Top 10 Indian Fashion Influencers Who Should Be On Your Radar

Top 10 Indian Fashion Influencers Who Should Be On Your Radar


If you’d told us a decade ago that fashion blogging would one day turn into a lucrative career option, we would’ve laughed. But today, being a fashion blogger or influencer is big business.

Since most bloggers have thousands of followers, companies look to them to recommend their products and services. If you want to know which blogs to bookmark this year, look no further; here’s our list of the top ten fashion influencers in India:

  1. Aakriti Rana Gill of


A dynamic mix of brains and beauty, Aakriti’s blog posts accompanied by fabulously styled shoots are a treat to the senses. Additional soundtracks on some of her posts show that she sure knows how to wow readers.

  1. Akanksha Redhu of


Akanksha’s blog launched in 2010, is today one of the slickest blogs on the Indian fashion scene. Replete with aspirational pictures on fashion and travel, Akanksha regularly introduces new brands to her followers.

  1. Devina Malhotra of


If you’re a fashion lover who has a weakness for all things Bollywood, then this glamorous little blog packed with celebrity styling tips and pictures will make your heart sing.

  1. Gia Kashyap of


Hit up this fashion enthusiast’s blog for relevant articles on fashion, trends and styling tips. You’ll also find solid career advice on her blog.

       5. Anshita Juneja of


Get the low-down on popular beauty products and new launches on Anshita’s unapologetically beauty-centric blog.

  1. Shalini Mehta of


Filled with honest beauty, clothing, and app reviews, this NID alumni’s blog reads like your best friend’s journal.

  1. Ankita Srivastava of


Unbiased beauty product reviews, gorgeous imagery, and endless makeup tutorials are what’s in store for you on Ankita’s beauty blog.

  1. Kritika Khurana of


The minimalist grid layout nicely balances out the riotous colors of the aspirational fashion and travel photography on this blog. This boho girl needs to be followed.

  1. Manvi Gandotra of


You can look forward to gorgeously executed imagery and well-researched articles on this fashion writer’s blog. Don’t miss out on the DIY projects section either.

  1. Aashna Shroff of


True to its name, Aashna Shroff’s super luxe blog is for those who want to live life king size!