5 Must dos for a successful Email Campaign

5 Must dos for a successful Email Campaign


An email is the first step towards establishing a direct line of communication with the customer. It gives us a chance to personally target the customers and continuously engage them with our brand. Email is also one of the most cost effective channels of marketing and companies can use this medium for talking about their achievements, offers, discounts, rewards, product suggestions, gift cards and many more. Hence building a strong email strategy along with an engaging content strategy is most important for any eCommerce company.

Tips for a successful email campaign

In this era of data and context driven marketing, email is one of the most important media for reaching a company’s desired target audience.

Here are a few tips to help you build a successful email strategy:

Personalise your emails

Personalisation is the key for the success of your email strategy. In this data driven world, customers would like to receive personalised offers, product recommendations and other services. In order to strategically personalise your emails, do consider the following aspects:

  • Strategic segmentation of your customer base. Include parameters that are relevant to your business such as age, gender, purchase history, demographics, tastes and preferences etc. This helps you to send highly personalised emails that are likely to gain the attention of your customers and your prospective customers
  • Allow customers to personalise their email content. For example, at the time of signup you may request the customer to choose his areas of interest and send emails accordingly.

           Here is how Amazon let’s its customers to choose their product preferences:


  • Stick on to the preferences of your customers and send email that are relevant to them. This is most important as customers will be interested to receive emails that are most relevant to them only. For example, here is how Flipkart subtly personalises the content of its emails:


Use the power of BI

Business Intelligence and CRM software offer powerful tools for the ecommerce industry. You may follow your customer’s activity on your website and send them emails with products related to their search history, likes or previous purchases. This will help you to encourage returning customers. Here is an email from Amazon basing on the customer’s search history:


Make your content and brand more humane

Adding a personal touch to your emails, makes your brand more humane and dear to the customers. It helps them to easily connect with your brand and also to consider you are a trustworthy shopping partner. Here is a New Year email received from Urban Ladder, which showed all the key achievements of the brand in 2016 along with the personal signatures of the founders:



Grab their attention with catchy subject lines

Customers tend to notice catchy sublines first. So make sure to add a fancy or attention grabbing subject line to your email in order to stand out of the crowd. For example, see these:




Analyse the performance of your emails

Last but definitely not the least, use Analytics to understand the performance of your email campaigns. Keep a tab on key performance indicators such as Open Rates, Bounce Rates, Click Throughs, and Unsubscribes etc. to understand how your strategy is working.


The idea of a successful email strategy is not to push too many things on the customer but to gather quality leads from the content shared. Since email forms the backbone of any marketing strategy, so make sure to use this medium effectively to reach your desired marketing goals. Here are a few other aspects to consider while defining your strategy:

  • Write subject lines that do not get marked as Spam
  • Share content that conveys the benefits of your products and services
  • Include call to actions that encourage readers to view products or share the content on social media.