The SEO Checklist for eCommerce Companies


As we have already seen here, Content Strategy and SEO are no longer two separate entities. Though we have a well-crafted content strategy, we need to integrate it with SEO to achieve the desired results.

SEO can do wonders for your business, if you understand how the whole thing works. By following a few simple strategies, you can achieve the desired results for your business.

SEO can do wonders for your business, if you understand how the whole thing works. By following a few simple strategies, you can achieve the desired results for your business.

SEO Checklist for eCommerce companies

Seamless Web UI

As a first step, set up an easy to navigate website that is free of any errors. Google and other search engines look for websites that have quality content. Make sure to check for any spelling mistakes and missing back links.

The user must be able to navigate through the website easily. See to it that the user reaches his desired product within 2 or 3 clicks and can easily navigate back to the home page with least effort.

Minimise Page load times

Page load times are most important for any website and more so if you are building one for the mobile. Often, customers loose interest in websites that have very high loading times. Also, poor performing websites are more likely to be penalised by search engines.

Include Back links

Back links are most important for any eCommerce websites. They will increase the credibility of your website and improve its visibility. Do spend considerable time and effort in understanding the content that is attracting more attention visitors or social media engagement and try to build your way to the top spot.

Crisp Page Descriptions

Page descriptions play a very important role in the SEO of your eCommerce website. Concentrate on your descriptions and keep them as original as possible. Include all the possible primary and secondary keywords in it but make sure to not to stuff the content with too many keywords. Use a lucid style and avoid any grammatical errors.

Appropriate Page Content

Page content is the actual content seen by your customer, so keep it as relevant, interesting and engaging as possible for the user. Make sure to include appropriate images, infographics, quizzes and surveys so that the users can instantly connect with your website. Include the keywords judiciously.

Integrate Social Media

Integrating your social media with your website content not only increases your SEO rankings but will also increase your user engagement on social media. Include a call to action such as “share” or LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest icon’s etc., wherever possible.

Include shareable content in the form of images, infographics, events and blogposts to increase user engagement and to improve your SEO rankings.

Let keywords be the key!!

Last but definitely not the least keywords are most important for improving your SEO rankings. Keywords are those that improve the visibility of your content in search engines, so do spend some quality time and effort on identifying the keywords that are appropriate for your website and make sure to include them in your content.

Do identify both primary and secondary keywords and include them in your content in such a way that they directly take the user to your product page to improve the visibility of your site.


Building the right SEO strategy is not a one time job. Make sure to pitch in regular efforts to build and revise your strategy. Here are few pointers that will be useful while you prepare your SEO strategy:

  • Spend quality time and effort in identifying the right keywords
  • Work on integrating your content with social media
  • Understand the keyword strategy of your peers to see which keywords are popular in your niche
  • Concentrate on building back links to your website
  • Give enough opportunity for online searches to identify, understand and connect with your brand

We hope this article gives you all the required information to build a successful SEO strategy for your eCommerce website. Do get in touch with us for any further queries.

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