Prime Day has become the single most vital event for Amazon sellers in gaining mindshare of the audience thereby boosting revenues.

A leading Delhi-based Ayurveda brand partnered with Tenovia to improve its campaign performance on Amazon Prime Day. With data-driven insights, we developed a comprehensive marketing campaign that increased impressions and revenue as compared to BAU days.


The brand was running regular Amazon campaigns to drive conversions yet they were keen on winning eyeballs and breaking through the clutter through AMS ads during Prime Day. Moreover, there is a period of a slump before this annual event kickoff as most users tend to research and add products to the cart before transacting. Being an Ayurvedic brand that faces stiff competition, our challenge was to increase impressions and overall demand without impacting ACoS.


To facilitate a data-driven perspective, Tenovia’s campaign team did an in-depth analysis of vital statistics such as event-specific keywords that were being searched on the platform during Prime Days, average order values and trends during event days, conversion rate spikes, and past ad performance. Additionally, best-selling products were also identified which helped in upselling and cross-selling.

We arrived at the below key aspects:

  • Product Range: We created combos of seasonal as well as top-performing products 
  • Creatives: Designed multiple creatives for the same products and combos
  • Content: Highlighted the offer communication on headlines 
  • Event Led Search Analysis: Offer specific KW campaigns which would ensure higher eyeballs during the event for our category searches


  • 28% increase in impressions during the prime day
  • 26% increase in revenue compared to BAU days
  • 27% of new orders received during the event

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