5 Top Shopify Paid apps to boost your sales

5 Top Shopify Paid apps to boost your sales


Shopify is a Canadian eCommerce company that develops online solutions for online retail stores and point of sale systems. In today’s post, we will talk about some of the paid apps available on Shopify that are sure to boost your sales. If you are interested in some free apps for your store do check out this post.

Top 5 Paid apps that boost your sales

Here is a list of 5 top rated paid apps, in no particular order, that are sure to boost your sales:

Retarget App


Pricing: 10% of the campaign expenditure

The Retarget app helps you to identify customers who left your store without making a purchase. The customers will automatically see personalised Facebook ads of the products that they viewed on your store.


  • Automatic Facebook ads for the products viewed on your store
  • Ad creation and optimisation process using machine learning
  • Ability to track campaign results with key metrics


  • Reengagement with customers
  • Improved ROI
  • Cross device reach to target customers on both Desktop and mobile

Tidio Live Chat


Pricing: Free – $12.00 / month

The Tidio live chat app helps you to boost your sales with improved communication with your customers. This easy to integrate app works perfectly on all sorts of devices such as desktops, mobiles and tablets and lets you to online always.


  • Easy to integrate application
  • Track number of users who visit your website
  • Automatic Messaging
  • Offline contact form
  • Multi device support
  • Multi language support


  • Easy to integrate chat page
  • Always stay connected with your customers
  • Increase sales through improved communication

Loyalty Reward Points


Pricing: Starting Free ($59 per month for basic plan)

The loyalty reward points app lets you quickly turn shoppers into loyal customers. The app allows you to set up a reward program for your store. Customers can gain reward points at the time of purchase and redeem them later. This encourages customers to return to your store and make repeat purchases. Some of the rewardable tasks include social shares, purchases, referrals and social follows.


  • Advanced Visual Customization
  • VIP Tiers
  • Tab-less Program
  • Build with our API and many others


  • Turn shoppers into loyal customers
  • Boost revenues with repeat purchases
  • Reward customers for purchases, referrals, registrations, social media interactions, birthdays, social media follows etc.

Restocked Alerts – Back in stock alerts


Pricing: Free Trial (Starting at $14.99 per month)

Here is another great app that improves your sales. This app notifies customers whenever a particular product is back in stock. This helps to improve your sales through customers who expressed interest in your product but could not purchase it as it was out of stock.


  • Simple and straightforward app
  • Email alerts for restocked activities and customer subscriptions
  • Automatically detects the theme of your store
  • Ability to track order conversions


  • Increase Sales and Prevent your Competitors Stealing your Business
  • Save Countless Hours Trawling Through Customer Support Enquiries
  • Gain Valuable Insights into Your Most Desired Products

SEO Manager


Pricing: Starting at $20 per month

This top rated SEO app helps your shop to stay ahead of search Engine rankings. From managing 404 errors to sitemap management, this app does it all. Use this app to stay ahead of your competitors and drive more traffic.


  • * 404 redirect ability for broken links
  • Edit Titles, Descriptions, keywords etc.
  • Simulate Google Results
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Title Templating
  • Index/No Index
  • Advanced Meta Settings
  • Google Page Speed Integration
  • Google Mobile Friendly Test
  • Product “Unavailable After” Meta
  • Redirect on “Out of Stock”
  • Sitemap Management
  • SEO Control of Tag Filtered Collections and many other features that are exclusive for this product


  • Stay ahead in search engine rankings
  • Improve traffic to your site
  • Realtime feedback about the success of your SEO efforts



Pricing: Starting at $7 per month

The Cross-Sell app puts you in control of all your product page’s related items. It gives you the ability to pick the items that you know sell well basing on the number of views it received. This is the most ideal app to display all related products or for displaying “get the look” product sets.


  • Easy integration with the existing theme of the website
  • Select the number items that you wish to cross sell
  • Ability to choose a different set of cross sells at the shopping cart page
  • Turn on or off Cross Sell throughout the site at the click of a button
  • Custom headings for the cross sells


  • Best app for handpicking related items for your customers
  • Improves your sales by encouraging customers to “shop a look”
  • Sell accessories along with a product
  • Choose what you want to sell along with a product