24 Mantra Organic is one of India’s largest organic packaged food brands, available in over 1,500 outlets and independent stores across India and overseas, as well as leading ecommerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart. With over 100 subcategories and 250 unique products, the brand has a high market share in the organic space. However, to develop a sizable niche in the conventional FMCG market and gain a competitive advantage in the organic market, the brand needs to develop strategies to improve product positioning and visibility. 

To convince consumers to make the switch to organic alternatives, the brand successfully used the right channels of awareness on marketplaces and created a huge impact on its clickthrough rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR). In simpler terms, conversion rate is the number of products sold in comparison to the number of times the product display page was viewed. A higher CR shows that customers who view the product are also buying it, and vice versa.  

Their goal: Six metrics to rule them all

The challenge: Reversing slow sales and degrowth 

During Q4 of 2021, 24 Mantra Organic was seeing low CTR and CR, leading to low sales and degrowth in certain categories. Even offers and discounts failed to improve sales numbers. Drawing from Amazon’s guidelines on boosting product visibility, it was necessary to enhance the following parameters to optimize CTR and CR.  

  • Product descriptions: One way to push more customers to land on 24 Mantra Organic’s product page was to provide detailed descriptions and include common search keywords.  
  • Bullet points: Most customers prefer to skim the product information to quickly learn about its main features instead of reading detailed paragraphs. Needless to say, breaking down product information into bite-sized bullet points can help increase rankings and conversion rates.  
  • Product images and tiles: Customers tend to trust a product more if they can see it, making product images vital to boosting brand recall and conversion rates. Adding multiple angles from different angles gives the best possible representation of the product and creates a positive association in the customer’s mind. 

These optimizations would help customers better understand the product, make it more relevant, and allow it to stand out among other listings. We followed these recommendations to help 24 Mantra Organic. 

Our strategy: End-to-end content optimization and analysis

Based on these three factors, we implemented the necessary optimization of tiles and descriptions to drive a creative impact on CTR and CR. 

  • Product descriptions: When searching for a product, customers often type in very specific keywords such as ‘jaggery 1 kg’ or ‘brown rice’ to refine their search. We used these top-ranking keywords in the product description for better results. 
  • Product titles: We limited product titles to <50 characters and made sure to contain all the relevant information such as product category, brand, color, size, material, key features, packaging, quantity, etc., in a specific arrangement, placing the most relevant keywords first. 
  • Bullet points: We provided an extensive and detailed insight of the products, which helped in two ways. One, using searched keywords increased product visibility; and two, it educated the customer on its various aspects such as features, benefits, ingredients, usage and packaging, as well as brand promise, which in turn helped the customer in better decision making.
  • Product images and tiles: To effectively showcase products, we used high-resolution images to beautify the product listing – allowing customers to see the color, exterior, packaging, etc. They could also zoom in for more details. This helped create an attractive listing with better representations of the product benefits. The brand tile also helped improve brand recall. 

As it was a mammoth undertaking to implement these changes to all 250+ products developed by 24 Mantra Organic, we chose to focus on the 10 best performing categories and their product descriptions, bullet points, and images and tiles.

Our impact: Converting strategy into measurable results 

After implementing the above mentioned optimization measures and tracking conversion rates on a month-to-month basis, we achieved an average increase of 12%

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