What does it take to succeed in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce? As technology advances and competition heats up, you will need to look beyond the tried-and-tested strategies that used to work for ecommerce businesses. What you need today is end-to-end ecommerce marketplace support managed by experienced professionals who can look at the big picture and the finer details to support your ecommerce business. But just because the technology or strategy is complicated, doesn’t mean that the journey has to be. 

Here are six ways Tenovia can help simplify the process for you and become invaluable to your ecommerce business.


While data is valuable, the ability to analyze and draw strategies from it is priceless. That’s exactly what analytics can do for your business. With data, you can identify what’s working for you and what’s not, and unlock ways to boost your revenue. Tenovia’s ecommerce analytics services can help your business across various functions including merchandising, supply chain, inventory, technology, marketing, and regional utilization. 

What gives our marketplace management services the edge is the methodology. We track and publish over 180 metrics across all functions, give you a detailed understanding of the various pain points and bottlenecks in your business, and create a plan of action to unblock these revenue streams through actionable insights. We also help you prioritize and monitor the progress of the executed actions. 


Ecommerce marketing has evolved from just branding and performance advertising. Today, you will also have to consider omnichannel cross-platform marketing with accurate targeting. When done right, it can dramatically improve your brand’s awareness, engagement, trials and sales, and customer loyalty. That’s why, we offer full-funnel ecommerce marketplace support through customized marketing campaigns on Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, Myntra, Snapdeal, Google, YouTube, Swiggy, Blinkit, and social media platforms. 

What does it exactly entail? Everything from understanding the stock positions and availability of your products, competitor offerings, customer behaviors, product rankings, as well as reviews and ratings of your products. At Tenovia, we make it a point to align to your business’ strategic objectives – be it new product launches, seasonal or special events, or sustainable marketing. 

Marketplace support 

When it comes to effective ecommerce marketplace support, speed of execution is everything. And for ecommerce businesses, creating a talented in-house team can take time and slow down your growth plans. To help mitigate these uncertainties, Tenovia’s experts can step in to help you manage marketplace accounts, list products with optimized content and visuals across channels, and identify actions that boost your revenue. Currently, we offer marketplace support in three main domains – account management, channel strategy, and content creation. 

Digital transformation 

If rapid ecommerce growth is on your priority list, you will need to invest in the right structures – that’s people and processes. Tenovia’s gamut of ecommerce consulting services includes helping businesses with organizational design to track and prioritize key metrics across functions. 

If you’re still new to the ecommerce business transformation process, we will help you find answers to a few all-important questions related to making changes in the organization, necessary investments, technology, marketing, etc. We bring experts from various domains and functions to help you create digital demand and turn it into a revenue opportunity. 

Here’s how our process works:   

  1. We start by understanding your brand, team, processes, and current metrics. 
  2. Next, we initiate education sessions for your teams and functions and highlight how your brand can improve.  
  3. We then guide your team and identify or co-create projects that will boost key metrics and maximize impact. 
  4. We take over project governance and deliver sustainable transformation for your organization.
  5. We also coordinate with you to enable structural changes based on the project’s progress, not shying away from recommending difficult changes. 
  6. Once your team is fully equipped to take it forward, typically within 4-6 months, we transfer IP to your internal teams. 

Platform integration 

If you’re looking to run your ecommerce business on platforms such as Magento or Shopify, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve helped build hundreds of websites for ecommerce clients across industries and platforms, keeping in mind various complexities, current and projected revenue sizes, team sizes, technological capabilities, and many other factors. Our ecommerce marketplace support services include design thinking-led UI/UX experiences, agile practices and methodologies, and setting up key metrics for optimum measurability. 

Technology products 

Tenovia’s marketplace management services also include two in-house technology products to boost your ecommerce presence and revenue. ‘Tensight’ is a central ecommerce dashboard that gives you complete control of your ecommerce business and empowers you to make informed decisions through data-driven analytics. ‘10commerce’, on the other hand, is an automated ecommerce platform for B2B manufacturers and wholesale distributors that enables them to reduce time-to-market and boost ROI with better business discovery. 
Ready to up your ecommerce game? Make Tenovia’s marketplace management services a part of your blueprint and let the results speak for themselves!

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