Customer segmentation and targeting on LinkedIn

Customer segmentation and targeting on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social networking platform exclusively for working professionals. If your target audience is working professionals, then LinkedIn is the best platform for your products and services.

In today’s post, we will try to show the various marketing options available on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing services

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn also has both paid and free options for marketing.

Free Services

You may market your company either through status updates, photos or articles. These options are free of cost and their reach is limited only to the people in your network.


Paid Services

The various paid marketing services offered by LinkedIn are Sponsored content campaign, Text Ad Campaign and Sponsored InMail campaign.


Sponsored content

Sponsored content allows marketers to share the company’s updates with more number of people.

Some of the key advantages of sponsored content are:

  • Reach larger audience and improve your visibility
  • Target your posts to the right people
  • Share your message across multiple devices
  • Set your own budget


TextAds are easy to create small ads that drive traffic to your websites or landing pages. These ads are the best tools to fine tune your target audience and to generate quality leads for your business at a highly economical price. The best part of TextAds is that one can choose the location and layout of the ad. The image below shows the various location and layout options available for TextAds:


Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail is an easy way to reach the target audience with relevant content. InMail is like sending a personalised email and is often used:

  • To send personalised invites for webinars or other events
  • To send targeted messages and content
  • To promote downloads of eBooks, white papers etc.

Targeting Options


The various options available for targeting Sponsored Content, TextAds and InMail  are location, company, industry, company size, job title, job function, seniority, fields of study, degrees, skills, gender, years of experience etc. to create a highly curated list of working professionals who will acknowledge this ad.



LinkedIn is a powerful medium for marketing because of its Account Targeting options available for Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail. The powerful targeting options offered by LinkedIn lets us reach the right segment of people and thereby improve our conversions and sales.

If your products or services are exclusively for the working class, then LinkedIn is the best medium for advertising.

Should you require any assistance in setting up your campaigns, feel free to write to us.