An Ayurvedic sleep supplement, free from addictive substances, has been developed to promote a natural and healthy sleep cycle through regular usage. In contrast to melatonin’s immediate sleep-inducing effects, the focus of this product is on enhancing the overall quality of sleep. This case study explores how the visibility and discoverability of the sleep supplement were increased on Amazon India through strategic optimization by Tenovia. By refining various aspects of the product listing, leveraging influencer marketing, and implementing creative strategies, we effectively accelerated sales and raised product awareness.

Challenges Faced

The sleep supplement struggled to gain visibility on Amazon India. The existing listing lacked efficient keyword optimization, engaging content, and compelling visuals. Consequently, the product failed to attract organic traffic and conversions, with the average daily performance falling below satisfactory levels, while competitors dominated the market.

Strategy and Implementation

Tenovia developed a comprehensive plan to revamp the product listing on Amazon India. The key focus areas included:

  • Keyword Optimization

Tenovia conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-converting keywords for the sleep supplement. These keywords were strategically incorporated into the product’s title, bullet points, description, and backend search terms to improve search rankings and visibility.

  • Content Revision and USP Highlighting

The product’s title, bullet points, and description were rewritten to emphasize its unique selling proposition (USP). The revised content highlighted the product’s Ayurvedic formulation, non-addictive nature, and promotion of a healthy, natural sleep cycle. Clear and concise language was used to enhance comprehension and captivate potential customers.

  • Infographics, Tiles, and A+ Pages

Tenovia created visually appealing infographics and tiles that showcased the benefits and features of the product. These graphics were designed to attract attention, convey information effectively, and highlight the product’s USP. Additionally, engaging A+ pages were developed that provided detailed information about the product, addressing customer concerns.

  • Influencer Promotion

To drive traffic and increase product awareness, the brand collaborated with popular influencers in the health and wellness niche. An influential YouTuber promoted it through their channel, including a link to the product in the video description. The video highlighted the product’s benefits and encouraged viewers to try it. It aimed to leverage the trust and credibility of the influencer, attracting a large audience and increasing conversions.


The comprehensive transformation of the sleep supplement’s product listing on Amazon India produced significant outcomes:

  • Visibility and Searchability

The search rankings improved substantially due to effective keyword optimization. The product began appearing prominently in relevant search results, increasing its visibility to potential customers.

  • Sales and Conversion Rate

The enhanced listing, combined with influencer promotion, resulted in a surge in sales. The increased visibility and improved content quality attracted a larger customer base, leading to higher conversion rates. 

  • Product Awareness

The influencer promotion on YouTube generated substantial traffic to product listing on Amazon. This influx of new visitors resulted in increased product awareness and recognition. The number of customer reviews and ratings also rose significantly, further building trust and credibility.

  • Average Daily Run Rate

A key performance indicator, the average daily run rate, witnessed remarkable improvement. Before the listing makeover, the run rate stagnated at 100 units per day. However, after optimization and influencer promotion, the run rate soared to an impressive 1000 units per day, marking a significant enhancement.

In conclusion, the strategic collaboration between Tenovia and the Ayurvedic sleep supplement brought about a transformative journey on Amazon India. By addressing initial challenges through meticulous keyword optimization, content refinement, and engaging visuals, wesuccessfully revitalized the product listing. The infusion of influencer promotion, particularly through a trusted YouTuber, played a pivotal role in driving traffic, enhancing product awareness, and building credibility.

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