Soch Apparels Private Limited, a women’s ethnic wear label, employs Vinculum Omnichannel Retailing to manage its online marketplace and Omuni, powered by Arvin, for omnichannel retail enablement to manage stock in its physical stores. Vinculum manages everything from the automation of catalog listings, inventory management, and ordering for Soch’s ecommerce vertical.

Their challenge: Managing inconsistencies in product listings across channels

The company noticed significant discrepancies in their entire listing and inventory across Vinculum and Omuni, as well as the total number of products that had front-end visibility for consumer sales on the marketplace. They wanted to address these inconsistencies and create a clear product status map.

Our strategy: Efficient integration, better visibility, more transparency

As an essential first step, we integrated the offline retail stock as well as the styles and inventory available on Vinculum in the ecommerce warehouse on the Tensight dashboard.

We applied it to all marketplaces activated on the Vinculum dashboard and cross-validated the style count in terms of catalog listing, stock, and front-end exposure across three major marketplaces – Nykaa Fashion, Myntra, and Ajio. We then mapped the number of styles present on Vinculum to the marketplace’s back-end for listing and stock visibility, as well as the front-end for live products available for purchase by customers. We also:

  • Provided a weekly summary of Vinculum’s listing percentage and stock exposure percentage by channel
  • Enabled clear panel stock exposure and front-end style exposure percentage
  • Integrated suitable filters to make data downloading easier
  • Highlighted styles on the dashboard that were not accessible on the front-end but were accounted for in the inventory on Vinculum
  • Enhanced visibility of unseen SKUs on Vinculum to help them make better, well-informed decisions

Our impact: From effective strategy to near-perfect results

With Tensight, we delivered total visibility for styles they have in stock as well as those listed and exposed to the marketplace. We also helped enhance listing hygiene, optimize inventory, and maximized product exposure across marketplaces with the highest clarity and precision at the SKU level. 

Improved listing percentage by an average of 15% in 3 weeks, from 75% to almost 86%. Over 3 months, there was a massive improvement in the listing quality.

Total stock exposure percentage for marketplaces such as Flipkart increased by a staggering 60.85%, with an overall average increase of 33.76%.

Achieved almost 95% panel exposure for strategic channels.

Optimized front-end exposure percentage by 24.08% (for Myntra).

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