The subtle art of keywords play on Amazon and how to win against competition

Selling a product on Amazon can be intimidating, to say the least. With millions of sellers vying for the attention of buyers on Amazon and similar eCommerce platforms, getting your product to stand out is probably tougher than developing the product itself ! Most buyers try to get a better page rank for certain keywords in the Amazon search results as it invariable leads to more traffic on your product page. And, more traffic means better chances of sale.

Keywords on Amazon

If someone is looking for a product that you are selling, then do his search queries result in finding your product page?

This is where keywords step in. The internal Amazon search engine allows users to search for products using search phrases and not necessarily product names. Then their internal algorithm displays results based on the presence of the relevant keywords or key-phrases on the product page.

To achieve more sales on Amazon, you need to ensure that the targeted keywords are added to the product title and/or description adequately.

The subtle art of keyword play on Amazon

Let’s say that you are selling table fans on Amazon. A user visits the site and types – How to beat heat in summer. Will the user land on your page? Probably not. What if this search term is used widely by people looking to buy table fans? Aren’t you missing out on sales?

Your Content strategy must include the right short and long tail keywords to ensure that the most used or popular search terms are included in the content on the product page.

Once you have chosen a certain set of keywords, observe the response of users carefully. Analyze the data and make subtle changes to the keywords if need be. You can also observe your competitors to understand what keywords are being deployed by them.

A note of caution: Don’t fill the content on your product page with all possible keywords. Be subtle and use them naturally within the flow of content keeping relevance in mind.

Remember, keywords hold the KEY to getting good traffic to your product page. Also, relevant traffic can increase the chances of sale. So, get your keyword-act together and start selling!

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