5 UI/UX Lessons that every eCommerce site must learn from Amazon.in

5 UI/UX Lessons that every eCommerce site must learn from Amazon.in


Amazon.in is the personification of simplicity in design. The website Amazon.in, is a very simple yet powerful user interface that offers a hassle free shopping experience to the consumers. In today’s post, we will try to understand the most important lessons that every UI/UX designer must learn from Amazon.

Lessons to learn from Amazon

There is more to building an eCommerce website than displaying a few items and setting up a payment gateway. You must have a strong user interface, with smart UI choices that offer an extremely friendly experience to the customer.

Display of Products

Smart display of products is one of the key factors for the success of an eCommerce website. If you look at Amazon’s website, you will notice that there is no direct display of the products. This is because Amazon follows a nested user interface. All the products on Amazon.in are well categorised into different product categories.  Categories are simple clusters of products that have common characteristics.

Display of Products

                                                                Source: amazon.in

Amazon does not limit itself from displaying products in categories. Other factors considered for display are:

  • Promotions and offers

Promotions and offers

  • Products that fall under a specific price

Products that fall under a specific price

  • Ads from preferred partners and premium vendors

Ads from preferred partners and premium vendors

This style of product display gives a wide choice for the user. The user is bound to notice other products even before he tries to search for his choice of product.

Search Mechanism

Amazon has a robust search mechanism that lets you find the product of your choice with ease. Once you type in the search box, the website displays search suggestions that you might be interested in.

Search Mechanism


Amazon uses the best quality images to attract customers. As a best practice, it is advisable to use high resolution, big and catchy images to attract customers. For example, take a look at the size of these images used to promote diamond nose pins:

Images - Nosepin- Amazon


Reviews and ratings on products will helps in building trust and confidence in customers. Amazon displays average customer ratings and product reviews along with the product descriptions, this helps the consumers to make a well informed choice before purchasing a particular product.


Customer Feedback

Easy Payment options

Customers look for an easy and hassle free payment experience. Amazon displays purchase options at different stages. For example, we have an Add to Cart and Buy Now options along with every product. Once a customer adds a product to the cart, he also has an option to immediately purchase it or browse for more products. This feature improves the overall purchase experience of the customer.

Easy Payment options

Payment options after you add a product to your shopping cart.

Payment options after you add a product


Amazon offers some of the best designs to budding UI developers. It is one of the most complex websites on the web, but the simple and strategic design choices makes it a classic example for simplicity in design.

We hope this post will helps you to design a powerful and user friendly eCommerce website.