When you enter the competitive world of ecommerce, you will realize that a lot more goes on behind the scenes than you first imagined. And getting it right is a make-it-or-break-it situation. 

From purchasing domains and setting up product pages to integrating payment processes, as well as marketing and SEO tools, there’s a ton of work to do. In this instance, an already built platform that offers templates and customization options can be a lifesaver. And when it comes to quality of features and range of options, Shopify development company is the clear champion. After all, 1.75 million merchants in 175 different countries can’t be wrong. 

Despite being the most popular ecommerce platform in the world, Shopify refuses to be complacent. Every year, a slew of new features and updates are introduced to improve the merchant and customer experience. Here are a few highlights from the latest updates in 2022.  

  • Shopify Flow 

Shopify development company created Flow – an e-commerce app – to help developers build automations and connect workflows to other apps. While the app already offers common templates, its true potential lies in customized workflows that use trigger, condition, and action-based building blocks. It has applications in marketing campaigns, inventory management, customer service, loyalty programs, as well as fraud detection. Simply put, Flow can access any data on the platform and allow you to create endless connections between its tools and applications.

Earlier, Flow was only available to Shopify Plus merchants but soon, it will be open to Advanced Plan merchants too. Handling over 1 billion workflows each month, Flow will now serve a much larger audience. 

  • Better search experience 

According to Shopify, almost half of all search queries made by merchants are for brand names of apps, and the rest comprise use cases and categories. In a bid to improve the search experience for merchants, Shopify development company is working on making this feature quicker, smarter, and more personalized. Some of these improvements include recommending app names, improving search keyword suggestions, better support for non-English search terms, category recommendations, and past searches. 

  • Personalized POS on the Partner Dashboard 

Shopify’s latest update will add a personalized POS component to the Partner Dashboard to better support brick-and-mortar merchants. The new custom Shopify development feature will provide insights, resources, and guidance to drive revenue. 

  • Theme app extensions 

More and more merchants in the ecommerce space are adopting Online Store 2.0 themes, making seamless integration with storefronts even more important. The good news is that Shopify web development now includes theme app extensions that will allow you to manage, adopt, and uninstall apps without spending time on custom code removal or theme-specific solutions.

  • Order and fulfillment workflows on Facebook and Instagram

Shopify recently introduced a new checkout process on 31 January 2022, giving merchants using Facebook and Instagram an option to migrate from Facebook Payments to Shopify Payments as the main gateway. This transition in order and fulfillment workflows will undoubtedly change the way orders are processed. To better manage the migration, the Shopify web development is working on keeping potential automation issues to a minimum. 

  • Enhanced channel attribution (available in Beta)

Shopify development company is adding new fields for sales channel attribution APIs, specifically pertaining to orders, checkouts, and draft orders. Channeling the right data to the right fields can therefore help improve the accuracy of order source reporting and reduce significant amounts of time in organizing and fulfilling marketplace orders. 

  • Global selling through General Availability (GA)

What does Shopify Markets moving to GA mean for merchants? Merchants can now sell around the world from the same store, as long as the customer is buying from them on Shopify. International storefront experiences will be tailored to the shopper’s country using dynamic URLs and country-specific content, pricing, and currency. 

Make the best of Shopify’s updates with Tenovia

If you’re considering migrating to Shopify for your ecommerce business, Tenovia’s long-standing partnership, as well as expertise in creating value-driven and user-friendly storefronts, is your best bet. Our long-term association with Shopify has allowed us to amass an unmatched knowledge base and helped us sharpen our offerings. 

Our Shopify web development builds include everything from design, setup, and theme customization to advanced app development, third-party API integration, and migration to Shopify Plus. Here’s why you should choose Tenovia to handle all your Shopify needs:

  1. Our custom Shopify development team can complete the building and deployment process of a Shopify website within days
  2. Whether you’re new to the ecommerce world and are looking to set up your first online store or want to migrate from your existing marketplace to Shopify, we can help you build a seamless experience across devices
  3. We offer tailored customization and integration services, as well as post-launch support for day-to-day operations and busy sale periods. 

Excited to work with our experts and make your store a Shopify success story? Get in touch with us today!

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