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Successfully implemented Flipkart’s Product Contextual Ads for an Ayurvedic Brand leading to 5X improvement in ROI.


A leading Ayurveda brand was looking to leverage Flipkart’s Product Contextual Ads to generate awareness on the platform and entice customers to shop the products.


Tenovia partnered with the brand and successfully implemented Flipkart PCA that increased visually and explained the USP of each product resulting in higher conversions.





With millions of users transacting every month, Flipkart is an important platform for sellers to advertise and acquire new customers. To help the brand achieve its goals, Tenovia had to undertake a clutter-breaking strategy. This can only be achieved by understanding user behavior and delving deeper into the past performance of ad campaigns. Metrics such as conversion rates, product views, CTR, Ad spends as well as forecasted stock depth at regional fulfillment centers were analyzed.




In PCA, search campaigns are executed through open-ended keywords or with targeted keywords. However, open-ended Tenovia keywords do not yield any conversions. Therefore, we initiated the campaign by targeting specific keywords for the top-selling products of the brand. The ad communicated with the USP and showed up in searches. Through creative-based ads and a variety of offers in the headlines, we achieved the desired results.


Leveraging Keyword targeting to improve the ROI

– 5x improvement in the ROI

– 450% increase in the conversion rate

– 69% decrease in cost per acquisition

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Successfully implemented Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads for an Ayurvedic brand, leading to a 41% reduction in advertising cost


A Delhi-based VC-funded brand specializing in the Ayurvedic range of holistic products began advertising on Amazon with several ad solutions such as Display Ads, DSP, Sponsored brand Ads, etc. However, when Amazon launched video ads, the brand was keen to test this format and keep the shoppers engaged.


Tenovia partnered with the Ayurvedic brand and successfully implemented Sponsored Video Ads that increased awareness for the brand among Amazon shoppers.




Video ads on Facebook and Youtube did not yield any results for the Ayurveda brand. When Amazon launched Sponsored Video Ads, it seemed like an opportunity to target real shoppers of Amazon and engage them with product and brand information.



The key to success lies for any campaign that lies in understanding and measuring the past results. Hence the first phase of the campaign was to deep dive into the metrics. Tenovia did an in-depth analysis of the performance of video campaigns by the brand on Facebook & Youtube. We also analyzed the performance of Sponsored brand static ads to understand the overall success rate of image ads vs video ads. Metrics like CTR, CPC, Conversion Rate, and ACoS were analyzed.


The second phase involved conducting a test experiment. As the brand was still hesitant, we recommend launching the campaign by running videos of two top-selling categories, along with two average-selling categories. The results were remarkable and led to increased sales of the top-selling categories, furthermore generating awareness among new shoppers. Without further ado, we initiated the campaigns for all the categories of the brand.



SBV impact on the cost of advertising compared with SB

– 49% reduction in the cost of advertising on SBV campaigns

– 31% reduction in the Cost per Click

– CVR has improved by 47%

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How Jiva Ayurveda successfully strategised its business during covid with the help of keyword analysis


Covid-19 deeply impacted and fundamentally changed the operations of eCommerce businesses leading towards a new normal. It was still imperative for businesses to build a data-driven business and understand customer behavior during this period.


We undertook a detailed study of keywords being used by customers across marketplaces and recommended strategies to minimize revenue loss through demand sensing.


The sales of Jiva Ayurveda were significantly faltered after the pandemic hit. We had to take action and understand how consumers were interacting during this time.


Covid-19 boosted the sales of eCommerce as offline stores had shut. However, there was a shift in consumer behaviour, and it needed to be addressed by incorporating the right strategy. With the help of our brand analytics and PI tool, we undertook keyword analysis and observed that in the month where the Covid cases were at their peak, the search trend for immunity products had considerably gone up.

This led to 2 key aspects:


  1. Product Listings: We created combo products using Ayurvedic products that offered immunity such as Chyawanprash, Giloy Juice, Amla Juice, etc and updated the tiles, A+ pages, rich content & Bullet points on marketplaces.
  2. Ad Creatives & Content: We focused on enabling an immunity combo campaign that targeted users who were searching for these products.


Increase in Demand Pre and Post Covid-19 on Immunity Products

– 9x times demand has increased on immunity products during Covid-19

– 10x times demand has reduced on the immunity products post Covid-19

– 2x increase in the overall sales for the brand

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The power of Gamification to reduce website bounce rates!


Soch, one of India’s leading ethnic wear brands was facing a challenge concerning the high bounce rate. Immediate attention was needed to upgrade tech and optimize content. 

Bounce rate is a key metric taken into account by Google when determining website ranking. Hence, it is essential to have a low bounce rate. Moreover, high bounce rates also indicate the visitors are not finding the landing page content relevant. 



With the aim of enhancing content, increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates Tenovia came up with the solution of implementing gamification through the “Spin the Wheel” campaign where users were gratified with exciting offers after spinning the wheel. Gamification is one of the most effective tools to incentivize and retain customers. 

Ad Campaign

To normalize the bounce rate, another key initiative was to run campaigns over the weekend. This supported the campaign engagement and helped in increasing the traffic and subsequent session duration on the website.


Reduction in the bounce rate by nearly 15%.

57% growth in sessions, and 61% jump in the revenue on weekends.


Overall, Soch saw considerable improvements in key metrics of website traffic and user sessions. Gamification helped in increasing engagement on the website resulting in higher revenues on the weekend, thus improving their overall page rank as this was implemented as a sustained marketing activity. 

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Capturing the top of the mind recall of customers through Marketplace events for Paragon Footwear


Through Sale events, Marketplaces provide the opportunity to sellers to participate and promote their products to their wide audience. The objective is to encourage sellers to provide higher discounts to their customers enabling higher traffic on the platform while benefiting the seller in the form of higher revenues.

India’s leading Footwear brand Paragon partnered with Tenovia to increase their sales and generate awareness among online shoppers.


Running regular marketplace campaigns is an ongoing activity for Paragon. However, they were keen on winning eyeballs and establishing themselves as the leading footwear brand among the e-commerce audience. 

Being a Footwear brand that faces stiff competition, our challenge was to increase campaign performance without impacting the ACOS during events.


With a data-driven approach, we thoroughly analyzed the performance of the monthly ROS for BAU and compared it with Event days. It was observed that ROS was higher during event days across all channels. Events were found to be more effective than BAU days, almost up to 300%. 

To gain a competitive edge, we also analyzed KPI’s such as conversion rate, top-selling products, best-selling time and day, average order values, past performance, and event-specific keywords.

Summarizing the data, we arrived at three aspects:

  1. Product: Promoted top-selling products with strategic discounts
  2. Design: Designed visually appealing multiple creatives that included model-shots
  3. Content: Ad copies focused on keywords and discounts 


  1. 54% increase in event revenue in the first quarter 
  2. 30% MOM growth in event ROS which is also an all-time high
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Enabling Prime Day campaign optimization & performance for a leading Ayurveda brand


Prime Day has become the single most vital event for Amazon sellers in gaining mindshare of the audience thereby boosting revenues.

A leading Delhi-based Ayurveda brand partnered with Tenovia to improve its campaign performance on Amazon Prime Day. With data-driven insights, we developed a comprehensive marketing campaign that increased impressions and revenue as compared to BAU days.


The brand was running regular Amazon campaigns to drive conversions yet they were keen on winning eyeballs and breaking through the clutter through AMS ads during Prime Day. Moreover, there is a period of a slump before this annual event kickoff as most users tend to research and add products to the cart before transacting. Being an Ayurvedic brand that faces stiff competition, our challenge was to increase impressions and overall demand without impacting ACoS.


To facilitate a data-driven perspective, Tenovia’s campaign team did an in-depth analysis of vital statistics such as event-specific keywords that were being searched on the platform during Prime Days, average order values and trends during event days, conversion rate spikes, and past ad performance. Additionally, best-selling products were also identified which helped in upselling and cross-selling.

We arrived at the below key aspects:

    • Product Range: We created combos of seasonal as well as top-performing products 
    • Creatives: Designed multiple creatives for the same products and combos
    • Content: Highlighted the offer communication on headlines 
    • Event Led Search Analysis: Offer specific KW campaigns which would ensure higher eyeballs during the event for our category searches




  • 28% increase in impressions during the prime day
  • 26% increase in revenue compared to BAU days
  • 27% of new orders received during the event
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