Why start-ups love Shopify Web Development!

Everyone seems to be in on the start-up and e-commerce culture. So what’s that one thing that these entrepreneurs look for? A simple, easy to use cart solution that gives their online e-commerce set up a solid structure. Shopify delivers on this basic requirement bang on!

Shopify Store Development works great for retailers who are looking to sell their products online but don’t want to get into all those technicalities.

Enough of all that we will let Shopify’s benefits do all the talking

It is super simple
And to top it off, they have an extensive manual that will help through every single step of setting up your store. Shopify Store Development is offered as packages, but even here they stand true to what they deliver – “Great Product, Realistic Price”. Even their basic package offers advanced ecommerce analytics and SEO features that will help you determine how your customers perceive you online.

Easy Hosting
With Shopify web development, don’t bother about hosting your servers, because its all cloud. Your cart is hosted by Shopify’s Cloud Server and all those nittty-gritties like payment gateways integration and Shipping partners are management with out any hassles. Simply Install Shopify by choosing your package and there would be no hosting costs(But with Minimal charges), no software to update and no servers to maintain, with so much time on your hand, you can easily make that extra buck.

Management features
Shopify store development score high with its centralized management dashboard. This dashboard helps in providing all tools necessary for management that the user requires in one place. Basic tasks like adding new item, their organization, updating of description and images to the items listed in the inventory can be done from a single console. Apart from managing inventory as required, management of content can also be done through the console.

Easy Payment gateways
One of the difficult aspects of having an e-commerce website is the integration of a payment system. Shopify web development provides a major benefit in this case. This platform can be used for setting up a one step checkout process on the website. The e-commerce site can be integrated with nearly thirty payment gateways, and credit card online payment can be enabled by using Shopify.

Online marketing features
Another benefit of using Shopify is the built-in features of SEO. These features are great while marketing your business online. The CMS is SEO friendly and allows customization of Meta, title, and H1 tags. Shopify also allows you to generate sitemaps automatically and can be integrated with Google Analytics.

24/7 Customer Support
A reliable customer support acts a protective umbrella for business owners who might encounter an annoying technical bug at the dead of the night. Shopify’s constant phone and chat support assures the owner that maintaining the site long term will not translate into unnecessary support expenses.
Apps and more!

This has more to do with Shopify’s popularity than its functionality, Shopify’s ‘low cost yet award winning’ objective has prompted developers all over the world to come up with apps that exemplify its existing functionality. Need we say more?

Enquiry on Magento/Shopify Build

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