Marketplace Management

Marketplace Management

Whether you are an established industry heavyweight or a young fledgling brand, you cannot ignore the value of positioning yourself on marketplaces to sell your product. In practice, close to 50-60% of your sales revenue might come from marketplace services, and the remaining from a combination of your own eCommerce marketplace  website and other sources like offline stores.

Tenovia understands this mobile first trend and has the expertise in taking you the marketplace or bringing the marketplace to you. Our comprehensive service line up starts at initial discussions with the best marketplace platforms to suggesting the best-selling products to go on your company page on the marketplace. So whether a shopper is on his PC, mobile or a tablet, we focus on revenue streams.

  • Data and corresponding analysis

    Constant number crunching and data analysis helps you understand what works and what doesn’t. Applying this data with constant room for change allows your product to outshine and out-perform the competition.

  • The right platform at the right time

    Sale periods are imperative to a brand success. We understand this and push our product recommendations based on online marketplace analysis onto the right marketplace at the busiest time. This ensures brand visibility at high traffic sale period along with the revenue streams you want.

  • Holistic approach

    Our marketplace management services  allows you to hand over your catalogue to us and let us take over everything including but not limited to product photography, catalogue management, inventory management or even marketplace advertising. Let us deliver on your brand’s ambition.

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