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Dixcy Implementation of Bin System in Warehouse lowering B2C Order Fulfilment TAT from 48hrs to 36hrs


Being a mainly distributor centric business, Dixcy has challenges in supplying B2C orders with the tight order fulfilment timeline.


  • Educating metric-driven approach to the warehouse team
  • Integrating ERP with a cloud-based inventory management tool
  • Implementing a Bin System for efficient inventory control and order management enabled Dixcy to fulfil 99.8% of orders in time for all the marketplaces.

Starting from a single order in June 2019 to 700 orders per day in December 2019, the brand has set up the path for fulfilling 1000 orders per day within 6 months. Enabling and exposing the brand’s products to sell on MPs i.e. Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm has provided the dual benefit of sales and branding.

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Levi’s Listing optimization and enhanced content for better visibility and customer engagement.


Levi’s products listed on Amazon monotonous for the different quality of the products, not enough to differentiate and justify the pricing brand persona which Levi’s carries. The inherent quality of the products was not highlighted.


  • For different quality, style subsets are created for different listing approaches.
  • A+pages are created to emphasizing the qualities of the styles, authenticating the value proposition of the brand
  • Brand Stores is being created to convey brand philosophy by the medium.
  • Variations of the same styles are merged to make selection easier for customers

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Paragon Driving top line and bottom line targets for a mass brand through the eCommerce Channel


The key business challenge for Paragon footwear was that as a mass brand with an average price point of INR 350, how can we achieve overall top line targets while ensuring the bottom line doesn’t bleed


We evaluated the direct and indirect costs incurred by the brand across the eCommerce channel and identified potential gaps that when plugged, can help lower costs and improve profitability. This included –

Packaging dimensions currently employed offline that resulted in heavy logistics costs due to volumetric shipping

Improve regional utilisation metric by deploying local dealers across different zones in the country to ensure shipping costs are regional.

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Paragon – Regional Utilization Percentage Improvement


Paragon has its production unit in South India and 58% of the demand is generated in North India. This amounts to extensive shipping costs, sometimes as high as ₹87 per kilo. The regional utilization at the time was only 42%. The challenge was to develop an action plan to reduce shipping costs and reduce delivery time.



Onboarding local warehouses operated by marketplaces (FBM – fulfilled by the marketplace).
By implementing an effective regional utilization plan and working on a negotiated charge for pick and pack, the delivery time per order was lowered from an average of 7-10 Days on national to 3-5 days on regional. The cost per kilo was down from ₹87 to ₹46, a reduction of 47%.

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The #1 Social Media Brand in India on Facebook

Soch, one of the leading ethnic wear brands in the country, sought to test launch its editorial campaign launch on YouTube. With the aim of reaching out to a relevant profile of women, ethnic shoppers and focused on a Pan India geography, the campaign was executed with the objective of amplifying reach.

Focused on TrueView and Reserve ad buys on Youtube, with clear targeting the campaign was delivered across major relevant portals with large target profile audience base.

In August, 2017, Soch became the most followed and engaged Women’s Ethnic brand in India on Facebook.

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Magento Implementation in line with Global brand Guidelines, customized for the Indian Market

A key aspect of Hackett London’s retail entry into the Indian market is about providing a great omnichannel experience to their shopper that is in line with their global standards. Aditya Birla, the Indian partner of Hackett, approached Tenovia with the following challenges:

The Challenges were:

  1. The development had to fit in with Aditya Birla’s eCommerce operational infrastructure
  2. Integration with IBM Sterling Order Management System, Multiple Store Inventory, Sparrow CMS,  CloudCherry
  3. Integration with 3rd Party CRM provider

The Solution:

  1. A Magento implementation approved by the International Team
  2. Integration completed with IBM Sterling OMS
  3. Deep integration with Google Tag Manager and Advanced eCommerce Google Analytics
  4. An SEO strategy that is in line with the Indian market for the brand
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