Virtual Reality for Facebook Messenger this Halloween

Facebook Messenger is celebrating Halloween with a new fun feature, i.e., Augmented Reality. Through this users can experience a 360 degree animated background that includes Augmented Reality effects. Users will be allowed to take photos, make video calls through Facebook Messenger, etc, through the available features.

Less than 20 per cent text rule for ads removed from Facebook

In an attempt to produce quality, Facebook ads have removed the less than 20% text rule. Although the ads will have to follow the rest of the d guideline, it can include more text, this will give advertisers a creative boost to produce more quality content now that the rule is removed.


Instagram launches its first influencer campaign Love Runs Deep

The social media giant has launched Love runs deep campaign. This campaign invites brands & companies to submit ideas for a ‘Love Runs Deep Challenge,’. Five companies will be shortlisted to work with 25 content creators free of charge. This will thus act as an important marketing tool, and help companies understand the importance of influencer marketing. 

New tool allows you to shop directly on the app

A new feature on the app allows users to buy the product, along with paying for it all on the brand’s Instagram’s page. Customers can view the product, shop & pay all on Instagram this feature was first made available in 2019, but now Instagram Checkout is streamlined. Additionally, IGTV is also offering in-stream shopping.


LinkedIn Stories in India with local additions

Similar to other social media platforms, it will allow users to share pictures or videos (up to 20 seconds) of their work-life with their connections on Linked.in. This is feature will enhance work experience, produce creative, and authentic content that will cause an increase in engagement.

Prompt professional communication for Linked.in 

A new feature on linked.in will enhance user experience through face-to-face chats and video calls, creating new opportunities on the platform. Communication will now be seamless, faster and smoother with this new messaging feature. 


Pinterest shopping 

This brand is diving into the shopping sector by integrating ads in relevant content thus gauging the interest of shoppers. Retailers too will be able to promote Pins and promote ads on pages where the users shop the most. Visual search is upcoming in the eCommerce market place and Pinterest seems to be delivering the same.  

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