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A Tally-Magento Integration increases efficiency in processing orders by 300%

An online footwear brand from TATA International Limited, FeetScience specialises in footwear for schools and institutions. Being a TATA company, Feetscience was focused on strong processes and maximum automation for their eCommerce channel. With this objective, they approached Tenovia to enable them with the a lean, optimised eCommerce process aided by technology.

Tenovia’s Head of Technology, Jayachandran N explains: “As a company we have deep expertise in integrating Magento’s APIs with any ERP system. The API libraries were integrated with Tally’s APIs, and it resulted in a 100% smooth flow of information between the following entities: Warehouse, e Commerce Site, Marketplace Sites, Finance, Logistics, and Customer Service”. Tenovia, customized and integrated Magento’s APIs with multiple 3rd party systems to provide the maximum automation: Tally ERP 9, Tally Shoper 9, Fedex Logistics, PayU Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway and MailChimp.

Tenovia’s deep integration across the value chain for Feetscience saw instant rise in productivity levels, reducing expensive time spent across departments to reconcile orders, invoices, shipments and returns.

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Tenovia E commerce

Brand recall campaign to increase awareness for ready to eat foods for travellers

With the objective of creating recall to the audience base, the ready to eat category is the second highest grosser with an average basket size of 10+ packs – a behavior displayed within 2 months of campaign execution. MTR Foods, one of the oldest and largest packaged food businesses in the country, decided to run an awareness building campaign amongst travellers for its ready to eat category.

Our Approach

The target profile was divided into three groups:

  • business travellers
  • students studying abroad and
  • vegetarian, honeymooners or holidayers

The delivery mechanisms for each of the profiles were defined and chosen based on the psychographics and the identified demographics. With sequential marketing, we plotted the user journey for each of the above segments to identify the potential delivery points.

Identified portals for targeting:

  • Travel portals
  • Ticketing and Hotel / Cab Rental Sites
  • International education sites
  • Visa portals
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