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How Paragon Footwear’s new campaign garnered 2MN reach through influencer marketing



Here’s a look at how Paragon’s We Touch Every Indian’s Campaign reached out to a wider and younger audience through Instagram reels activation that leveraged macro and micro-influencers while deeply defining its brand value of trust, quality, and craftsmanship.


Let’s take a detailed look at the execution of this campaign.



Using influencers for the campaign, Paragon aimed to drive awareness and bring together diverse audiences and establish the proposition of reaching the heart and “sole” of Indians across the map. Paragon Footwear has been built around the idea of trust and quality that is never compromised which was the secondary objective aimed to be achieved through the campaign.



Aligned with its message of touching every Indian’s heart, through its high-quality and durable footwear, the #WeTouchEveryIndiansFeet campaign was designed to attract a younger audience by highlighting the brand’s core values through influencers.




Leverage macro and micro-influencers from different states to spread the message of the brand and increase reach. Influencers were required to wear clothes from their home state and dance to traditional songs while wearing Paragon Footwear. The Paragon logo had to be placed in every video to ensure recall and uniformity.



Identifying the right mix of micro and macro influencers was crucial for the success of this campaign. A good follower count and engagement rate were the main factors considered while selecting the influencers. It was also important to ensure the influencers did not have any fake followers nor indulged in leveraging engagement through comment bots and pods. Moreover, creativity was pivotal to boosting overall performance. After thorough research, 21 influencers were shortlisted.




  • Once the influencers were shortlisted, each of them received a pair of footwear from the brand as per their choice.
  • Each creator had the liberty to style as they desired provided they are wearing the footwear from Paragon
  • Using the Instagram reels feature, content creators made the campaign come alive through various dance reels which started gaining traction almost immediately.

For example, Poorav from Karnataka created this amazing dancing skit that highlighted the brand message: https://www.instagram.com/p/CViFfkPDVUj/


Total reach: 2MN

Hashtag Reach: 1.7MN

Engagement: 266.1K

Sentiment Score: 100%

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How Paragon Footwear’s Watch and Win campaign was integrated with tech that merged with the O2O strategy.


Paragon Footwear’s We Touch Every Indian’s Feet campaign aimed to capture the attention of the audience and communicate the historic legacy of being a brand that reached every corner of India.


This case study explores how Tenovia’s tech team seamlessly integrated technology into an O20 marketing strategy.



Being an offline campaign that would kickstart using newspaper print advertising, it was apparent that traffic on the website would be steep. The main challenge was to handle the enormous yet unexpected traffic and provide the user with an uninterrupted experience.




Keeping in mind the server cost, Tenovia’s tech team thoroughly researched and planned the server capacity. One of the key aspects was the identification of the circulation of each newspaper along with the publishing dates. This data helped in arriving at the expected traffic!


Furthermore, the server team along with the development team worked together to scale the application server horizontally that would handle the traffic. Based on the news reading patterns of users, it was decided to increase the number of servers during peak hours and lower the number of servers as the day progressed. By the end of the day, as the readership of newspapers is the lowest, all servers were removed.


The development team ensured that the contest pages were light and improved the performance to serve the contest page in under 3 seconds. The goal was to ensure the entire contest process for a user completes under 1 minute and it was seamlessly achieved.



  • Without any glitches, the campaign traffic was successfully handled and all participants’ details were captured
    • Page Views – 592,273
    • Users – 207,037
    • Number of Registrations – 53201
    • Total participants – 53201
    • Conversion rate (visitors to registrations): 26%
    • Most number of concurrent users – 4000
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How Jiva Ayurveda uplifted organic reach by 52% using strategic content and promotions

OVERVIEW: Players like Dabur, Himalaya, Baidyanath dominate the Health & Personal Care category. It is easy for these established offline brands to grab the market share online due to the size of their business. Delhi-based Jiva Ayurveda specialising in modern Ayurveda was seeking to carve a niche for themselves in the eCommerce business and reach a wider audience.


CHALLENGE: Brand loyalty in the health and personal category is typically on the higher end of the spectrum. Factors such as product authenticity, buying experience and pricing play a key role. Being a traditionally offline brand, Jiva Ayurveda faced the challenge of breaking the clutter amongst the well established brands online and wanted to emerge as a prominent contender online backed by decades of experience the brand had established as a regional, trusted Ayurvedic and healthcare brand and strong offline customer equity.




To expand the portfolio of the brand on eCommerce platforms and increase organic reach and conversions, we recommended and implemented  3 key levers that are critical to ensure a strong foundation for growth online :


  • Content: High-quality catalog content spikes conversion rate by 10% on average.

The category managers at Tenovia deep-dived and analysed trending keywords with high-search volume and incorporated them into product listings, tiles and A+ content- thus improving the CAQ scores of the brand – a critical metric in measuring the catalog’s attribute quality.


  • Promotions: Promotions on products in healthcare/FMCG space during a regular event witness a spike of 15% vs BAU sales. On event dates, this can spike up to 2X.

Amazon provides retailers with the opportunity of participating in promotional deals. Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, Discount Coupons etc are all means of boosting sales on the platform. Aggressive offers during these days helped increase brand awareness and visibility of the products on the first page. Additionally, we implemented Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Product campaigns that garnered higher product views and increased brand awareness.


  • FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon): The promise of same-day delivery increases conversions by nearly 30%

Despite being a low ASP brand, the category analysts at Tenovia identified the right portfolio of products to be launched on Amazon’s FBA program – walking the brand through the onboarding as well as initial launch across locations in the country. This was backed by analysing competitor delivery timelines, regional demand witnessed and evaluating the profit margins per product for the brand.

Introduction of FBA helped in increasing the regional utilisation (RU%), and further increased sales by decreasing the order processing and delivery lead time. This also led to an improvement in the overall margins of the ecommerce business.


  1. 62% of growth witnessed in online sales across channels in a quarter
  2. 52% increase in organic reach across product categories
  3. Achieved Regional utilisation % of nearly 48% in a span of 3 months on leading channels
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Paragon Footwear’s new Watch and Win campaign delivers exceptional results through O2O media strategy


The brand kicked off the festive season with the launch of their new campaign focused on delivering the brand #WeTouchEveryIndiansFeet that featured their brand ambassador Hritik Roshan. Exciting on-ground photography and video were shot that highlighted the core message and beautifully conveyed the legacy of Paragon’s Indian roots, deeply defining its brand value of trust, quality, and craftsmanship.


Paragon planned to advertise the campaign through newspapers and had already bought ad space in some of the leading publications of India.



Through this campaign Paragon aimed to bring together diverse audiences and drive impetus to a fast-growing and strong community of Paragon users. It aimed to achieve maximum reach through online and offline marketing activities. The narrative was clear:


  • Drive awareness about the new campaign and video
  • Introduce and establish Paragon as a brand that “cares”



Aligned with its message of touching every Indian’s heart, through its high-quality and durable footwear, #WeTouchEveryIndiansFeet was planned to be launched via print ads, mainly newspaper jacket ads. However, the challenge was also to ensure the new video reaches the maximum audience and goes viral.



The task for Tenovia creative team was to ensure awareness and virality of the We Touch Every Indian video through print ads and social media.



A QR code-based contest named “Watch and Win” was undertaken where a user would get redirected to an exclusive Landing page on Paragon’s website where they could participate in the contest. The rules were simple:


  • Scan the code given in the newspaper
  • Watch the video on the landing page
  • Answer a few questions about the video
  • Share the video on social media
  • Submit contact information


The contest witnessed wide participation from users across India.

  • In less than 24 hours 7000 entries were recorded. Over a span of 20 days, the total registered participants were 53,201
  • Watch and win landing page views were 592,273
  • The video garnered nearly 1.5 crore views
  • The video was viewed by 33MN unique users and 70MN impressions
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Successfully implemented Amazon Display Retargeting Campaign that generated a 17% increase in ROI for Paragon Footwear.


Retargeting ad campaigns are a form of advertising that allows targeting users as per their past online behavior. However, on Amazon, the only way is through display marketing.


Tenovia helped Paragon Footwear in successfully launching the retargeting ad campaign and engaged with online users with relevant offers that helped generate higher ROI and conversion rates.



Paragon Footwear, the largest footwear retailer in India, was struggling with the repeat rate. They were unable to target customers who have shopped more than once & make them stay engaged with the brand.



Retargeting is mainly dependent on customers’ prior interaction. Tenovia’s campaign team did an in-depth analysis of vital statistics such as search keywords, product views, conversion rates, wish lists, cart abandonment rate, and past ad campaign performance.


We arrived at the below key aspects:

  • Creatives: Designed multiple creatives for different products to garner more attention
  • Strategic Pricing: The price points were customized, and heavy discounts were called out to attract eyeballs.
  • Content: Highlighted the offer communication on headlines emphasizing pricing and product features
  • Keywords: Offer specific KW were used, which ensured higher eyeballs



  • 5% additional sales contribution from Retargeting campaigns
  • 17% increase in ROI after initiating Retargeting campaigns
  • 30% increase in CTR observed when compared to the aggregate CTR
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4.5% of revenue gains for footwear retailer brand after undergoing merchandise makeover.


In the age of rapidly evolving customer needs and demand – good quality & innovative product offerings have become one of the topmost priorities of any business. As customer preferences change with time, it becomes imperative for a brand to reposition itself for long-term growth and survival.

Tenovia partnered with a footwear giant and raised the awareness among younger audiences with the right merchandise leading to higher revenues.


Today, a majority of online shoppers belong to the younger side of the age spectrum consisting of GenZ’s and Millennials. As the new-age shopper accelerates the growth of online shopping, the footwear brand had to rethink its business strategy and reposition itself to attract the younger demographic. The brand wanted to launch modern, trendy, and youth-centric designs to expand its current product portfolio.



To identify the gaps, we did an in-depth analysis of market trends, demand categories, and trending styles in the online footwear market. We studied the competitors in the online ecosystem based on SoV and bestseller rankings with the ratings and reviews mapped to identify the potential sales trends. A cross-mapping of competition pricing trends, with the raw material costs incurred by the brand, was undertaken to understand the product range and pricing strategies and find out the gaps in the current portfolio. To study the demand and market size, we mapped the current audience size on marketplaces through industry survey, own site google analytics visitor trends to pin down on the effective audience to cater the new range too.  The data for trending designs were collected by analyzing the bestsellers and popular competitor products from top marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and AJIO. A trend study to evaluate the upcoming design themes forecasted in the footwear category was performed. We also mapped the performance of the existing merchandise of the brand through perceptual mapping by ASP vs range size to identify a sharp niche of product mix that will best suit the market and thus provided recommendations to improve the overall offering.


  • To meet customer demand & maintain a competitive edge, we suggested introducing a trendsetting range of styles for the upcoming season.
  • 5% of the total revenue in Q1 was contributed by the merchandise recommended
  • 58% growth of new merchandise ratings in just four months since its launch
  • The reviews for special merchandise have grown 3x after the launch of the new products.


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