Here’s a look at how Paragon’s We Touch Every Indian’s Campaign reached out to a wider and younger audience through Instagram reels activation that leveraged macro and micro-influencers while deeply defining its brand value of trust, quality, and craftsmanship.

Let’s take a detailed look at the execution of this campaign.


Using influencers for the campaign, Paragon aimed to drive awareness and bring together diverse audiences and establish the proposition of reaching the heart and “sole” of Indians across the map. Paragon Footwear has been built around the idea of trust and quality that is never compromised which was the secondary objective aimed to be achieved through the campaign.


Aligned with its message of touching every Indian’s heart, through its high-quality and durable footwear, the #WeTouchEveryIndiansFeet campaign was designed to attract a younger audience by highlighting the brand’s core values through influencers.


Leverage macro and micro-influencers from different states to spread the message of the brand and increase reach. Influencers were required to wear clothes from their home state and dance to traditional songs while wearing Paragon Footwear. The Paragon logo had to be placed in every video to ensure recall and uniformity.


Identifying the right mix of micro and macro influencers was crucial for the success of this campaign. A good follower count and engagement rate were the main factors considered while selecting the influencers. It was also important to ensure the influencers did not have any fake followers nor indulged in leveraging engagement through comment bots and pods. Moreover, creativity was pivotal to boosting overall performance. After thorough research, 21 influencers were shortlisted.


  • Once the influencers were shortlisted, each of them received a pair of footwear from the brand as per their choice.
  • Each creator had the liberty to style as they desired provided they are wearing the footwear from Paragon
  • Using the Instagram reels feature, content creators made the campaign come alive through various dance reels which started gaining traction almost immediately.

For example, Poorav from Karnataka created this amazing dancing skit that highlighted the brand message: https://www.instagram.com/p/CViFfkPDVUj/

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