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Brands are moving beyond just measuring ROAS and looking for avenues to maximize profits while spending on ads. This requires more than just effective targeting, creatives, and discounts—it demands a deeper understanding of the category, including ratings, stock levels, product aging, P&L, or competitive landscape.

That’s where Tenovia comes in. Beyond providing insight-based automation for running ads across platforms, along with ad  platform specific  experts,   we offer  a team of category specialists  who run ads with a  hard-nosed focus on all  factors mentioned above  that  impact profitability.

The Result?

And most importantly Profitable Growth !

How do we do it?

The  Approach  brings in a complete overview of the category before running the ads. Our team of category experts look into each lever  that could potentially impact ROAS and profits before planning your ads.

A Unified Marketing Module for
better Performance Marketing  

The biggest challenge when scaling performance marketing efforts is effectively managing data and insights from multiple marketing channels. As your brand’s presence expands, data from various platforms can become overwhelming and difficult to analyze comprehensively.

To address this, Tenovia offers a Unified Marketing Module powered by Tensight.ai, our proprietary eCommerce Analytics Platform.

Coupled with our Performance Marketing Solution, it integrates data from different channels, providing a holistic view of marketing performance with actionable insights, ROAS, and an understanding of category P&L. This enables data-driven decisions, optimization of campaigns, and more effective resource allocation, leading to improved ROI and profitable growth for your brand.

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