Vigoroyal M, a health supplement from Maharishi Ayurveda, experienced a substantial upswing in sales on Amazon India following a strategic collaboration with a prominent YouTube influencer. This case study delves into the influencer’s impactful promotional efforts, examining how they contributed to a surge in website traffic, heightened sales figures, and an overall enhancement of the product’s performance within the e-commerce realm.


Vigoroyal M, a dietary supplement designed to improve vitality, elevate energy levels, and promote holistic well-being in males, initially achieved only modest sales on Amazon India, with a limited number of units sold daily. The pivotal challenge at hand was to elevate brand visibility, attract a larger audience, and effectively convert visitors into satisfied customers.


Recognizing the power of influencer marketing, the brand strategically partnered with a prominent YouTube figure specializing in health and wellness ccategory. Leveraging the influencer’s substantial subscriber base, which was particularly engaged in health-related topics, provided a solid platform to spotlight Vigoroyal M to a relevant audience. The collaboration involved the creation of a dedicated video by the influencer, endorsing the product and incorporating a direct link to the Amazon India product page in the video description. This approach aimed to seamlessly connect the audience with the product, fostering a direct pathway to explore and purchase Vigoroyal M.


  • Influencer Collaboration: The brand approached the influencer and presented them with the product details, benefits, and target audience. The influencer was genuinely interested in the product and agreed to promote it through their YouTube channel.
  • Video Content: The influencer created a high-quality video review, highlighting the key features, benefits, and personal experience with Vigoroyal M. They discussed the product’s effectiveness, ease of use, and unique selling points, capturing the viewers’ attention and building trust.
  • Call-to-Action and Link: The influencer included a clear call-to-action in the video, encouraging viewers to visit the Amazon India product page using the provided link. This created a direct path for interested viewers to purchase the product.
  • Promotion: The influencer actively promoted the video across their social media channels, leveraging their existing audience base and engaging with viewers through comments and discussions related to the product.
  • Enhanced Conversion Tracking: To measure the direct impact of the influencer’s promotional activities, the company implemented enhanced conversion tracking. By utilizing Amazon’s tracking tools, they were able to attribute sales and conversions directly to the influencer’s video and the associated advertisement campaigns. This data-driven approach provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of the marketing activities and allowed for data-backed decision-making.

Impact of Marketing Activities in Amazon Advertisement Panel

To augment the effectiveness of the influencer-driven campaign for Vigoroyal M, Tenovia implemented strategic marketing activities within Amazon’s advertisement panel. These initiatives were meticulously designed to amplify the influencer’s promotional reach, ultimately maximizing the impact on both sales and brand awareness. The implemented strategies included:

Sponsored Product Ads – Leveraging sponsored product placements to enhance visibility and click-through rates for Vigoroyal M within Amazon’s ecosystem.

Display Ads – Employing eye-catching display advertisements to further capture the attention of potential customers and reinforce the product’s presence on the platform.

Targeted Ad Campaigns – Executing precise and data-driven ad campaigns tailored to reach specific demographics, aligning with the preferences of the influencer’s audience.

Ad Placement Optimization – Strategically optimizing the placement of ads to ensure prime visibility in key sections of the Amazon platform, maximizing exposure and potential conversions.

The successful integration of influencer marketing with Amazon’s advertisement panel created a strong foundation for future growth. The increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales growth laid the groundwork for continued success and market expansion.


Increased Traffic – The influencer’s promotional efforts generated a significant influx of traffic to the Amazon India product page. Viewers who were genuinely interested in Vigoroyal M clicked the provided link to explore the product further.

Surge in Sales – The increased traffic resulted in a substantial increase in sales for Vigoroyal M. The product went from selling a few units per day to hundreds of units per day, surpassing the company’s expectations.

Improved Conversion Rate – The endorsement from the influencer instilled trust and confidence in potential customers, leading to a higher conversion rate. The video review, combined with the convenience of the direct Amazon India link, streamlined the purchase process and minimized barriers to conversion.

Brand Awareness – The collaboration with the influencer significantly improved the overall awareness of Vigoroyal M in the target market. The product gained exposure to a wider audience, allowing the brand to establish itself as a trusted name in the health supplement industry.

Average Daily Run Rate – The average daily run rate of Vigoroyal M experienced a substantial boost, reflecting the sustained increase in sales and customer demand. The product achieved consistent sales growth, providing a solid foundation for future success.


  • Influencer Selection: The pivotal factor for success was the careful selection of influencers whose ethos resonates with the brand’s target audience and values. Opting for influencers with specialized knowledge in the product’s niche amplifies the resonance of their endorsement, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.
  • Compelling Content: The influencer’s video review serves as the focal point for success, demanding a careful blend of artistry and authenticity. Crafted with precision, the content must be engaging, providing genuine insights that not only inform but also captivate the audience. A comprehensive and persuasive narrative is paramount, ensuring the audience is not only informed but also inspired to explore and embrace the endorsed product.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan:  To fortify our campaign, Tenovia strategically harnessed the power of Amazon’s advertising panel. Through sponsored product ads, display ads, targeted ad campaigns, and ad placement optimization, we maximized the reach and impact of the influencer’s promotional efforts. This synergy between influencer marketing and Amazon Advertising has not only elevated brand awareness and customer engagement but has also been a driving force behind the substantial growth in sales. The successful integration has laid a robust foundation for continued success and opens avenues for further market expansion. As we navigate the evolving landscape of e-commerce, this comprehensive approach proves instrumental in maintaining our upward trajectory and solidifying our presence in the market.

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