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No matter where you are in your eCommerce journey - we can help scale up your revenues

Providing the necessary structures to achieve scale - People and Processes. And when you need speed - we can work as a team extension

I already have an eCommerce team - How can Tenovia help me scale revenues?

Most eCommerce teams are so busy operationally - they don’t have time to take a step back and look at the data holistically. This is where Tenovia’s eCommerce Management teams come in and provide a strategic layer to the existing eCommerce team, helping them prioritize actions based on data and maximum ROI of time and investments. The key help any business needs are.

Tenovia’s eCommerce Management services help answer these questions and more.

Ecommerce Analysis

Before we can improve anything, it’s critical to understand the starting point. Our team of experts will deeply understand business challenges and provide effective data-driven solutions that unlocks revenue growth

Digital Transformation

Based on realistic goals of the brand - we would provide a detailed and granular road map of how the revenue targets can be turned into operational target metrics across departments.

Ecommerce Marketplace Support

Our team of experts will take up your end-to-end marketplace management and ensure your sales are achieved on numerous platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra & more.

It’s time to create an eCommerce Strategic Roadmap for your business!

We bring in eCommerce experts across domains (Fashion / Footwear / FMCG amongst others) to speed up an Organization’s eCommerce Scalability.
We focus on some of the key deliverables that are the pillars of business growth & scalability.

Data-driven approach

Steer your organization to success with the power of data and hard information. Understand, verify and quantify the results of your business decisions.

Generate revenues

Our in-house ecommerce experts will collect and analyse data that simplify strategic decisions and make it work to accelerate sales.

Operational excellence

With speed and accuracy as our mantra, we ensure the deliverables are met across all channels and platforms.

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Let us help you take your business to the next level

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