QuickCommerce Success Story


 Drools, a leading pet food brand in India faced several challenges in boosting brand visibility across major  cities and pin codes on Zepto, a leading quick commerce online platform

  • Low Presence on High Search Volume Keywords : The brand needed to boost visibility for highly sought after keywords in competitive markets.
  • Manual Ad Checking : Manually checking ad visibility across cities with high demand was time consuming and inefficient.
  • Manual Bid Adjustments : Adjusting bids manually for individual campaigns consumed significant time and resources.


 Tenovia implemented a comprehensive marketing  solution to address these challenges for Drool

  • City-Specific Campaigns : Set up separate campaigns for Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai  targeting high volume keywords to enhance visibility.
  • Automated Share of Voice (SOV) Reports : Utilized Tensight AI to automate SOV reports, identifying top ad placements and competitor strategies.
  • Workflow Simplification : Analyzed BCG matrix (Brand Competitive Generic) keywords and adjusted CPCs (Cost per click) accordingly. Visualized non-triggering keywords and increased CPCs to occupy more ad placements.


  • Enhanced Impressions : March experienced a growth of approximately 148% in impressions, leading to increased brand awareness for the cat food category.
  • Boosted Clicks : Clicks surged by around 111% in March, indicating higher user engagement.
  • Revenue Growth : March revenue witnessed an impressive growth of about 95% compared to February, reflecting effective performance and profitability.


The adoption of an automation approach using Tensight. AI effectively addressed the challenges faced by Drools, optimizing campaign performance, boosting brand visibility, and ultimately unlocking higher revenue generation potential. This case study highlights the importance of leveraging advanced tools and automation in digital marketing to achieve tangible business results.

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