An online footwear brand from TATA International Limited, FeetScience specialises in footwear for schools and institutions. Being a TATA company, Feetscience was focused on strong processes and maximum automation for their eCommerce channel. With this objective, they approached Tenovia to enable them with the a lean, optimised eCommerce process aided by technology.

Tenovia’s Head of Technology, Jayachandran N explains: “As a company we have deep expertise in integrating Magento’s APIs with any ERP system. The API libraries were integrated with Tally’s APIs, and it resulted in a 100% smooth flow of information between the following entities: Warehouse, e Commerce Site, Marketplace Sites, Finance, Logistics, and Customer Service”. Tenovia, customized and integrated Magento’s APIs with multiple 3rd party systems to provide the maximum automation: Tally ERP 9, Tally Shoper 9, Fedex Logistics, PayU Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway and MailChimp.

Tenovia’s deep integration across the value chain for Feetscience saw instant rise in productivity levels, reducing expensive time spent across departments to reconcile orders, invoices, shipments and returns.

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