoroyal M. The product went from selling a few units per day to hundreds of units per day, surpassing the company’s expectations.

Improved Conversion Rate: The endorsement from the influencer instilled trust and confidence in potential customers, leading to a higher conversion rate. The video review, combined with the convenience of the direct Amazon India link, streamlined the purchase process and minimized barriers to conversion.

Average Daily Run Rate: The average daily run rate of the product experienced a substantial boost, reflecting the sustained increase in sales and customer demand. The product achieved consistent sales growth, providing a solid foundation for future success.


In summary, Tenovia emphasizes the importance of choosing the right influencers for the best results. Picking influencers who connect with the brand’s audience and values is key. When influencers are knowledgeable about the product’s area, their endorsement carries more weight.

Additionally, it’s crucial for influencers to create engaging content. Their video review should be well-made, interesting, and offer real insights about the product. This kind of content helps consumers make informed decisions.

Igniting Sales Velocity through Strategic Influencer Marketing on Amazon India


Vigoroyal M, a health supplement from Maharishi Ayurveda, experienced a substantial upswing in sales on Amazon India following a strategic collaboration with a prominent YouTube influencer. This case study delves into the influencer’s impactful promotional efforts, examining how they contributed to a surge in website traffic, heightened sales figures, and an overall enhancement of the product’s performance within the e-commerce realm.


Vigoroyal M, a dietary supplement designed to improve vitality, elevate energy levels, and promote holistic well-being in males, initially achieved only modest sales on Amazon India, with a limited number of units sold daily. The pivotal challenge at hand was to elevate brand visibility, attract a larger audience, and effectively convert visitors into satisfied customers.


Recognizing the power of influencer marketing, the brand strategically partnered with a prominent YouTube figure specializing in health and wellness ccategory. Leveraging the influencer’s substantial subscriber base, which was particularly engaged in health-related topics, provided a solid platform to spotlight Vigoroyal M to a relevant audience. The collaboration involved the creation of a dedicated video by the influencer, endorsing the product and incorporating a direct link to the Amazon India product page in the video description. This approach aimed to seamlessly connect the audience with the product, fostering a direct pathway to explore and purchase Vigoroyal M.


  • Influencer Collaboration: The brand approached the influencer and presented them with the product details, benefits, and target audience. The influencer was genuinely interested in the product and agreed to promote it through their YouTube channel.
  • Video Content: The influencer created a high-quality video review, highlighting the key features, benefits, and personal experience with Vigoroyal M. They discussed the product’s effectiveness, ease of use, and unique selling points, capturing the viewers’ attention and building trust.
  • Call-to-Action and Link: The influencer included a clear call-to-action in the video, encouraging viewers to visit the Amazon India product page using the provided link. This created a direct path for interested viewers to purchase the product.
  • Promotion: The influencer actively promoted the video across their social media channels, leveraging their existing audience base and engaging with viewers through comments and discussions related to the product.
  • Enhanced Conversion Tracking: To measure the direct impact of the influencer’s promotional activities, the company implemented enhanced conversion tracking. By utilizing Amazon’s tracking tools, they were able to attribute sales and conversions directly to the influencer’s video and the associated advertisement campaigns. This data-driven approach provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of the marketing activities and allowed for data-backed decision-making.

Impact of Marketing Activities in Amazon Advertisement Panel

To augment the effectiveness of the influencer-driven campaign for Vigoroyal M, Tenovia implemented strategic marketing activities within Amazon’s advertisement panel. These initiatives were meticulously designed to amplify the influencer’s promotional reach, ultimately maximizing the impact on both sales and brand awareness. The implemented strategies included:

Sponsored Product Ads – Leveraging sponsored product placements to enhance visibility and click-through rates for Vigoroyal M within Amazon’s ecosystem.

Display Ads – Employing eye-catching display advertisements to further capture the attention of potential customers and reinforce the product’s presence on the platform.

Targeted Ad Campaigns – Executing precise and data-driven ad campaigns tailored to reach specific demographics, aligning with the preferences of the influencer’s audience.

Ad Placement Optimization – Strategically optimizing the placement of ads to ensure prime visibility in key sections of the Amazon platform, maximizing exposure and potential conversions.

The successful integration of influencer marketing with Amazon’s advertisement panel created a strong foundation for future growth. The increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales growth laid the groundwork for continued success and market expansion.


Increased Traffic – The influencer’s promotional efforts generated a significant influx of traffic to the Amazon India product page. Viewers who were genuinely interested in Vigoroyal M clicked the provided link to explore the product further.

Surge in Sales – The increased traffic resulted in a substantial increase in sales for Vigoroyal M. The product went from selling a few units per day to hundreds of units per day, surpassing the company’s expectations.

Improved Conversion Rate – The endorsement from the influencer instilled trust and confidence in potential customers, leading to a higher conversion rate. The video review, combined with the convenience of the direct Amazon India link, streamlined the purchase process and minimized barriers to conversion.

Brand Awareness – The collaboration with the influencer significantly improved the overall awareness of Vigoroyal M in the target market. The product gained exposure to a wider audience, allowing the brand to establish itself as a trusted name in the health supplement industry.

Average Daily Run Rate – The average daily run rate of Vigoroyal M experienced a substantial boost, reflecting the sustained increase in sales and customer demand. The product achieved consistent sales growth, providing a solid foundation for future success.


  • Influencer Selection: The pivotal factor for success was the careful selection of influencers whose ethos resonates with the brand’s target audience and values. Opting for influencers with specialized knowledge in the product’s niche amplifies the resonance of their endorsement, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.
  • Compelling Content: The influencer’s video review serves as the focal point for success, demanding a careful blend of artistry and authenticity. Crafted with precision, the content must be engaging, providing genuine insights that not only inform but also captivate the audience. A comprehensive and persuasive narrative is paramount, ensuring the audience is not only informed but also inspired to explore and embrace the endorsed product.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan:  To fortify our campaign, Tenovia strategically harnessed the power of Amazon’s advertising panel. Through sponsored product ads, display ads, targeted ad campaigns, and ad placement optimization, we maximized the reach and impact of the influencer’s promotional efforts. This synergy between influencer marketing and Amazon Advertising has not only elevated brand awareness and customer engagement but has also been a driving force behind the substantial growth in sales. The successful integration has laid a robust foundation for continued success and opens avenues for further market expansion. As we navigate the evolving landscape of e-commerce, this comprehensive approach proves instrumental in maintaining our upward trajectory and solidifying our presence in the market.

Transitioning a traditional offline business to online with effective UI/UX

Tenovia recently worked with an ethnic fashion brand that offers a wide range of high-quality sarees, connecting traditional artisans to consumers across the country. The apparel brand is a leading saree distributor based in Maharashtra and well-established across Western India. 

Currently, they have an attractive and user-friendly website that provides a seamless online shopping experience for traditional handlooms from all over India. 

Their challenge: Making the move from offline to online 

The brand is a traditional family business, with four large offline stores that serve both B2B and B2C customers. They did not have an online store until recently, which was created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since luxury and apparel businesses suffered great losses in the past few years, having an online presence became imperative.  

Tenovia then began working closely with them to develop a sustainable ecommerce infrastructure and architecture, which proved to be a significant challenge given the short turnaround time. We accelerated our prototyping and iterating processes, keeping in mind the feedback recorded from various stakeholders as well as customers and focus groups. 

Our execution: Outlining 8 essential project goals

The results: Boosting traffic and conversions 

In just one month, our UI/UX interventions translated into:

Garnering a Reach of 2.4 Million for Paragon’s Brand Ambassador Campaign | Paragon Footwear

Garnering a Reach of 2.4 Million for Paragon’s Brand Ambassador Campaign | Paragon Footwear

Paragon Footwear is one the largest footwear brands in India, dominating the market for decades and manufacturing over 14 Cr pairs each year. For the occasion of Independence Day, the brand recently launched a social media campaign to amplify its celebrity video with Hrithik Roshan – We Touch Every Indian’s Feet. 

The video highlights the key message of kindness and the quintessentially Indian tradition of touching feet – cleverly linking it to Paragon’s ability to ‘touch every Indian’s feet’. Since Paragon Footwear is available all over the country, the brand wanted to extend its message to the masses and garner attention to its video. 

The challenge: Aligning with their message to touch every Indian’s feet

To ensure that Paragon Footwear could achieve its vision of reaching every Indian with its high-quality and durable footwear, we decided to focus on the brand’s core values using influencer marketing. The #WeTouchEveryIndiansFeet campaign was designed to reach audiences in every corner of the country. 

The brand leveraged macro influencers from different states to spread their message and boost their reach. With the brief to showcase the impact of goodness, they gave influencers the creative freedom to shoot any kind of deed. The task was to ensure that the Paragon logo was present in every video to facilitate uniformity and brand recall. 

Our approach: Finding the right influencers to spread the message 

At Tenovia, we believed that identifying the right set of macro influencers was crucial for the success of this campaign. Since Paragon was keen to work with only a limited number of influencers who could help achieve virality, we prioritized factors such as a high follower count and engagement rate while selecting the influencers. 

It was also important to ensure the influencers did not have any fake followers or indulged in leveraging engagement through comment bots and pods. For this campaign, creativity was pivotal to boosting overall performance. After thorough research, we shortlisted 10 influencers.

The execution: Prioritizing creative freedom and insight-driven planning

Once the influencers were shortlisted, each of them received a pair of footwear from the brand as per their choice. Each creator had the liberty to direct the video as they desired provided they highlighted the footwear from Paragon and used the logo prominently. Using the Instagram Reels feature, content creators made the campaign come alive through various deeds of kindness. Some donated shoes from Paragon, others fed stray animals, donated money, and explored many other scenarios that fit the bill. 

This activity performed exceedingly well and encouraged further participation from their followers, allowing us to reach our goal in a very short time.

The results: Higher engagement and deeper impact 

Using the above execution strategy, Paragon Footwear’s campaign was able to record impressive numbers in terms of reach and engagement.  

Boosting buy box percentage on Amazon using analytics | Central Books Online (CBO)

Boosting buy box percentage on Amazon using analytics | Central Books Online (CBO)

Education portal and online bookstore Central Books Online offers a wide selection of textbooks, reference books, study material for competitive exams, novels, stationery, and other general purpose books. In addition to selling its product range on a website, CBO also has an Amazon store.   

Their challenge: Scaling up on Amazon 

Owing to the competitive nature of the category, Amazon has many other sellers pushing the same products. This has led to CBO not being able to meet its projected growth. In order to scale up as per their plans, CBO needs to fulfill two objectives: 

  • Win the buy box for most of their product listings, which will drive more customers to their products instead of their competitors. The initial buy box win percentage is estimated at 10%
  • Maintain the highest possible margins after price reductions from Amazon as well as other investment and operational costs   

Our strategy: Creating an analytical dashboard to study buy box percentage

Tenovia’s analytical dashboard would conduct a detailed week-on-week study of the buy box percentage, crawling data from four primary locations – each representing east, west, north, and south zones. In addition, the dashboard would also read competitor details such as who won the buy box, its price, ratings, discounts, and delivery times. 

Using this data, we were able to deduce reasons as to why CBO lost the buy box to other vendors. This exercise provided specific and actionable insights to boost CBO’s buy box win percentage by optimizing product pricing, tracking buy box allocation for the entire product catalog, and escalating issues on time. 

The results: Key takeaways and successes 

With Tenovia’s support through the analytical dashboard, we offered CBO a method of accurately forecasting, which minimized inventory idle time in the warehouse and operational expenses. Tensight’s data also allowed CBO to design their promotions, pricing, and purchases – ultimately boosting sales and profit margins. 

CBO now enjoys: 

  • Total visibility of all their products with detailed insights on their competitors to take informed decisions  
  • Total calibration of their pricing strategy and inventory management, allowing them to win their buy box
  • Reduced product delivery times due to improved inventory flow as well as higher availability and stock fill rates across regions  
  • Week over week, we could see a good improvement in the buy box wins % (from 21.4% to 26.9%) when the reasons that is pulling the chance down is calibrated with the help of Tensight.
  • With consistent operational efforts by working with the reports generated they were able to bring down their reasons that was hindering their buy box wins% 
  • In the beginning 68.38% they were losing their buy box because of their price competence, which upon consistent optimization, they were able to bring down to 51.64%
  • 55.76% they were unable to win buy box due to non availability of their stock at the Amazon Fulfillment Centers. With the help of the dashboard report they were able to identify the exact ASINs that would have to be moved to respective FCs for optimal chances reducing the reasons to win the buy box to 42.74%

Boosting regional utilization by 50% in six months and Improving Bottom Line | Paragon Footwear

Boosting regional utilization by 50% in six months and Improving Bottom Line | Paragon Footwear

Paragon Footwear, one of the largest homegrown footwear brands in India, has found success in offline and online retail. The brand manufactures crores of pairs every year. While its eCommerce presence is successful, and growing in all parts of the country, it faces some challenges that are unique to a company of its size – such as effective regional utilization. 

Their challenge: Lack of optimization in stock distribution

Given the sheer range of products and SKUs for a brand of Paragon’s scale, stock distribution based on region and state remains a major aspect, and a challenge, of inventory planning. When done right, optimized regional supply adjusted to keep pace with changing demands drastically decreases delivery timelines and shipping costs – which means higher conversion. 

This is important in eCommerce as the brand’s range of products is exposed to the entire customer base across the country. And to cater to customers across various regions quickly and efficiently, it becomes imperative to distribute inventory strategically. That’s where Tensight comes in.  

Our strategy: Leveraging Tensight’s regional inventory planning functions 

Using Tensight’s regional utilization dashboard, we conducted a detailed analysis of Paragon’s existing state and regional utilization – both overall and across warehouses. This exercise allowed us to support the brand in a few vital ways. 

  1. Discovering sales potential: We identified regions that experienced higher demand as well as states and regions that had immense potential for sales growth.  
  2. Opening new warehouses in strategic locations: Using Tensight’s vital insights and inputs, we created a new strategy to ensure optimal distribution of inventory across India, after which the brand opened two new warehouses in the eastern and western regions of the country.
  3. Fine-tuning SKUs: Further, we also studied the demand from these zones and on-hand inventory to provide an optimal distribution report to distribute inventory on an SKU level across warehouses and regions. 

Our impact: Better regional utilization, happier customers