Should I have a Facebook store for my eCommerce company



1.9 Billion Active monthly users!!! What more can you ask for??? Facebook gives every brand a chance to engage with the most socially active and vibrant customer base and it is this potential that is attracting the biggest of the brands to start a store onFacebook.

All these days brands used Facebook to merely announce offers and events, however off late companies realised the true potential of this social media platform and are revisiting their social media strategies.

This post focuses on the importance of opening a Facebook store for your brand.

Importance of being on Facebook

Social media has transformed the way people interact and exchange information. It has helped us to expand our horizons and exchange information and sentiments with a global audience. Companies started visualising this trend in communications as a huge potential for marketing and started being sensitive to the user base on Facebook.

Here are a few tips that will help you to understand the importance of selling on Facebook:

Social shopping

Facebook brought the most desired “social” element to eCommerce. The “Like”, “Share” and “Comment” allow users to share their desired products with their friends and family and indulge in discussions before making an actual purchase. Facebook gives huge benefits to the company as well. Brands can directly interact with their users and promote special offers or products.

Lead Generation

Facebook gives us a chance to build a significant user list and generate valuable leads for your business. Through well know methods such as contests, newsletters, and giveaways you may collect your customer’s emails and continue your association with them off Facebook as well.

Market segmentation, Targeting and Analytics

Facebook’s advanced customer segmentation and targeting feature allows us to create specific target groups and send personalised marketing messages. The sophisticated analytics feature of Facebook allows us to evaluate our marketing efforts and modify our campaigns to achieve the desired results.

Safe and Secure Shopping environment

Facebook provides a safe and secure shopping environment as an alternate for your eCommerce website. Customers can immediately make a purchase without having to hop between websites.


Facebook offers a unique opportunity to differentiate your Facebook and web stores. You may consider offering Facebook only promotions or fan only offers thereby encouraging your fan base to become loyal customers.

Did you open your Facebook store? Do let us know about your selling experience on Facebook.

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