How to find and target new customer segments on Facebook?

How to find and target new customer segments on Facebook?


Facebook is no longer a casual place to connect with friends and family, it is now the most sought after place for marketers to promote their sales. Facebook now offers a plethora of tools specially curated for business users to find new prospects, generate leads and to promote their sales.

In this post, we will talk about how business owners can target new customers on Facebook.

How to find new customers on Facebook

There are two broad ways to target new customers on Facebook:


Using the organic reach, a brand can try to reach as many customers as possible without paying anything to Facebook. It is as simple as a Facebook update.



By opting for a paid reach, we can maximise the number of viewers of the post or ad basing on different criteria. We can use filters such as age, gender, location and interests to create a specific audience for our post, and make this post visible only to them. These custom made ads will reach only to those people who are most likely to show interest in it.

Let us understand how we can target new customers on Facebook.

Creating New Audience on Facebook

For targeting new customers on Facebook, we use the Create New Audience option.


We can use various criteria like age, gender, location and tastes and preferences to create a custom audience for our ad. Basing on the filters set, only those people who match the filter criteria will see this ad.


Creating Lookalike Customers

Lookalike audience are those people whose tastes and preferences are similar to your customers. They share many traits with your customers such as age, location, gender etc. and are more likely to show interest in your business.

For creating a Lookalike Audience, you need to choose a source and the location. The source could either be a custom audience group already created to a conversion tracking pixel or just your page.


Retargeting customers

Facebook remarketing is the process in which we remarket to customers who have already visited your website and did not make a purchase.


Facebook is no longer the world’s largest social network platform. It is now the largest marketing platform. With the power of data science, Facebook now offers endless list of possibilities for brands to strategically plan their sales expenditure.

We hope this helps you in acquiring your customers on Facebook. If you need assistance in strategically planning your next ad campaigns, we are here to help!